Good morning money gang, Charlotte Greene here. Super excited to kick off this week because we are continuing on with all of that practicality. We talked about websites, we talked about landing pages. Now that you’ve got all of that stuff all in place we are talking about the entire process that your customer goes through before they are willing to spend money with you. If you can understand the sales funnel, if you can understand what a sales funnel is, you will be more knowledgeable. As a business owner. You can put things in place at every step of the way that will help your customers work their way through this process. All right, sales funnels, let’s get to the money. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. Okay, so you have a product that is, you’ve tested it, you can stand by it.

You know there are people that are interested in purchasing and you’re getting clicks on your website but for some reason no one is hitting purchase. What is going on? What may and most likely is happening is your customer is somewhere in the sales funnel and hasn’t arrived at purchase just yet. What does that even mean? First off, let’s talk about what the sales funnel is. If you Google sales funnel, you will find a number of images. Most of them look like an inverted pyramid. At the top of that is awareness. Somewhere in the middle of that it’s nurturing and consideration. Then after that preference and then purchase each of those things. Awareness. That is when someone sees you or discovers you say you are using your hashtags like you should be someone stumbles across one of the posts that you put out there. Now you have awareness.

They know that you exist. That is the very basic point of your relationship. The first point of your relationship is them knowing that you exist. That’s the first step. Then this is where some of these funnels differ, but for the most part what they’re trying to relay is once you have awareness, you have to earn the next step, which is through your nurturing consideration. What does that mean? It means that when they are ready to make a purchase because they are aware of you because you have nurtured them by providing some sort of value, whether it’s more posts onto your social media, maybe you’ve put out enough content that they’ve hit the light button and are now following you there so you get to continue nurturing, foster it, caring for your relationship, and then you get to this point of consideration when this person is ready to make a purchase for one of these products that you or someone else offers.

If you are at this point, they are considering you as an option. You don’t get to consideration without awareness. Why? Because if someone doesn’t know you exist, how could they possibly consider you as one of their purchase options? Okay, so we’ve got awareness, we’ve got nurturing between each step. What is nurturing? You probably saw an ad, you go to our page, our page is a part of that nurturing process. Do you want to make more money? Do you want more freedom and opportunity? All of that stuff is communicating the value that we are offering to anyone that decides to take that next step of signing up for our wholesale program for free. So nurturing. Once they sign up for free, we don’t just stop there and then send them a bunch of emails saying, buy this, buy that, buy. Absolutely not. What we do is you enter a series of seven emails, you receive one every single morning, and then from those seven emails you are sent here to this master class.

It’s like, oh, well I can consider that. What is a date mad situation? It’s more information. It’s following me on social media. It’s me not asking anything of you, but you giving me an opportunity to continue providing value, continue dating you until we’re ready to go ahead and tie that knot. So I hope that, I hope that example makes sense. So where were we in the sales funnel? Yeah. So every time we’re like, hey, did you want to buy a sample? No, you don’t want to marry a sad, all right. All right, I read this. Cool. Well what about this more information? This is how you build a banging brand. This is what you need to look out for in hair extensions. This is what you need to do. Just value, value, value, and through that process of nurturing of us providing value. If you look at our Instagram page, that shit is popping.

Our followers are growing rapidly and it’s because we just, it’s just eye candy. All of it is I freaking candy giving you something aspirational, providing that value that’s us nurturing you because every time you see us show up for you, every single time you get to touch our brand again and again, we become better friends. I earn your trust with every post and with every email and with every video. So nurturing that is what we’re doing here and then preference. So now you like us, you don’t just, you’re not just considering us now it’s like I would most likely go with them. Then we get to the point of purchase, but not before all of those points are met. We got an email from a woman that was really, really upset. She has been a part of our program and has purchased a bunch of our hair and all of that stuff, but it was clear she wasn’t actually following any of the steps that I have given you.

She purchased a bunch of hair, went out to a hair show, only made one sale, which for most of you guys is really good for this woman is tremendous. Why? Because when she emailed saying, there’s something wrong with this hair, and it’s like, no, it’s not. You just said in the last email you’ve been wearing this, this hair for months and love it, but there’s something wrong with his hair because I’m not making any sales. I brought it to a um, sales convention, which is where a bunch of people have the table set up. If you haven’t spent thousands of dollars on building out your booth, which I know this woman didn’t, then it looks like you’re just a person with a folding table trying to sell random things. When I looked at this person’s website, it did not exist. When I looked at this person’s social media page, it had zero posts on her Instagram like there was no brand, nothing.

And when you’re buying here and when you’re selling here, you know it’s hundreds of dollars for every single purchase. The more your product costs, the more you have to nurture and push them through the process. This woman would be able to understand why her, her weekend hoping to just go out there and double up everything that she’s invested didn’t work out. There is no brand. In fact, you don’t even have awareness with any of these people. They don’t know you exist. So why should I choose to give you hundreds of dollars of my hard earned money when you aren’t even invested enough in your brand to post once on your Instagram page? Like if someone was interested, it was like, Oh, here, let me check you out. Oh, you made this page yesterday and you’re probably going to disappear into the night with my money. I’m good. I’m surprised to even made that one sale because there has been no investment made into her brand.

Those of you that write me saying that you are getting traffic to your website but you aren’t converting any of that to sales. That means that you just have more work to do. Maybe you need to look at your website, look at the pages that people are landing on and see what is it that you’re communicating. If it’s just pictures of bundles, that’s nothing. If it’s hey, this is our company, this is what you can. That’s, that’s something more that’s moving us through that process where we’re better and getting to know you and that process has to happen. You are asking people to spend hundreds of dollars with your company, with every single sale. Understand that process I think will help to eliminate a lot of your frustration and not understanding why you aren’t getting your customers past the finish line. But also understand that that just means you have more work to do.

Have a pop up on your page. If people, if you know that people are getting to your page, then have a pop up on your page that says, Hey, join the so-and-so’s connected the hair club and with if you give us your email then we’ll send you a coupon for 15% off your first order, something that is value n and then with that email address you get to continue nurturing them. You don’t have to hope that they’re going to stumble across your last post. You don’t have to hope that maybe you’ll be able to get in touch with them or maybe I’ll redo my webpage and they’ll visit it. Know with their email address. You get to continue touching base with this person because every single touch point counts, every single touch point with one of these people moves them closer to purchasing and once you get a person to purchase, most of the hard work is done.

Getting them to repurchase depends on how quickly you fulfill that first promise and then how you continue nurturing them. Continue communicating with them. That is marketing funnels explained, and I know this was a necessary video to post. So for today’s homework, what I want to know is what are you doing in your business that is helping customers move along the sales process? Do you collect their emails and then stay in touch with them by providing value? Are you posting regularly on your social media? And then reaching out to the people that like your post because you can pull that up really easily and saying, hey, thanks for the like we’re a new hair company in the middle of nowhere or wherever it is that you’re at. And we just want you to know that we appreciate your attention. Just that are you doing that or are you not posting regularly waiting for people to come to your page, which has nothing about who you are. Nothing about your unique marketing proposition that that sentence we had. You create your elevate. It has none of that stuff. Is that what you’re doing because it’s wrong, but we can fix it today. So what are you doing now? And if you’re not doing any of this thing of these things. Now, if you weren’t aware of this process, you have to move your customers through. What are you going to do with the information you just gained? I’ll see you in the comments and I see you tomorrow.