Good morning money gang! Charlo Green here, kicking off another week of the hair extensions business master class. Welcome back. Today, we are talking all in all week. We’re talking about drafting your dream life. I know last week, we came at you with all of that hard hitting information. Here’s the link to that in case you missed it, but just as important as all of that practical applicable stuff we did last week. So is the work we’re going to be doing this week so do not sleep on it.

Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. Now, to set the tone. I’m going to tell you guys a story, a recent story, personal one, uhm, about me and this company, so you guys know we are still in our prelaunch phase, kicked things off in January of this year and we are growing rapidly. More than 6,000 women have signed up for our wholesale program. You are more than welcome to join that as well. Within the description we are sending out more and more orders every single day. The response to all of our marketing and social media is, is growing as well. One thing that I think a lot of us overlook is what comes along with the success that we are working forward. For me personally, I set huge goals, I know that I’m going to achieve them, that isn’t an issue for me, but, on the other side of success is so much work.

For instance, last Wednesday, I like typically a day in my life as a Harris pensions business owner, as someone that is out there working to help all of you build your businesses. I start responding to social media questions, emails and all of that stuff around five in the morning and get into the office around nine or 10:00 AM and then from there we’re immediately packing orders. Last Wednesday, I started work at five in the morning. You got into the office at 10 and didn’t leave the office until 10:00 PM and I still had hours left of work that needed to get done that day. I, literally wet, all the drive home I was. It was just like, what am I doing to myself? I can’t believe that I built myself into a business that is literally strangling the life at it like that is how I felt because I was dealing with the ramifications, the aftermath of us having one of the most successful weeks that we’ve seen. So I know everything what I’m saying is champagne problems. I know there those of you out there that are working to get just your first sale and you will get it as long as you continue doing the work that we are laying out for you here in the hair extensions business master class. But, I think it’s important for you to think about what success really looks like to you. For me, that Wednesday was a fail, That Wednesday it caused, it forced me to stop and assess everything I had going on. It’s so important that when you are building this business you are also building the lifestyle that is meant to fuel. It’s so important that you understand with this opportunity to do whatever you want to build a business that is going to fuel your dream life.

You have to define exactly what that is? Otherwise, you are going to be stuck at the office at 10- 11 at night knowing you have still day’s work of worth of work that you need to get done before midnight. No time with your kids, no time with your friends, no time to spend any of the money that you’re getting in. Too tired to enjoy your own company even, like seriously, the only thing that I wanted to do after I got home from work was smoke a fucking down. That’s it! I was like, I’m over it. Clearly I showed up the next day and I would never quit on any of you guys. But that is how I was feeling and, if you are building a company and you end up finding the success that you were hoping to find, the last thing you want to do is be in that position where it feels like you’re not grateful or where it feels like,

Like God has finally blessed you with the opportunity you’ve been waiting for and here you are too tired to be grateful for it, too tired to be thankful. Another example, I know that, um, I know a lot of you are probably thinking, well I wish I had to pack up $20,000 worth of orders and okay, so let’s um, talk about something that you’re probably, you probably see on Black Friday of 2018, one of the “dopest” entrepreneurs, black female entrepreneurs, um, she owns the Crayon case. Her IG is super scent. She posted that she had made $1 million in a matter of 90 minutes with a black Friday sale. Most of you guys would see them and be like, man, I wish I made $1 million worth of sales in 90 minutes. Why I’m telling you this? Is because, yes, that looks all great and stuff. She’s spent years building up her business so that it can actually sustain that kind of growth, that kind of, of influx of seals and that kind of demand in such a short period of time.

But there you are thinking that that’s something you want, you haven’t considered the business that actually goes into not just receiving that money but also delivering on that. So we’re not going to take into account the fact that she has flown out different makeup artists from all over the country. Several Times. Dozens of people have been trained and got all of this equipment is given away. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in free makeup, all leading up to build momentum for this. And also she’s online all the time. Or members of her team are online all the time, posting, sharing her life in the comment section on like every trending post in the shade like they are working, but, we can’t quantify any of that stuff because we don’t know it from our end. What does $1 million in sales look like? If the average hair extensions order is 200 bucks, let’s do the math.

Okay, so that’s $1 million divided by 200 that is 5,000 orders. If it takes you five minutes to pack each of those orders, that is 25,000 minutes. How many hours is that? That’s 406 13 hours. How many full time days is that working? Eight hours a day. You would need 52 days of you working without taking a break for you to be able to fulfill those 90 minutes of orders. That’s what I’m trying to drive home to you guys is you will find success. But what kinds of success are you looking for? Are you hoping to, are you working to build a company that can do $1 million worth of sales in a matter of 90 minutes? If so, are you also planning on building out the kind of team that will handle 52 full days of work necessary to fulfill those 90 minutes? Like can you imagine? There’s another hair company now, if you guys are in hair, then you already know this brand Genesis Virgin Hair Company.

I think this was one of the first brands to really strike gold with influencer marketing. I remember seeing the video myself. Um, I can’t remember the name of the influencer that wore the hair and was like, oh, so she was just doing all the hair videography and I was like, good in it. So I ordered me some great hair, but that video literally went viral and this company that was clearly a home based business, the orders were clearly being packed by the business owner and maybe a couple of our family or close friends, they went viral and this business went from shipping out your orders immediately to taking up to two months to get to your orders. That destroyed their brand, I don’t know anyone else that wears their hair anymore. I loved that brand, but because they couldn’t handle the success their brand saw, their brand had earned at that point, but maybe the owner wasn’t expecting, they weren’t able to sustain it.

So their dream business turned into something that I know forced a breakdown or two. I know what it’s like or what it feels like to be in a position where people have trusted you with their money and you, you, you’re working and doing everything you can and at the end of the day you still can’t deliver because the post office closes at five. There is a short window and even if you work from 5:00 PM until 9:00 AM when they open the next day, you still have like that. It, it really, really sucks. That’s the last thing I want for you. Yes. Going through that experience was, I, I do appreciate it, but it has given me a reality check. Um, unnecessary reality check. Because just before that we were literally talking about scaling everything, ten one hundred times that like literally pouring every dollar we had into maximizing our advertising efforts, wouldn’t have been sustainable.

I would have disappointed so many of you. That’s where I found myself, um, stopped re-assessed restructured some things, added way more members to the team and now we are at a place where this my dream job, my dream company is again fuelling my dream lifestyle. We aren’t just here to build businesses. We are here to build our lives as they were meant to be. We are shifting your thinking, we’re putting you into a different mindset, we’re giving you glasses or maybe we’re taking off the, the, the small, the lenses that you’ve been looking through so that you understand you are the author of your life. You are the only person, not your parents, not your in significant other, not. You are the only person that decides what your life looks like, what you are willing to do to get there and what you are willing to do to stay there.

What does your dream life look like? What does the dream you have for your kids, for your future, for yourself? What does that look like for you? Do you want to work from the ass crack of dawn until you literally cannot speak, walk or think every day? Is that your, I don’t think that’s anyone’s dream life to be honest. I don’t think that’s anyone’s dream life, but here we are saying that we want to build these massive companies and maybe we just aren’t taking into account the work that is necessary to make this a reality. So what it comes down to is how you are going to balance your success and your hat. I know you thought I was going to say work life balance. There’s literally no separation. If you are working a full time job, you are uprooting all of your focused energy on that job.

While everything else is just scraps. There is no distinction. We are talking about drafting your dream life here. So what does your happiness look like? What does your success look like? What does the balance with those, how do those two combine in a way that it paints the most magical picture to you personally in your mind? That is what I want to know. Again, I know we’re getting a little out there and, and going all feely. This is so freaking important. We have the opportunity of a lifetime to decide exactly how we spend the rest of this lifetime. That’s what we’re building here. Do not think that the homework I’m giving you this week is any less important than the homework you got last week. So, in the comments section, go ahead and tell me what does success look like to you with happiness as the main goal? What does your career success? What does the success in your hair extensions business look like with you? The happiest person in the world running that? What does that look like? Pop in the comments, drop a few sentences and let me know.