Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class money game. Today is avatar day. Today, we are going to do an exercise that will maximize your marketing, return on investment, maximize sales, maximize your money. And all it takes is you actually getting a bit creative. And, and then also using, using a lot of common sense too and some research. Okay, so it’s going to be a little bit of work, but this is going to mean the difference between you spending $500 on Facebook ads and making no sales and you spending $500 on Facebook ads and you making $5,000 in sales. It is that serious. Um, when I apply these principles to my business, that’s literally a relative return on investment that we get back because we are so dialed into our marketing and who it is that we’re trying to reach and we know exactly where they’re at and we know what time they’re on the Internet and we know where they’re hanging out on the Internet.

So we get there first and meet them there and connect with them and like that. That’s, that’s what we’re going to be doing here for you. You just got to be willing to take the time to complete the assignment. Let’s get started. Give it up for the one and only Charlo speaking icky Green [inaudible] Whatever you need. We literally got. So let me explain how this is going to work. There are a number of questions that need to be answered. Every single one of these questions you will use as a piece of your customer blueprint. This blueprint is going to guide how you post, where you post, which platforms you’re posting on, what content you have on your website, um, the different marketing methods that you employ. All of this, all of these things, even your packaging, even down to your vendor, which vendor you choose.

All of this stuff is based on the blueprint we are going to be crafting today, but a lot of this is me asking you questions and you pausing the video if you need to so that you can think about the answer you are putting down. What you’re putting down is going to be a part of a person. You are creating a fictional and imaginary person that represents your entire customer base. We are getting super, super, super specific so that we actually create one person, not a group, 18 to 35 or 13. We’re not creating a group. We’re creating one person that represents every last one of the people that you are trying to reach. Okay? We’re going to start by having you create your customer avatars name when it comes to you selecting a name and and you also creating this person understand you aren’t just pulling them out of thin air, you aren’t creating Larry from Singapore, right?

Like you are going back to your elevator pitch, you are going back to that four step formula that helped you to get laser focused in on what it is that you’re building, who you’re building it for and why you’re building it. That video, we will link to you right here. So based on that elevator pitch, based on who you decided you were trying to help, that is the general guiding principle for everything else. That is where you start. So if you decided you were helping moms and Timbuktu then we’re going to start by creating a mom in Timbuktu. Those are the guidelines that you need to employ. Those are the only boundaries that we’re setting on how you craft your avatar, so based on the fact that she is a mom in Timbuktu, what is her name? Give her a name, give her a nickname if you want to.

Also, onto the next section like this is literally I’m asking you questions that you need to write down. Everything that you write down is going to help guide your marketing. I see this often once you built up your company, once you get all the legal and instructural stuff done, everything is marketing. Everything is marketing. That is how you sell is running a bunch of ads. All of that has to do with marketing. What your logo looks like, what your packaging and all of that. All of that is marketing, all of that under the marketing umbrella, okay? You build your business and then all of the focuses on marketing this and everything that you write down is going to guide your marketing. Next section, demographics is your avatar, male or female. If you’re selling like those man toupees that it makes sense why you’re here in the hair extensions business master class and even if you’re using this for another industry, go ahead and write these down.

She’s not always female, but is your avatar male or female? How old is your avatar? Exactly? Give us a year, not eight timeframe. As I broke down in my last video, the differences between an 18 year old, a 25 year old, a 30 year old, let alone an 18 to 35 like that’s way too by get specific, how old are they? What’s their annual income? Where are they located geographically? Get specific. If it’s, I don’t know if there’s like a downtown or anything in Timbuktu, but when it comes to Atlanta, you have Buckhead, you have five points, you have little five points. You have all of these like get specific because someone in Moro is not shopping with the same priorities in mind as someone that’s up in Buckhead. If you’re not from those places. Buckets like really man, nice and fancy. Moros like no offense. I know I’m not going to go there. Yeah. I lived in Moro for a little bit so I know. Um, is your avatar married or widowed dating? How many kids does your avatar have? Zero and free. Like me. Just playing.

But that’s important onto education. What level of education of education has your avatar reached? If she is like Ivy League, if you’re trying to target career women, then what this part is going to, to have to remind you of when you’re creating all of your messaging, do not have any misplaced commas. No misplaced punctuation, made sure that your capitalizations are capitalized and like all of those things matter to people that have reached a certain, like you just notice these things. Right? Is that a, that’s a fair assessment. I’d say that’s pretty fair. You just notice these sorts of things, so keep that in mind. What level of education has your avatar reached? What school high school or university did they go to? If you were to put out an advertisement saying something like, Hey, all Clark University alumni get 20% off this weekend because we’re celebrating the universe.

Like if you run something like that, and I went to Clark, I’m going to click on it. Because you’ve gotten so specific. You are literally speaking to me as a Clark alumni alumnus, whatever that is. You know what I’m trying to say. On to career, where have they previously worked and for how long? What sector does their company operate in? Is it beauty? Is it customer service? Are they working with the government? If they’re working with the government then you could’ve ran a, a shutdown special or something like that or a spoken a lot about the shutdown or just really tapped into a pin point of that group of people because you wrote down on your blueprint that these are the people and once you saw those news headlines You knew that they were being affected and you could come in and provide some sort of solution that that’s what we’re building here guys.

So what size is their company? What’s their position and their daily job role? Who do manage or report to? What unique skills do they have onto background? What does their family life look like? Is your avatar happy at home? What are their interests and hobbies? What do they do for fun? All of these things are super, super, super important. What is their family life look like if they are a proud mom and that’s just like their, their ultimate joy? Then having images of moms in their worry free weaves. I’ve maybe probably started a company called worry free weaves for for moms and moms to be just because when you are, I’m assuming, again I’m not a mom, but when you’re dealing with motherhood and babies and stuff, it’s a constant thing like constantly and you like lose a little piece of of your sanity and yourself and all of your time.

So like if you’re a mom, again, if we, if those are one of the characteristics you wrote down about yourself in our discovering your unique positioning video that we’re linking to, but if you know those pains, you can better communicate these sorts of things. You know what a Monday morning looks like, you know that you can create marketing material that speaks to and addresses that pain point and that frenzy and that overwhelm. I’m going to keep on giving you examples as we go down this list, but I hope that you are understanding the why behind this assignment. It is crucial and it will help you maximize your marketing dollars. Another really important thing is what are their interests and what media do they consume? What media do they consume? Get specific. Are they on youtube like Siri, think about the demo. Think about everything you’ve written down about them, how old they are and all of that stuff.

If you don’t know, there are statistics on literally everything on the Internet. Everything is monitored and tallied. Look at your age group and maybe pull up stips specifics if you don’t know, but where do they spend the majority of their phone time? Are they on Youtube? Are they on Instagram? Are they on snapchat? Are they on Facebook? All of this is important. What kind of media do they consume? Do they love music? Who are the stars that they’re following? Who like all of this is important because once you write these things down, that’s literally your marketing plan. These are the, these are the outlets that they’re consuming. These are the stars that they like. This is literally where the fuck you need to be. It is literally that simple. You write it down, this is your plan and you go after it. That’s where they’re at.

Now onto behavior. What is your avatar’s day to day life like? What social media platforms do they use? What are your avatars buying habits? Do they only buy on the 15th? Because on the first they have to pay all the bills. They may have to make sure that their kids’ stuff is all caught up and field trips or whatever. And is that how it is or do they just buy stuff when they feel like it? Are you looking for an opportunity shop? Are you looking for a savings shopper? Why or does your avatar fit in the hair extensions industry? Where have they been shopping? What do they aspire to do with their extensions? Now onto goals and priorities. This is really important because when you are marketing and creating advertise advertising material, when you can speak to someone’s goals and aspirations, you, it’s almost like you’re hacking into something deeper.

Your marketing goes that much further. Um, like for us, we’ve rec it like we have a really an advertising manager, but we’ve recognized the fact that when it comes to starting your business, because that’s what we’re here to do, help black women find financial freedom and starting hair extensions businesses low. But one of the big like fears, that’s some other goals, priorities, aspirations, fears. One of the big fears is the fear of not knowing if you’ll succeed or the fear of failure. So we’re running a whole nother set of ads outside of the make money in the hairy extensions industry. Ads that speak to these fears. So write down what are your avatar, avatar’s primary goals? What are their secondary goals? Primary goals, maybe be a great mother, maybe be great in their career. What are their secondary goals? What? What comes right there next on that list?

What are their personal priorities? Is it their family life? Is it their career? Is it their appearance? Is it their relationships with their friends? Is it finding that man, what are their priorities? You understand how that would be really, really important, right? And what are your Avatar’s professional priorities? To wrap all of that up, how does your product or service address your Avatar’s problems? Again, in business, when you can solve a problem, when you can provide a solution to a problem, you make so much more money than you just being like there. So how does your product or service address your Avatar’s problems? How can your product or service help your avatar achieve their goals? You can answer those two questions. You have your first two marketing campaigns. How does your product or service address your Avatar’s fears or problems? How does your product or service help your avatar achieve their goals?

Answer those two things below and you will win. That’s pretty much it. Pass the avatar assignment. I preach about these avatars every day because they are creating them is just such, it’s, it’s like turning a light on in a dark room. It guides you just like how that four step formula about what it is that you do provides those blinders for you. Now that you have those blinders on, this provides an actual target for exactly what it is that you’re reaching for exactly who it is that you’re going after, exactly how you’re speaking to them and exactly what you need to say. You know where they’re hanging out online. You know what they look forward to. You know what their fears are. You know what motivates them. You know what keeps them up at night because you know all these things. You can start speaking to this person specifically and addressing every last one of these things.

That is the power in getting specific. That is the power in creating an avatar that is like this is the ultimate hack to maximize your sales and multiply your money. My trap [inaudible] so that’s it. Now, you know I got on with the assignment, but because this is so freaking important, I’m going to give you a couple of days till the next time we meet for class on Monday. Watch this video. Watch it again. Write down your answers and when you are ready, tell us the name, age, and location of your avatar. Keep the rest of your secret sauce. You worked for that blueprint. You hold on to that part, but let me know you did the work by answering those two questions. How does your product or service address your avatar’s problems? How can your product or service help your avatar achieve their goals? I’ll see you here on Monday. The next time class is in session.