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Ever since I switched over to using White Label as my vendor I haven’t gotten ANY complaints about the quality of the hair. Being a hairstylist I’ve been on the search high and low to find a vendor that was HONEST about their product and White Label products has been nothing short of the “what you see is what you get.” The other day I did a frontal maintenance on my client and when I was done she looked and me and said “this hair is amazing, whoever you’re working with let them know to keep up the GREAT work because I honestly feel like I’ve gotten my monies worth!” Hearing that made me feel like I’m actually doing a great service of providing QUALITY hair my clients can INVEST in.
I have pictures of myself wearing your hair on my Instagram @kelsblanco! I also have my hair business Instagram with my customers and clients wearing your hair as well @blancohaircompany! I love White Label Extensions hair and the overall quality of your customer service! You care about your customers, and it is acknowledged and appreciated!I have ordered from you multiple times, and I have loved your hair even more with each order!
I am in love with this hair. It’s very soft and Luscious. This hair is very high quality. It holds a curl well. I’ve washed it, flat ironed and curled it and it still has a soft texture.

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