Morning Money Gang, Charlotte Greene here, CEO of white label extensions. Today we are continuing our hair business master class with the conversation on landing pages. What is a landing page? Why do you need a landing page? Um, it’s super useful, especially if you are in the process of building out your site and even if you have a site, it is a great way for you to communicate exactly what you want people to see in a snap when you’re running ads or doing promotions and it just makes sense. So let’s just get into it. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. When it comes to your website, of course you want to have this beautiful site. They’ll tell that has all of the functionality that you need and the right payment process are so that you can collect those coins while all of that is being automated.

But when your site is in the process of build out, and this is something that a lot of people have asked Charlotte, I’m still waiting on building out my website. Should I start posting on social media now? Um, should I list my website if it’s not totally built out yet? The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes. Even if you don’t have the website built out or a landing page, you should just always be posting on social media because that helps to build out that level of trust. And the more that the more of a presence you have on social, the longer your scroll is when someone visits your page. The more trust you can establish with them because it’s not like you just started doing this yesterday. It’s clear that you’ve been doing this and will continue doing this independent of this one customer’s purchase or visit.

If you are in the process of building out your site or you are running a specific promotion and you want to send people to, um, a specific message that is what landing pages are for. And when it comes to word press and you selecting a theme there or Wix and you choosing something there or square, even Square space for the most part, all of these platforms have the option that allows you to create a landing page. Why is it called a landing page? Because when someone decides to visit your site, this is what they land on. It doesn’t have to be a totally built out website. It can just be a one page, one page thingy that explains who you are, what is coming and gives people the option of leaving their email address with you. That email address is very, very important. Why? Because it allows you to continue communicating with that person that has already expressed an interest in your business.

This isn’t just a person that’s stumbled across your page. This is someone that has gone to your site, sees that you’re building and is giving you their contact information because they want you to contact them when you are finally excepting money. That part. So most of these platforms like I stated, have the option that allows you to build out a landing page. A landing page is usually one page, very little scroll. It’s about like tons and tons and tons of words. It’s one thing, this is who we are, this is what we’re building or this is what the promotion is. Want more information, want to be contacted, give us your email for 10% off and we’ll get back in touch with you. That’s what that is, so that when you are building out your site, when you are posting on social media, you are still collecting the opportunity to get back in touch with these people.

So also on your landing page, go ahead and include your social media. It’s really easy to add these things to a landing page. All of these landing page templates understand there likely isn’t a website built. They understand this is like the, the very first step, so adding this stuff should be relatively simple, but again, using your social media, go ahead and put that,  the link to your landing page as your website on Instagram. Don’t just let people scroll on your page, click in and click out. Send them somewhere, put them, push them through the funnel. We’re going to talk about the marketing funnel and how it goes. Awareness and engagement and then blah, blah, Blah and trust and then the sale. It’s several steps. This your, your Instagram, your social media is the first step. You’re getting them to click out. That is huge, huge, huge.

Don’t waste that opportunity by not having your landing page set up for them to give you permission to contact them. When you are ready to start accepting sales or money, use your social and push them there. That’s literally the next step. You’re not just posting for no reason. You’re posting to build that sense of trust so they are willing to click on that link that takes you to that website. This is literally the next step. Do not play yourself. You have to have this in place. And then even on my site, we have popups. We have this form that you have to fill out. Once you are interested in starting your six figure side hustle and the hair extensions industry, then you go to a form and then once you click into that form, you are entered into our sequence of seven daily emails that are tips and advice that will help you build your hair extensions business.

And at the end of those seven emails, guess what? You get sent here to the hair extensions business master class and it is a process that never stops every single day. I am working to gain your trust. I am working to earn your trust and your email is key to that. Key, key, key, so don’t sleep. Get the landing page up. Make sure that it is capturing everyone’s email address because re-marketing is everything. If you don’t have a website, you need to go ahead. Go ahead and had to Wix, wix, build out. I, I’m not, this is not a sponsored video. I just tell you guys what has worked for me in the past. Like I said, wix is the great place for you to start building your site if you don’t have the funds to pay someone to do it, and if you don’t have weeks to master word press, it is a lot.

Wix is the great place for you to start. They walk you through what you need and they help you set up your landing page. Set that up today. We can’t be wasting this time. This master class is being going on for many a week now. It’s time for us to get to work. So set up your landing pages. Um, if you have a whole website, the landing pages come in handy when you are running like different specials and stuff. So say I want to do a um, a hairstylist special, I would create a landing page even though my whole site exists that’s like hair stylist, get 20% off, email your address or add your email address below and we’ll send you over the coupon and more information about this offer. I would create one of those and then all of the ads that I run for these stylists would go to that page.

Why? Because there’s a lot going on, on my website. I’m not expecting one of these people that are clicking for the first time to dig through my site to find the value that has been advertised. So I use it as a tool for my business to communicate with people that I am specifically targeting for specific offers. I hope that makes sense. I feel like I’m like, I might be throwing too much at you guys this week, but you guys got last week off. So get with it, run the video back if you need to run it back, but that’s what landing pages are. They’re great for people that don’t have websites yet. They are great for people that do have sites and are running promotions or even if you’re not running on promotion, if you just want people to land on one page when they first meet you, that’s a way to do it.

So today is homework. Coach Carlo wants to dive in and critique. I would love to see your website. If you don’t have a website, better have a landing page up. Better have that landing page up and you drop the link below. Every single one of you better be dropping links it at, at this point, after this conversation, you should have paused the video, went over to build out your landing page and then came back and finished it. Go ahead and do that now and drop the link below. I will give you feedback on what I think on different ways that I think you can improve, but go ahead and drop that. I’m going to critique it. I encourage all the members of the community to critique it, and maybe we’ll like every, every website that we think is the best out of the ones we’ve checked out. We’ll thumbs up and we’ll see who wants in and maybe I’ll give you a wig or something. Yeah, I got to get rid of some of this stuff. Best website wins. Go ahead and get in the comments.