What is Brazilian Hair? 

A popular choice for hair extensions, Brazilian hair is characteristically thick, wavy, and silky soft. If you’ve followed Brazilian women in beauty pageants or even fashion shows, you’ll likely find their hair irresistible and alluring.

When it comes to hair pieces, the texture of Brazilian hair denotes high quality. This kind of hair extension looks naturally beautiful when blended with real hair so it’s no wonder many women love the way it falls on their shoulders. Over time, this hair extension also doesn’t frizz and dry unlike other chemically processed hair extensions.

Do Brazilian Hair Extensions Come from Real Hair? 

Just like actual Brazilian hair, these hair pieces are made with so much body and bounce. But is it made from real human hair?

According to hair expert Alix Moore in her book, “The Truth About the Human Hair Industry,” there are no communities in Brazil where women offer to shave and sell their gorgeously long tresses for profit, contrary to the popular myth. Given the number of hair extensions in the market, it doesn’t make sense to source Brazilian hair this way.

Brazilian hair is the top standard when it comes to the composition and manufacturing of hair extensions. It’s normally collected from human hairbrushes, specifically from Indian women whose hair type is nearly identical to Brazilian women.

What is a Virgin Brazilian Hair? 

Hair samples collected from women have to undergo many washing, detangling, processing, and coating to get in a perfectly natural condition. But Brazilian hair, being top-of-the-line, is different from these samples because it is 100 percent unprocessed.  This means that it has not undergone any chemical treatments. In the hair industry, this is what’s called as “virgin” hair. 

The work on Brazilian hair is extensive, to say the least. Every strand from a collected hair ball has to be untangled and sorted well. Brazilian hair also does not shed or tangle. Because it has not been dipped or sprayed in harsh chemicals, it retains the natural structure and strength of real hair. 

Love Brazilian Hair? We do too!

Aside from its volume, softness and bounce, women love the Brazilian hair standard because it can still be styled as if it’s their own hair. You can change up your hairstyle every day and no one would be able to tell you’ve got a weave on. 

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