What You Need to Know about Wholesale Virgin Hair.

There is a growing market for hair extensions, wigs and weaves. If you are considering getting into the hair industry, you’ll find that there are thousands of wholesale virgin hair vendors online (White Label Extensions is, of course, the best option). However, here are a couple of important things you need to know about sourcing the product well before you begin selling.

  • Evaluate your capacity to sustain a wholesale virgin hair deal.

How much time and energy will you be pouring in for this venture? Will you be able to dispose of the product and reap your investment if you are buying wholesale in bulk? If you’re a salon owner or women’s grooming and accessories store owner then your capacity to sell won’t be an issue. But if you don’t have an official business location, look into the sustainability of an online store.

Can you manage an e-commerce hair extension store? Do you have the market for the product? Put your plans in writing to evaluate the pros and cons.

  • Look for your supplier.

Now, it’s easy to find wholesale virgin hair suppliers online. What’s not easy is to find quality suppliers among the thousands of wholesale providers on the Internet – but that’s where White Label Extensions *Hair Biz In A Box* comes in. You’ll likely need to sample products first, so be sure to set a budget for how much you can spend sourcing these.

The task of searching for suppliers can be tedious so it might help to get referrals and look at reviews and feedbacks to narrow down your choices – or just work with White Label Extensions and sample our products HERE (sample packs start at only $30!)

Most wholesale virgin hair sellers are overseas but some of these have partners in the United States. You might want to deal with a U.S. based supplier directly just in case there could be problems with the products or the shipment.

White Label Extensions is the largest Black-female owned wholesale hair supplier and startup agency in America.

  • Know the product thoroughly.

It is to your advantage to know what you are selling because you would not want to acquire a product that nobody will buy. As such, you need to be aware of the different compositions and textures of hair extensions before working with a supplier.

In a nutshell, virgin hair is when the weaves and extensions are culled from actual human hair but has never undergone chemical or mechanical processing. So, you must know the different ways virgin hair is sourced, sanitized and packed since wholesale suppliers have different processes.

  • Estimate your needs and then negotiate with the supplier.

The thing to note with wholesale deals is that you’ll get a significant markdown at the price if you buy more. But purchasing for volume could still be costly if you cannot dispose of the items. Perhaps, you can start with the minimum wholesale requirement.

Since you plan on buying wholesale virgin hair, you should get a different rate for the shipping compared to an individual or personal purchase. You’ll also potentially bring repeat business so you can negotiate a good deal with the supplier.

We’ll guide you in setting up your hair extension business at White Label Extensions. Check out our *Hair Biz In A Box* program or contact us for more details!