Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. I am your teacher, instructor, coach, Business Bestie, Charlotte Green, owner of white label extensions. Today we are continuing our super practical super actionable week of of information on websites and landing pages and payment processors. Today we are talking about po boxes. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. Something that happened recently. I just were, okay, let’s, let’s just get into it. Let’s get into it. We’re over in China and I can’t remember if we were in China or India at this point, but we get an email and another email and another email and it’s like seven emails from this one person. So over there the Internet is spotty unless you’re like in your home and even if you’re in your hotel room, it’s like hit or miss if you’re going to be getting Wifi.

And then the fact that you need a VPN, which is um, like a virtual private network to allow you to view anything. Google all of our emails through Google, even though it’s through g suite and our domain, Google is not allowed in China. google.com doesn’t work. Google translator doesn’t work. Gmail doesn’t work, nothing. Google works. So, so we finally are able to check the email, you know, just monitoring things. I had the team out here holding it down, no big deal, but we get this series of emails and it, um, I think it was like 30 minutes before we checked it. That’s when the series started again and again and again. And then we also see a bunch of attempted calls or messages on the phone machine that we have that handles the calls for this company, which we don’t answer. Um, and it’s a person.

And then we get a call from our ups store. We don’t put out our address publicly. So we, um, read this email and I read through the string and it’s like, I’m here at your store to pick up my package. It’s like, that’s impossible because you don’t know where our store is. Um, I’m over here at your store and they won’t give me my package and I’m going to turn up if, if nobody gives me my hair. I see on the tracking information that it was sent back here and it was just like, oh, okay. So, so basically there was a woman that saw the, the return address on her package as our po box and decided to pull up in the ghetto, his sense of the term and turn up on everyone in the ups store. Why this woman didn’t read the sign above the building, she walked into that said ups store and let it connect.

Why this woman didn’t see the badges on everyone that said ups store there and it didn’t see why this woman saw the mailboxes everywhere and not a bundle in motherfucking site and it didn’t connect with her. This bitch was in there for over an hour, over an hour turning the fuck up, Ah, y’all need to give me my package. I spent $45 for y’all. It’s just like, what is going on here? What, what, who is raising the I just and so if she had actually come to our building we would have been evicted because there are lawyers in here, there are, it’s, it’s a grown up space for, for grownups and customer traffic. Isn’t, isn’t something that happens here so had she actually had our address then she would’ve been turning up on my employees and I’m sure they would’ve been like Charlotte doesn’t pay us enough for this.

The fact that we haven’t, I mean we have been avoiding having a conversation with our po box because they called and left a couple of messages. They’re like, please call us back Charlene. Protecting yourself. It’s so important. Like I was saying in the other video about you not meeting up with people randomly, you listing your home address to people and stating that you have here on hand you stating that you have thousands of dollars for them to show up and steal or pull up and turn up on you or turn up on your family members or, or whatever address your listing. You cannot afford that. Or Po box I think is $30 a month. Is it worth the 30 especially after that situation happened that would have violated our lease to have this bitch in here turning the fuck up. Threat to mean people over $45 I get it.

Your hard earned money. I get that she could have been arrested for that. That would have cost her way more than $45, what It costs us way more than $45 and the thing was she entered the wrong address on the package so they couldn’t deliver it, so it was returned to our po box. Does that mean that we’re never going to know? Of course you’re going to get your shit. We want nothing more for you to have your stuff, but the fact that she took it upon herself to pull up and to bring all that fuckery over to the ups store and refused a read a sign. It was just a really weird situation. Really, really uncomfortable. If you at the ups store, my apologies. Protect yourself. Do not. Please, please, please. If you have $30, go ahead and get yourself a po box. Go ahead and do something to shield your identity from people.

Another thing that happened a few weeks back and it’s partly why we almost never put things out in the gold packages, at least the large ones, the samples, yes, it’s a better customer experience, but if it’s golden, it’s shiny and you’re getting one of these packages in the fucking hood, why wouldn’t I just pick up that package? Um, the way to my, my apartment next door. You know, there’s no accountability there. There is only the fact that if they do steal something and they do steal bundles, then they now know that they should continue stealing your mail. Or maybe they should break in and take all the rest of the bundles that you have in there because it’s money to them. It’s money. So we had a package delivered, FedEx showed that it was dropped off and all of that stuff on time, but the, when the person got home to collect it, for whatever reason, someone had stolen it, which sucks for everyone involved.

So if she had a po box, if she had a ups store mailbox, then someone would have said to sign for it and then they would have held the package until you come through with your actual key or id showing that you own the package delivered to this box. When you think about the money that you could lose over missing one package, one like an average of $200 is what the average order that we send out is worth $200 is more than enough to cover more than half of a year in ups mail box fees except you are guaranteed that if it makes it to the mailbox you will get it. They do not play about handing out packages, which is why that lady was in there turning up for over an hour. Um, so you’re protecting yourself. You are ensuring that your package, once it’s actually delivered makes it to you and that none of your neighbors can steal it, that no one knows that you are getting money mailed to you and that you’re mailing it back out or doing whatever with it.

It’s unnecessary thing. It is definitely a necessary thing because I know that she’s probably not the only person that’s tried to pull up there. So protect yourself. If they want to pull up on me, they probably going to want to pull up on you. It over $45 at that mind blowing to me. But um, but a lesson, a lesson, a lesson, that’s actually a little embarrassing for me to share because I just, I’m so proud of all of you. I, I brag about you all the time. Do not put your address out publicly. Do not do it. It is not worth it. It is not fucking worth it. Most of your customers are great, but the 1% that are slipping through the cracks, the 1% of the most ratchet trash as even if they don’t shop with you, they’ll write your address down and they’ll pull up. Why not? If you’re saying you have hair on hand, what is to stop one of these people from just pulling up and taking that off your hands. Do me a favor for today’s homework share and uncomfortable customer experience with the rest of us. So I know that I’m not the only one that has had to deal with this fuckery. Please let me know something. Let’s connect with each other. Let’s share our war stories and, and let’s laugh about it together because at the end of the day, we’re focused on getting our coins. Nobody’s trying to catch another case. [inaudible]

getting our coins, protecting ourselves, protecting our families, and elevating our lives to the next level. That’s what we’re here. That’s what we’re about. Share your war stories in the comments below and tomorrow we have a special different kinds of get ready with me video. Find out how I get these lists. Let’s get ready together. But for now, I want to hear your war stories. Find me.