Morning money gang. Let’s talk about goals, big B, continuing in the conversation on drafting your dream life. A huge part of that is setting the smart goals that will take you there. So yesterday in case you missed the video, definitely watched that before this because that, this and all of this stuff up. Today we are going to be putting all of that information we shared yesterday about smart goals to work and all along this episode or installment of the hair extensions business master class. I need you in the comments section, crafting what will be your assignment, which is for you to draft your smart goal, the smart goal that you have for your business, for your dream business that you are building, not to become your life, but to fuel your life. Keep it all in consideration because your life and your business are not two separate things and we are not building businesses for the sake of having more work or another job.

We are building this business so that it allows us to create the life we’ve always dreamed of. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got let’s go over what makes a smart goal. S. M. A. R. T, they are all part of the smart goal. Acronym. S stands for specific. M stands for measurable. So at the end of your goal you should have something that tells you whether or not you achieved it. Wanting to lose weight is not enough. Wanting to lose 10 pounds by a certain time. That is way better. That is what a smart goal is. So we’ve got specific, we’ve got measurable, we’ve got actionable. Can you actually kick into gear and start making this work or are you nowhere near position to actually get to work? Is it actionable? S M a R. Realistic.

If you want to do $1 million in sales and 90 minutes like super sick, if you want to do that, then you also need to be ready to pack orders for how many? 400 solid hours for 52 full time days, like eight hour days with no bathroom breaks, no stops to check on the music. That’s like 52 straight days of packing those orders. If that’s something that you think is within reason, if you are willing to do the work to get you there, if your goal is to get to the moon, as long as you’re willing to strap on those space boots, find you a rocket and fuel that bitch to get, as long as you’re willing to do all of that work, then that goal to get to the moon is still reasonable. If you’re not willing to do the work, then it is not realistic then then it’s just a fantasy.

Then you’re just talking about money that you don’t actually plan on Earning. Make sense? And then the last part, t timely, timely. That is very straightforward by when? When is this goal due for you? When do you need this to happen? So now we’ve gone over what generally makes a smart goal last we get to work and start putting it down on paper. What is the goal that you have for your business? What is the goal that you have for your business that will allow you to live the life you’ve always wanted to, that dream life that we’re drafting that dream life that this business is supposed to fuel? What goal do you need to set for that business so that the business provides what you need to live that dream life? Let’s get specific. Let’s make it measurable. Let’s make it actionable, realistic, and timely, so if you’re just starting out and you aren’t sure where exactly you should be looking to apply these smart goals, I would literally tell you apply them to every facet of your business by t so that you get in practice of doing this the right way.

Let’s start off with social media. Social media is going to be one of the driving factors for your business. Period, point blank. We are going to spend plenty of time talking about social media, but you understanding that you need to be on it and that you need to be posting consistently in order to, to help build your brand and communicate your brand’s value with your potential customers. I’d say let’s set a goal together as far as it relates to social media. I want that goal to be you posting four times a day on your business Instagram page every day for the next seven days, four times a day on your business Instagram page every day for the next seven days. Is that specific? Yes. You are posting where on your Instagram page, your business Instagram page. Is that measurable? Yes. Four Times a day. If you don’t, then it’s not like you can go back and cheat the system and be like, Instagram, please change the date.

Literally, no, so it’s measurable. Is it actionable? If you’re watching this video, it’s because have an internet connection. If you have an internet connection, you can create a free Instagram account. Yes, it’s actionable. Is it realistic for you to post four times a day? If you’re talking about building a business and you’re like, I don’t have the time, then you don’t have the time to whim. You don’t have the time for any of what we’re actually doing here, but if you’re serious about your stuff, then hell yeah. That’s realistic. Only four times. Are you kidding me? When I was first starting out, like I told you guys, just posting on social media like it was my job is what I did more than a hundred posts in the first week. We ended up getting our first seal right before we went to China and we were actually at a point where we were like, what do we even do?

We weren’t planning on making any sales because we haven’t been marketing to actually make any sales and now we’re going to be in China and this package is going to come in. We figured it out, but that’s the power of posting on social media. So if we’re talking about whether or not it’s realistic for you to post for just four times, you have that time, you spend that time on your phone already. You’ve been watching this video for longer than it would’ve taken you to make those four posts so realistic if you’re serious, timely, yeah, for seven days, which I actually hope just gets you in the habit of posting consistently every day and you’ll carry it forward. But for now, I want you to claim that win in seven days. I want you to get in the habit setting a goal for yourself and following the fuck through.

It’s so important and it takes them some training and some conditioning for you to start taking yourself seriously like that. Because again, I understand we don’t come from a place where people are asking us what we want and asking us to decide where we’re going next. We come from a place where this is what you’re going to do. This is who you are. This is the box we’ve put you in and hopefully you can work hard enough in a music video to make it out. No, now you’re the boss. You are the captain. Okay, so go ahead and start making these decisions. Start setting goals for yourself. Start forcing yourself to follow through. You are literally the only person that’s going to change your life. Captain, save a hoe and coming through. Captain, Save a hustler. Nowhere near here. It’s only you that’s going to change your life.

That’s going to change the life of your family. That’s going to change your future and your circumstances and your community. Only you have that power to do that, but it takes you being smart enough to realize you can’t just roll through and hope you get to your destination. You have to set these goals because they help guide you to that destination. For me personally, my smart goal for this business before my breakdown when I was just so overwhelmed because we were actually on track to hit that goal, my goal was to reach $1 million in sales in this business within six months of starting specific. Yes, that’s very specific. $1 million in sales, so even getting more specific than just a million dollar business. No $1 million in sales so that specific isn’t measurable. Yes, I will look at my bank statement and know whether or not I’ve done $1 million worth of sales as an actionable.

I’m here, I’m here. We are working. When we first started off, we were working out of my Home Office. Now we are in an office and we are probably going to be moving to a warehouse relatively soon. Yes, that is a huge, huge, huge goal, but what makes it realistic is the fact that I am hiring as quickly as I can to help actually sustain it. That’s what makes it realistic. I know the time that goes into or that will go into making that million dollars a reality and not just making the money but also delivering the product so I know all of that stuff. I’ve taken all of that into consideration and they will have specific, it is measurable at $1 million in six months and is actionable. We’re here, we’re doing it. There are a lot of members, I mean my ad manager, social media manager, videographer, slash, director.

He’s awesome. Graphic design, web developer, office manager, two office assistants. My partner in business, we have outsourced all of our, our office of CFO, like I don’t even know how many members of best? That’s my team. Is it realistic? Yes, because I am building this like it’s $1 million business. If I was still at home just packing up the orders and my free towel, I am going to do it when I get to it, but now there’s no way that I could build this to a million dollars in six months and then the t the timely part is the six months. So that’s my smart goal and why the why? What is that allowing me to do? What will mean building that seven figure business in a matter of six months allowing me to do, honestly it’s a great story. It mean just being able to do that and having the receipts for that will open up so many doors and allow me to hope, help so many more people.

People ask all the time, how quickly was I able to build my business to six figures? Because one of our things is launch your six figure side hustle with white label extensions. And if not for me setting my goals so high and audaciously, then I doubt we would have been able to reach that number in such a short amount of time that I will be sharing with you in tomorrow’s video when we talk about B hags and when I define that. So for now I want you to draft your smart goal. This is so important. I’m almost, uhm, apprehensive about telling you guys that I’m going to get in there and give you notes on your smart goal because the last time I told you guys I was going to show up for you and given those comments, I spent, I spent three days trying to get through all of them.

But I’m going to do that anyway because you know what? I’m a giver, we’re friends and I really do want you to win. So go ahead and drop your smart goals, everyone that drops them within the first 24 hours of this video. I will respond to personally, I won’t give you notes on your goal. I will ask you to get a little more specific. I will ask what is at the end of this goal. I will ask whether or not you’ve taken this into consideration or that into consideration, but set a financial goal for your business. How much do you want to generate in your business? Make it smart, and then because this is a twofer, and then tell me what you are willing to do to get there. That will tell me if it’s realistic or not. So go ahead. Share your smart goal down in the comments. This is your homework for the day. That is today’s master class. I will see you here tomorrow. We’re talking more dreams, escaping drafting your dream life, and then we’re going to take our goals to the next mother fucking level.