Morning Money Gang, Charlo Greene here, back fresh off the plane from India of all places for the last 10 days. I have been out of the country flying to China to check up on our partners. They’re heading out to India to forge new relationships, do my investigative work and see what the industry there is really about and whether or not I would be comfortable co-signing a partnership or collaboration with an existing company or brand there. Um, and bringing that to, to all of you. [inaudible] I don’t want to spoil it, but if there’s a reason I look so tired, so disappointed, it would be India.

Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it.

let’s just go ahead and get into it. We travelled to two different cities. We were hoping that if one city didn’t work out, then we’d go to the other city, and something you should understand is hair entrepreneurs, but is the fact that in India, and when you’re talking about Indian hair, there are two types of Indian hair. There’s northern Indian hair and then there’s southern Indian hair, northern hair. Um, they say has a lot more Western influence, so the hair may have been dyed and it might be, um, more processed over the life of the hair. Whereas southern Indian temple hair, raw temple hair is supposed to be like top notch quality, totally pure and ethically collected at these hair temples. And so we decided to stop in New Delhi and then stop in Shenai, Shenai is in the south and New Delhi’s in the northern part of India in New Delhi is in massive city.

There are so many people there. We go to meet the first vendor and this is the like highest rated vendor in New Delhi. They have great reviews. Um, I think no one’s ever actually gone there to visit and touch base, but we pull up me and my part number, my boyfriend’s, my business partner, we have an Uber, thank God because I watched this video that talks about this black girl that went there to visit and they tried to kidnap her twice. She didn’t have Uber or any sort of cell connection. So she got in these taxing things and they told her that her hotel had burned down and like refuse to take and it was just this whole thing. So made sure that we had cell connections, bought six different cards before we left the United States to make sure that was not going to happen to us.

We’re in the Uber and we are driving and it’s our first time leaving the grounds of the Taj Palace hotel and when you pull up, it’s weird to us. Um, but they did it everywhere. When you pull into the hotel like us pulling inside of the gate from the Uber, there are these two guards that don’t let you pull up any further and they make you pop the trunk. They make you pop the hood, they do a sweep of the entire perimeter of your car to make sure that nothing’s hiding under there. We leave to go and meet with the highest rated vendor, New Delhi highest reviewed and we are pulling up and me and my boyfriend are thinking, okay, well maybe we’re just passing through this slum area. It was just like the signs of us getting deeper inside of the equivalent of the hood over there.

We finally pull up in, it’s just a back alley. It was just crazy for us to go from connecting with our partners in China and they are here manufacturers and you guys have seen the hair extensions video. If not, we’re going to go ahead and throw up the link for you there, but we walk you through it. It’s a building and there are workers and the workers don’t look like a struggle. They look like they show up to work and go back home and everything has felt like there were no please help us signals or anything like that when we were walking through. But here it was just, I apparently in someone’s apartment in a really, like even the Uber driver looked a little scared to be pulling up in that area and it’s not like it was a super nice, it was just the fact that we were in a car and there were hundreds of people around kicking it and it was like 95% male and it was so and so.

We’re messaging the potential, the person we’re not going to be working with. And we were like, Hey, um, we’re here. Uh, not sure if we’re in the right place and they just message it back. Oh you’re here. Okay, we’ll send a guy to get you. It was like, fucking look of terror on my boyfriend’s face, I guess that moment we knew we had fucked up bitch. Hell Nah. I was like, okay look, Uber, were with me on this English cause I’m not getting out of this car, so let me know how many rupees you need to take me back to the fucking hotel beyond the gate close and behind us, get us home safe. So, so like seriously, we weren’t getting out. Explain that to him. Thankfully we just threw money at him. It did not matter the cost, we were fucking terrified. And I don’t know if you’ve picked this up about me, but I’m never scared.

We’re just like, we got to get out of this country and if we weren’t already booked to fly out of New Delhi then we would have just booked tickets to fly home because it was just like, if this is what the top of the tier looks like here, like flipping bundles out of, no they’re not getting any of our money, that’s not even a fucking option. It’s just not. It was just such a bad experience and like I’m laughing to keep from crying cause it really fucking sucked. We leave at 3:00 AM the next morning and we’re like thank God. Then when get to the airport and it’s just like the nightmare continues. It was just so dumb after like hours of standing in line and like the most primitive airport electronic system. That’s just like how sway, if you’ve read the secret law of attraction or seen the movie and they talk about how when you’re having a bad day and you let it get the best of you and things just compound, like you stub your toe and then you get a speeding ticket and then you’re late for work and your boss is a bitch that day.

So it just kind of felt like this was the trip. The pinnacle of it was the fact that we had to get KFC for breakfast in, in India and they were out of half the things. And then we go when we buy waters from around the corner and, and they’re expired when we get to Shenai. And because this is the south, and  here as better, this is probably be according to my research and Y’all know, my research is always on point, largest hair exporter in India. We’re there and we’re ready to meet. And I asked, you know, can you point us towards the nearest hair temple? We have talked about this. Everyone that we visit, I have weeks’ worth of conversations with them before we ever touched ground, so we had talked about this. The fact that I wanted to check this out, he was more than willing to point me in the right direction at least before he knew that I was really here to pull up.

It was just so much more back and forth than it needed to be, which results in him just being like, if you want to go and see a, you basically go and go and Google it yourself. It was like, okay. He wouldn’t give up his address. Then he finally did and then I asked for a picture of the front of the building because after what we had just gone through, if you’re just going to send me a picture of an alley, that’s good enough for me. I’m good. I’m good. Thank you sir for your time. Moving onto the next one. Moving on to the flight home. It was again, weird that he just wasn’t being over communicative, which you would expect if you know that someone has travelled literally all the way around the world to connect with you in your homeland in China, they are overly accommodating.

It’s so appreciated after this last leg, but they’ll pick you up from the airport, they’ll take your tea, you to your hotel, and then pick you up the next morning for breakfast, and then you’ll have your business meeting and then they’ll force you to have lunch with them before they drop you off. Like all of that stuff happens there, over here, this guy’s like, why do you need a picture? Why do you need my address? Why are you asking so many questions? When he asked me, why are you asking so many questions? I was like, you know what bitch, I already know I am not fucking with you, but because I did both these tickets, because I love coming with that content. We’re going to go ahead and pull up. We don’t mean to hit you up, but we have your address now, so we call the Uber.

Let me see what’s going on with this and why you are being so cryptic? Because in business what you need to understand is anytime anyone you are trusting with your money that understands they are in a position of trust, that’s the relationship there. Cause you’re doing business together. Anytime a person either isn’t willing to communicate with you or overly communicate to make sure that you understand your money is safe with them. Anytime a person starts pulling back on what was once clear communication, any time to have those things happen or are happening, you are getting scammed, you are getting fucking played. Something wrong is going on when they stop communicating with you. That is something you’re probably going to try and ignore because, Oh maybe they’re busy. Hell the fuck no they’re not. You’re never too busy to make sure that someone understands what is happening with your money.

Understand that. What we did in China workout a fulfillment partnerships, so 99% of our orders now shipped directly from our partner factory there and all arrive within two or three days. 95% of them unless you order a specialty item. Sorry for that guys. So that’s what we are working out there. We’ve been Beta testing it for the last week or so and so far you guys are appreciating it. A little footnote. So here we are. He’s probably not used to people actually coming through and checking the receipts and making sure that that the cleanliness is there and that there are things they would have to lose. Like if you’re in a brick and mortar, then that means I can come and find you. Hopefully. At least it’d be a lot easier than me trying to find a person. Um, but this place was not a brick and mortar. This place was an unfinished apartment building with no one living in it,

right guys? So we are now at the largest hair exporter in all of India, as an empty unfinished apartment building with one star reviews on Google because people see that they took a bunch of people’s money and ran off and never finished the building. So it’s either that empty building that’s never been finished, but that one, the street that that either way they can’t get these coins. It’s just crazy.

It was really weird. It was really disappointing and that is why we are just more focused on providing better quality with the items that we do offer now. And if the opportunity should come for us to add more items to our catalogue, then we will cross that bridge when we get there. But for now it’s just, I can’t fathom being comfortable sending 2030, $40,000 American dollars to these people one week and expecting to get any bundles back. That’s my thoughts on it. 99% of your favorite hair companies are probably sourcing their hair from these company. So I mean maybe it’s working for them. I don’t know. I don’t really care though. I’ve seen where it comes from and I cannot be liable. I am Hell of a jet lagged so bear with me. We’re going to get through it together. I am going to see if we can pull off a couple of more coaching calls here. Uhm, as we continue our bye week. Then next week we’re going to get super, super practical again. We are going to be talking websites, lead funnels, mailing lists, important stuff. So that’s it for today. Master class. I’ll see right back here tomorrow.