Real quick. If you liked, Think and Grow Rich, or Charlemagne’s Black Privilege, the Subtle Art of not giving an F, or Amber Rose’s How to Be a Bad B, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, or When Breath Becomes Air, you are going to love my book, F*ck It: A Guide to Letting G & Living Free. And even if you don’t really read, you’re still going to love this book. It’s very coldest winter ever, while also offering a guide on how to live the life that you actually deserve.

I’m Charlo Greene, the Alaskan news reporter that went crazy viral, when I said “F it. I quit.” On live TV. Now, I’ve written the best book you’ll probably read in years and you think I’m just saying that because I actually wrote it? It might factor in, but, let me read a few reviews that have been left so far.

Now Justin G says, “After losing my father and separating from the military, I was having some trouble seeing the positive side of things. After noting what the author is facing and still seeing her approach to life, this book was a big boost for me. It’s a great read and definitely worth your time. This isn’t a self-help book to me, it just helped me get some perspective on life.”

I can definitely appreciate that, and thank you for your service.

[Ricky 00:01:26] H says. “In this volume Charlo Green of, “F it. I quit” fame, gives us a straightforward and thoughtful guide of 18 rules to put to use in our lives. I know it seems like a lot, but I promise you that they are woven together in a way that where one builds upon the next.

And at the end of the book, you’re left feeling empowered by a woman who is fighting back against the odds. This isn’t just another didactic and preachy self-help book, though it does help you reflect on your choices and put your life into perspective. It is instead a collection of lessons learned the long and hard way, by a woman who truly wants folks to learn from her mistakes and triumphs. Charlo’s insider knowledge of the cannabis prohibition and what it takes to challenge injustice is something anyone can be inspired by, regardless of their feelings about legalization.

Her ability to share her vulnerabilities and imperfections is what sets this book apart from many others in the game. Charlo knows she isn’t perfect, but she isn’t trying to be. She is just trying to live a just life, in a country where justice is so rarely served, especially for black and brown people, all while taking the time to generously write down and share her experiences and tips with us. We should all be listening.”

That’s super sweet. I don’t know how many more of these I can read. I’m going to have me up here crying and sweating. It’s hot under these lights.

Jericho says, “Charlo Greene has set out to share her take on how to become a better version of yourself and everything you ever needed to know about that, is gathered in this book. It’s a step by step guide on how to let go of your past and use every experience, especially the hard ones, to fill your desire to grow from it, rather than being led on a dark path of regretting your actions.

If you stay strong and tall, even if there seems to be no easy way out, you will not only be remembered for it, it will also help you through any other time where your toughness might be the only thing to get you through. It is a never ending source of power, the awareness of your abilities and limits. This book will help you to find them. And even more so, it will help the author, Charlo Greene, a respectable young lady that stands firmly for her beliefs to tackle legal costs for her upcoming trial, which you will also get to learn about in this inspiring, mind blowing book.”

Mind blowing.

And then, Sarah says … This is the last one we’re going to read. “Trouble working with the law of attraction? Charlo helps fill in the blanks. This book was really awesome. It helped me fill in the blanks that I had been struggling with, working with the laws of attraction. A lot of your life experiences are very similar to my own. How you go through them and explain your conscious mind and efforts, explained a lot of my actions and morphed ways of thinking. It also helps define the steps of something better.”

Thank you. Love that.

So they’re all talking about the fact that I could go to prison for 54 years if I lose a trial this fall in Alaska for my activism. It’s a political prosecution and it really sucks, but that’s actually the reason I’m releasing the book now, and going on a nationwide tour. I’m hoping to rally as much support as possible as I prepare for the literal fight for my life.

I cover it all in my book. Go ahead and get it. I’m Charlo Greene, my book is F*ck It: A Guide to Letting Go & Living Free. Get your copy on Amazon or head to and you will see links there. You’ll also see all of the events that I have coming up.

That’s all. Just a quick PSA. Get the book. See you guys back at the fight club. Shh.

Oh, and I’ll see you in LA on Wednesday, for my first book signing. So exciting.