Morning money gang. Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. I’m your instructor. Hook me. We’ve been filming guys [inaudible] and I’m the CEO of white label extensions. We’re really excited for today’s conversation. We’ve been talking about marketing, uh, tools, tactics, strategies, all week. We’re continuing the conversation today with one of the greatest recent inventions. I don’t know if it was recently invented, but it’s really, really dope and it’s really, really effective. We’re talking about cookies, we’re talking about pixels, no snacks here, very hungry. But this will lead to an even bigger bag than the one you were working on securing. Let’s get to the money. [inaudible]

We’re here for you, whatever you need. We literally got, so you know how you’re visiting a website and there will be, um, a really inconvenient box that pops up that’s like, hey, read a thousand lines of jargon and, or hit OK and you always hit okay. What you’re doing is giving that website permission to install what is called a cookie. It’s a tiny little piece of code that, I don’t know if it connects you to your IP address, but it follows you everywhere you go. Facebook’s version of this is the pixel. If you install one of these pixels on your website and Facebook, like how Facebook does, makes everything extremely easy for you to do this yourself. But if you were to install one of these Facebook pixels on your site, every single time someone visits your website, one of these little cookies will be added onto this person’s entire web identity.

So no matter where this person goes, no matter what this person does, no matter what websites this person visits, you will always have that little piece of tracking code on that person. Why do you want that cookie on that person? Because inside of Facebook advertising, it gives you the option of targeting anyone that has this cookie in your ads. So what you are effectively doing is it’s almost like you’ve captured them as a lead. It’s almost like you have their email address and they’ve given you permission to get in touch with them with more value and information in your offers. Only this person has opted in to your system by simply viewing your page, whether or not they clicked anywhere, whether or not they were on your page for half a second or for nine minutes. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been added to a list of hopefully thousands of people that have visited you.

Now you can target them with ads. The point of this is based on that sales funnel we discussed at the earlier part of the week. If you haven’t watched that video, you definitely need to watch that so you can understand what we’re talking about. But what they’re doing is helping you to move that person through that sales funnel. So you have the top of the funnel awareness. If that person has visited your website, you’ve already ticked that off. They don’t allow you to just throw cookies at everybody in an industry that’s literally not how it works. This person has to visit your site and then there’s that click, the okay thing that pops up on a lot of people’s sites. I don’t think it pops up on ours, but I think it is listed in our terms and conditions. So you visit our site. Now whether or not you fill out that entire form that we ask for, we know that you are someone that is interested in starting a hair extensions business.

What do we do with that information? We have a whole another set of ads that we run that are separate from our top of the funnel awareness ads. What are these ads say? It acknowledges this, the fact that you visited our site, we’d love to see you not interested in gaining your financial freedom anymore. Like different things like that that are more personalized than the general ads that we ran in the first place to get them to click on the site. With that you can take things an extra step forward and I think one of the really, really, really cool things about the Facebook advertising platform is the fact that they, they own Facebook and they own Instagram and they can tell where your eyes are looking on your phone screen. They can tell if you are the type of person that will watch a video with no sound on versus a person that will actually click the video to hear the sound.

They can tell if you are more likely to purchase. Um, because of the way that the pixel tracks you. It doesn’t just stop at Facebook in this person’s website. It will also follow you. If you’re searching on Google for Brazilian hair extensions, then what does that do? And Facebook’s advertiser Algorithm, it tells them that this person is now at a place of ready to purchase. 99% of people that try these ads that have no grasp on the sales funnel concept think that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. What they fail to recognize is if you’re running ads and no one has made a sale, but you’ve had 200 people click on your website, Facebook has tracked those 200 people that responded to your ad. And if you were to run another ad specifically for those people, the likelihood of you getting a sale is much, much higher because you’re already talking to people that have engaged with your brand. So you are moving them along the sales process. It’s literally the sales funnel that they broken down for you and they’re saying, all right, do you want top of the funnel awareness? Do you want consideration? Do you want more views and engagement? Do you want to run ads specifically for sales? You shouldn’t be running any ads for sales if you haven’t run any of these other ads. I don’t just click on things on social media and be like, all right, those are bundles like I guess I’ll give it to the stranger. That’s just not how it fucking works is it’s not and it’s, it sucks that that negative energy would be put on this platform. That is, it’s giving business owners more clarity than they ever have had. Even if we wanted to run hundreds of dollars on an ad, if it results in no sales but a bunch of clicks, what we can do is take all of those clicks and understand that they are past this point and this point in the sales funnel and understand what our job is now because they went ahead and click the ad because they responded to that and because they went this step of getting onto the site.

So now we need to think about is there something wrong with where they are landing on the site or can we do something else? Put something else out there that will help to push them further through this process. Remarketing, it is you marketing to people that have responded to your marketing already instead of just marketing at people for top of the funnel awareness, what you are doing is marketing to people that have already expressed an interest in your brand specifically and Facebook pixel is a great way to do that. So is email marketing that is also remarketing. So once you decide the objective, then you get into choosing who your target audience is, your target audience. You can say that it’s women between the ages of 33 and 35 that live at this exact zip code and within four months, like it’s really precise in how it helps you target people. So you might go that route, but if you have a pixel installed on your website that has been cooking every single visitor of your site, you can choose that as your target audience. Only run my ads to people that have visited my website in the last 90 days, 60 days, 30 days, 15 days. They’re going to have that same feeling that I know you’ve had where you’re like, my iPhone is listening me. It’s the cookie. It’s the pixel. We know that you’ve expressed an interest and now Facebook tells us that you’re ready to buy. So let’s go ahead and hop back in there. We’re going to select our everyone that our side has pixeled and then we’re going to filter out so that our ads only run to the people that are ready to make a purchase. We see how effective that can be for you as a marketer, which you are business owner, you are constantly marketing your brand and your products. that is why that’s so valuable. That’s why Facebook is growing so rapidly. Um, at least the business idea in all of their revenue, huge, huge, huge company because they’re providing something that we haven’t had access to as business owners before. It says, all right, you put $100 in, you ran this ad, it led to this many sales. This is what you got back. Everything is trackable and if you can measure something, if you can track something, you can scale it. That is why this platform is so freaking invaluable. It tells you exactly how your dollar is being spent and it gives you the opportunity to remarket to these people because you don’t just get to run one ad and hope that you get a bunch of money. You don’t just get to show up to a trade show and hope that people are just going to throw their money.

That’s not how it works. You have to earn every fucking sale you do. This is business. So Facebook helps you to scale your efforts. There is a much larger conversation we’re going to have about Facebook advertising because it is incredible. But for now I’m just going to leave you with go ahead and install that pixel because what they’re doing is building up a list of people that have visited your site and that I’ve said, I’m interested in giving her money. Go ahead and install the pixel even if you don’t know what to do with it. Now if you install it now, it’ll start tracking everyone now. You cannot install it in 30 days and be like, all right, Pixel, dig through, dig through the records and find everyone that’s busy. No, you have to have it installed. And then from there on, it just works in the background. It doesn’t take much or any space at all, but it is actively building your list for you, your invaluable list. That’s the conversation today. We’re going to get into more of it. Don’t want to overwhelm you, but tomorrow I do have a pretty exciting announcement that I’m going to be making. So stay tuned for that. See Ya.