What is the best way to market a new hair business? I think the best way to market a new hair business is geographically. If you are starting off and you live in the United States, then I think the greatest advantage that you have over your competition, which are all of these overseas companies that are in all of your posts and following all of the hair hashtags and our messaging, all your customers. I think your greatest advantage is the fact that you will be a local company that people can pull up to you, people can see you face to face, feel the hair inaction in person. I think that gives you a greater advantage over anything that any of these national, larger companies could do. So I’d say definitely double and tripling down on branding yourself as the local hair company. That is, I’m a way better, a way smarter way to spend your marketing dollars as opposed to you trying to market across the entire United States or some people.

The entire role to all women matter, 18 to 50, 60, 75 years old like that doesn’t work. But you saying that, hey, I am in Tucson, Arizona, so I would probably choose a name like Tucson hair company or Tucson extensions or something like that. Just so everyone in Tucson, when they see my brand, they actually stop and say, oh, that’s new. Oh, we have another hair or we have a hair company that’s legit. Let me go ahead and look a little further into this so I’m tripling down on your geographical area. Also, I preach this all the time. You need to create your avatar. You need to decide exactly how old she is and give her an actual birthday. 18 to 45 will not work. Why? Because when I was 18, I was at that. I didn’t like the things I like now. I actually wanted to go out and hang out with strangers inside of clubs and stuff.

Now you couldn’t pay, well you could pay me, you could of course pay me. But the only way I’m going to a club is if I’m getting paid, literally getting paid and I’m only 30, not even 45 but things I liked when I was 18 are totally different from who I am now and what I am now. The stuff that I liked from 18 and 21 like once you’re allowed to legally drink is nowhere near as fun as it was. So it’s just you getting super, super specific and not projecting who you are onto your Avatar, but really researching, um, and deciding all of these things about her that is also going to put you at a greater advantage over the Tucson competitors that are trying to market to everyone. So I think that’s also something to keep in mind of. I know that a woman in my YouTube comments was saying that she’s like 55 years old and she watches my channel and she’s building out her hair company and not to count out that older age group.

The fact that she’s actively doing that. I hope she creates a hair company for like for 50 year plus year old women. I think that would be super dope if it was called something like not, not senior hair care. Cause I don’t, I, I’m not a part of that demo, but I doubt that’s the aspirational thing that, that you be going for. But gray hair slash I don’t you guys get where I’m going with all of this, right? Like getting super specific and creating your brand so that it actually speaks to your customer as opposed to you following that notion that if you build it, they will come. That’s a lie. It’s, it’s simply a lie. So, um, another way to market your new hair business. Make sure that you are on Instagram, Instagram, super, super visual. Something that we did, um, early on with our Instagram account is we would repost popular images and aspirational hair looks.

I know that you’re just starting out so you don’t have a whole bunch of content that you can post that says this is what our hair looks like on this person and this is what it looks like there, but just reposting and crediting that person that you are taking that image from. So it’s like, hey, we just posted or reposted a photo that Cynthia Lindsay or Lumsy, she’s just like the colored God. She just slays every single wig that she gets and does all these crazy colors and stuff and so we just re posted that and we tag her in it and we use the right hashtags and we get a ton of likes and a ton of engagement and we’re working on being more consistent with that for us because the business is growing crazy fast. I have had to choose to either continue showing up for the business or put our energy toward posting on social and if you are one of the 2,500 plus women that have joined the program and just the last month, then I know that you appreciate the fact that I have chosen to show up for your business every single day as opposed to being on Instagram.

It’s like the business is the foundation of the House that we’re building, like actually getting the packages out, actually responding to all of your phone calls and emails. Actually building out all of these services that we know you need and planning for what it is that we also know you’re going to need in the future. That’s the focus. There are 24 hours in a day. I spend like 20 of them working in the last four for sleep. I so now this new month bringing on more members of the team and we are going to be putting more resources towards our social, but, the cool thing is even without that, we did tremendously in January. We exceeded what our sales goals were for the month. And it’s a really great start to the year. Really, really, really great start to

Okay to what we’re building or for what we’re building. Um, so is there another thing getting on Instagram, starting with your circle and reverse engineering your business so that it speaks to your target customer? I think those are the main things that I would say you need to do when you’re marketing a new hair business. And also, um, another tip is to look for the Beyoncé in your area. Again, this is the, it goes back to number one, tripling down on your geographical area, but find your local Beyoncé, find whoever it is that gets the most likes, find whoever it is that people in the area look to as an actual influencer. Not that just gets likes, but when she says, check this out, people actually listen and follow her advice for beauty things. So if she’s like a video game influencer, maybe not it. Um, but if she’s like makeup and hair and style and all of that stuff, then definitely find your local Beyoncé. See what it is that you need to do to collaborate with her. A lot of the times, like you guys know those units aren’t cheap. A lot of the times it’s just as simple as throwing a unit at her, not literally, but sharing, giving her a unit and asking her to post about it and saying, look if and when you can. Um,


If and when I needed to stop trying to multitask. You guys know I’m terrible at multitask. I’m trying to read your comments and actually speak and I literally cannot remember what I was just saying. Maybe next time.