Morning money gang. Welcome back to the hair extensions business masterclass. Continuing the weekly conversation. This one on content and today’s conversation on consistency. I know you guys are like, Charlo, you’ve been gone for the last couple of weeks. Just focus on the message here. Kay. Let’s get to the money. Content is, is absolutely key. I hope I drove at home with all of you guys in yesterday’s video. Um, in case I didn’t make sure that you hit the link above and give that one a watch so that everything I’m about to say makes even more sense. So consistency is everything. It’s not enough that you have all these great ideas and that you have this backlog, the photos and videos that you’ve captured and created and curated. It’s, it’s not enough for you to just post a whole bunch today and then not post for the rest of the week.

That doesn’t work depending on the platform you’re on. There is a level of consistency that your customers, your potential customers expect to see on Youtube. People expect to see you at least once a week on Instagram. People expect to see you. If you’re a business, look at the pages that are doing the absolute most. Look at the fashion Novas. Look at the shade rooms like look at the pages that are looking at 50 cents page. There are so many great examples of what people expect and what leads to the actual win on those platforms. Like I said yesterday, it’s up to you to do your research on your niche. Look at exactly who your customer Avatar is, where she’s hanging out on the Internet and who she’s following and then look at their pages and trying to try to get the formula away from it. Try and get why these pages are rowing so much.

When it comes to the shade room, it’s a lot of people’s only resource for information about the news and pop culture. They post so often, like several, I think at least a dozen times a day and people look forward to it and that’s why their numbers are going up and going up and going up. Same with fashion Novas page with all the reposts and all that stuff and they’re curated content along with their user content. At the end of the day, what these pages have that a lot of you don’t is consistency. People know when they follow these pages that they are going to get a dose of inspiration, a dose of shadiness, a dose of information about the rest of the world that they otherwise wouldn’t get or would maybe get in another tone that maybe they don’t appreciate so much but they know that they can count on these pages to have new stuff.

Pretty much anytime they go back to check on these pages and that is what drives these pages engagement up as well. People are expecting to see new stuff because they’ve set the tone, they’ve shown up and stayed consistent for years with their content. Meanwhile you decided to post on Tuesday, then you post on Friday afternoon, then you don’t really feel like it for a week, so you take that week off and then and then you might put that’s not it. Why would I follow you? Why would I follow you? There are so many other hair pages on Instagram. If you look at our page, it’s just beautifully curated. We post at the same time every single day, at least six times a day on white label extensions and you can go through and like when you hit um, someone’s recent followers, it shows you the list, tap on the pages.

All of those people that are following us are real and that’s because we’ve shown up and stayed consistent. Consistency is like a promise that you’re making to your customers that you are going to be there, that you can expect me to be here with new content that either entertains or educates you and when it comes to beauty and hair and all that stuff coming with the looks coming with like the stuff that’s entertainment, that’s inspiration. People love seeing that sort of thing. For us and this YouTube channel, we’ve been doing five videos a week for the last set, like since almost the start of the year pretty much. And we’ve been extremely consistent with it. So much so that we’ve gained I think 10,000 around 10,000 new followers since the start of the year. I’m not sure exactly what that number is because it’s not really about follower count.

To me it’s about just staying consistent and engaging with the people that really find value in this content, which is also probably why we’re growing is because I’m focused on the right things. But we took a two week break for my mental health mostly and also because we needed to cause an interrupt. At a certain point when you are putting out daily content, you become really easy to miss. People know that they’re going to see another one tomorrow and another one tomorrow and another one tomorrow. So either they’re super engaged or it’s just like, ah, I’ll catch the next one because I know it’s coming. And then once you miss one, you miss another couple ones because we tell the story of you building your business one after the other, it almost becomes overwhelming for you to try and catch up with it. So because I know all of you have other jobs and lives and kids and, and so much going on, we are now down to three posts a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because we know that you can keep up with it.

We noticed that in our content. Um, the retention from video to video started trickling down a little bit. It might be because we were getting super practical with the information or because of the, um, the miscibility I guess we can call it. So we’re down to three weeks and what has allowed us to stay so consistent now this is like the major hack is the fact that we batch at the start of the year, I was doing like daily streams, not sustainable, not with the way my life is set up. Video Guy, Joe, we just sit and we knock out months worth of content in one sitting. It’s called batching. Um, and it’s, I don’t think it only applies to content creation, but I know that it is an extremely effective method of getting stuff done that you know, needs to get done on a consistent basis. This way, when we do batch, we get to schedule out posts that will go up over the course of the next month.

That means we have an entire month to go ahead and rerecord any new content that we need to follow once all of these posts are done airing. So we get to stay ahead of the schedule. If anything should come up. If I need to fly out of the country or if Joe needs to go and handle some Joe Business, then the business doesn’t suffer. But the content creation, the whole model and the consistency doesn’t suffer because life is happening. So for those of you that are struggling to keep up with your Instagram posts, what you guys need to do, like my Instagram guy, what he does is he batches, I talked about how we go through and we save a bunch of posts. We curate different people’s content and we give them all the credit for that stuff. He will schedule a week’s worth of posts and that is six posts a day.

We do not take time off on weekends. That’s 42 posts that he’ll schedule in one day and then he’ll get onto one of our other accounts. Make time in your schedule like this is literally my, if your Instagram page is not right, I am not giving you a fucking dime. It is 2019 and if I’m putting in the work from my businesses page, I’m not spending money with your business if you’re not putting up that same work. This applies to your clothing boutiques, your hair extensions, businesses. If you’re a stylist, anyone that is using this visual medium, these visual platforms batch your content. That is the W. I think that’s pretty much the only way. Unless all you’re doing is creating content and you don’t have to worry about life getting in the way of things. This is pretty much the only way I have found to be able to stay consistent without missing a beat.

So today’s homework, drop a link to an Instagram feed that you absolutely love. Then. Tell me about it. What is it that you love about this page? Is it because every time you check them out, there’s something new and exciting that they’re showing you? Is it the layout that they’ve selected for their items? Is it the fact that the owner of the company is consistently out there putting out information and educating and entertaining? I’ll throw out one I love. I am Alonzo Arnold’s Instagram page. He’s super, super funny. He creates wigs. He’s always showing his creations. He gets thousands of comments in like everything. He’s funny. And so he’s always either educating or entertaining and he is consistent with it. So go ahead and drop one of those pages that inspires you and let me know why. Tell me about their content strategy and what you can borrow from them so that you can get to that bag.