Welcome, back to the hair extensions business master class. I am your instructor sharp, low green. She EEO of white label extensions. We help black women find financial freedom by creating hair extensions businesses or helping them create hair extensions businesses. Today we are talking about lead capture. Yesterday we talked all about the sales funnel that you need to work your customers through in order to capture those coins. Today we are talking about lead capture. It is something you need to be aware of so that you can affectively move your customer through, through that process. Hope that wasn’t anti-climactic, but let’s just go ahead and get started. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. So what is a lead and why are we trying to capture it? Well, when you think about old detective movies and they’re like, hey, I got a lead on Dah, Dah, Dah.

What does that mean? It means that they have a bit of a direction to go in sales. What that means is out of all the billions of people that are on the Internet, out of all of the millions of potential customers, you have someone that has expressed an interest in your product. So out of everyone that is your lead, that is where your attention is going to go. That person is way more likely to result in a sale than everyone else that has expressed no interest in your company. So you’ll have a lead, an interested or potentially interested parties, someone that has at least expressed a bit of their desire to find out what it is that you have to bring to the table. So once that person has done that, you can either let them go into the wild and hope that they’ll stumble back eventually or you can capture that lead.

Lead capture is getting that person that has expressed an interest with you getting their contact information, some way to contact them so that you can nurture them through that sales process. If you missed yesterday’s video, we’ll go ahead and link to it right here, but let me recap it and like three steps at the top of the sales funnel you have top of the funnel awareness, just letting them know or someone letting that person know that you exist. You are now, they are now aware of. There we go. They are now aware of your company or brand. Then we have consideration. They’re not just aware of your brand. Now when it’s time for them to make a purchase for something that you ran offers they are going to consider as one of the options, then that final part is the sale between all of those steps you have to earn the progress your customer makes from just knowing about you, to considering you to actually deciding to go with you.

For most people. Um, and we’re going to talk about Facebook cookies, which I think is also technically a way that you can capture that person and effectively remarket them or nurture them through the process. But we are going to talk about the one that’s been around the longest. The one that gets like the least shine because it’s been around for so long. But one that I know is extremely effective, um, and has resulted in one of the biggest sale days that we’ve had here just last week actually. That is email, email. You have an email address, everybody has an email address. When someone visits your site, what you want to do is create an offer, create an opportunity to create something of value, a little sampler, a little sizzler, something that someone would be willing to give you their email address in exchange for, for most companies, and now that we’re talking about it, hopefully you recognize it, but pretty much every single website that you visit is asking for your contact information because email marketing and remarketing through email is so freaking effective.

So when you go to the fashion Nova website, there’s usually a pop up there that says want to earn $20 for you and all of your friends or want 40% off your next order. Give us your email address here if you go to our website, how we are capturing leads because we don’t, we’re not just for everybody. We don’t want everyone that is just searching our page because they found us. We want people that are serious about business. So while it might be great to capture everyone’s email addresses for us because we have to focus our energy because it is limited every day we add an extra step where someone has to keep us a lot of information, all of their contact information in order to get access to our wholesale catalogue in order to know what our wholesale pricing is in order to access our hair Biz in a box program that has logos, websites, packaging, all of that.

We’re basically saying, hey you want to come in here cause it is popping. This is where you make the money. You want to come into here for free. Okay, I’ll, all you need to do is give us a little email address. That’s all you live. Like that’s basically it. We have all of this stuff over here. All we’re asking from you is your email address. Why are we asking for that? Again, yesterday’s video explaining all of that in depth, but when we get that email address, we are now given permission to contact them whenever we want to do not abuse this. This is how you get blocked and if enough people block you, your, your email list provider of like your Mail Chimp account will get banned or deleted or flagged and, and it sucks when that happens. So they’ve just given us the access. They’ve just given us permission to stay in touch with them.

Do we just sit on that? Absolutely not. Why? Because we understand the sales process and we understand that if we ever want this person to go through our funnel and purchase from us, we have work to do now that we have captured that lead, now that we have their permission to continue explaining what value they will get from working with us, now we need to mindfully and considerately get in touch with them and let them know what it is that we’re working with. Let them know the value that they’re going to get out of working with us. For us. That is a seven sequence email that is packed with a ton of information. In the first email they get the price list, they get all of that stuff. They get their automatic access to our platform. They get invited to our Facebook group, which has now 2000 strong of just hair entrepreneurs.

Like all of that stuff is delivered immediately. Then we talk about branding. Then we talk about things to look out for when finding a vendor. Then we talk about different opportunities in different ways for them to build their own company. Like we make it very clear our success is dependent on yours. We make it very clear. We want them to win with every single email that we sell or that we send. None of it is a hard sell. All of it is just a value that we’re giving. That is the same thing that you need to be doing. You need to be capturing the contact information. Mostly the email address. I know that, um, text marketing is gaining in popularity. That’s not something that we have employed just yet, but we do have the phone numbers of 8,000 plus men and women, women and men, excuse me, that have decided to join our program and if we want to go down that route, we can easily do that.

The fact that we put that up in the first place, give us your name, give us your email address so we can be in touch with you in exchange for this. Now we have this massive list of people that aren’t just aware of our company. They have expressed the fact that they also interested in starting here, extensions businesses, which is so freaking valuable, so valuable. So that’s lead capture explained. It’s someone that has expressed an interest in your products. So out of everyone in the universe, now you have a lead. Now you have someone that is more likely than everyone else to convert into a sale. You capture their information by offering something of value. If it’s just, hey, when I sign up for our newsletter, no, because I don’t want you to spam me. Like, if I’m not getting anything out of it, then why, why would I give you access to hit me up?

Whenever you feel like it, give them something of value. They will give you their number, their email address and then from there you start re marketing from there you stay in touch and every single touch point, every email that you send to these people moves them closer to that sale line. So your homework for the day. I know that there are a few different offers that I’ve seen. Uhm, definitely gave my email to fashion Nova when they were like 40% off. I was like, this stuff is already nickels. Do you guys want pennies? Okay. I know that I’ve also seen like that wheel of fortune type of thing where it’s like put in your email and you’ll win one of these prizes and then it spins and lands on whatever they told it to give you in the first place. Um, but what are some creative ways that you have seen people attempting to capture their leads?

Let us know. Drop a link. Um, describe it. If, if you don’t remember where you saw it and maybe suggest something, if you don’t have one that stood out for you, what do you think will work? What is something that you can offer that won’t decimate your company as far as 40% off? I do not suggest you do that with your hair extensions business. I think you would most likely be underwater with each of those sales unless you have really, really great margins, but that also doesn’t take into account like the shipping or, or any of that other stuff like your time. So what is something that you could offer? What is something that you saw was creative and stood out and got your lead information? Let me know in the comments. That is your homework for today. Tomorrow we are going to dive a little deeper into the conversation surrounding e-mail marketing and why it is so freaking effective, especially in the hair extensions industry. Let’s see. Then.