You aren’t getting the sales you want. You jumped right into your hair extension business, you got your website up, you’re on the ‘Gram doing what you think you need to do, but for some reason, you aren’t getting any sales. I think I can help with that. So as a business coach, when I’m coaching my clients, one of the first, first, first, first things that we do is find their niche. Find the space in the industry that is unique to them and that will put them at a position where they are in power, if that makes sense to you.

Let me give you an example. For the first hair company that I helped to start and I was a ghost partner in, we did more than $1,000 in sales our first week and it wasn’t because I was doing any twerking videos or hired any influencers or anything like that, it’s because we chose to brand ourselves so that we spoke directly to our target customer. For this company, it was the first … one of the only hair extensions businesses in the area. So instead of us choosing a name like Super Luscious Locks, or Luxurious Lengths, that didn’t tell exactly who we were, we said … Now, I can’t put out the name of the company, I’m a silent partner in it, but say Wyoming is the state that we were in, we’d name the company Wyoming Virgin Hair. So what that did, it told the people of Wyoming that we were here, we were one of them, and we were here to serve them specifically.

When you are marketing with your Luxurious Lengths brand, or your Super Luscious Locks thing, what you’re trying to do, if you aren’t speaking directly to a customer, what you’re doing is competing with all of these brands we already know and love. So when you’re saying, “I don’t know why I’m not getting any sales, I’m doing everything right, I’m posting and this and that.” But are you speaking to your target customer? Are you letting them know what advantage they would have by shopping with you over shopping with one of these well-known, well-loved, well-respected brands?

The great thing about Wyoming Virgin Hair, which isn’t a company that actually exists, not to my knowledge, but the great thing about that company was when it comes to hair, people don’t just want to see pictures on the internet, because we’ve all gotten a bad batch of bundles. What they want to do is actually touch the hair. What they want to do is know that if anything goes wrong with the hair, you are going to be there to respond. That is the advantage that American companies have over all of the Chinese competition.

The hair manufacturers and vendors are on Instagram and online and they’re running Facebook ads and they’re directly competing with you but where your advantage is is you can actually connect with this person in person, show them the … you can show them this in person. This hair is so freaking soft, are you kidding me? I know I already own it, but I’m excited feeling this hair that I already own. That is something that all of these overseas companies can’t do. That is something that all these national companies can’t do. As much as people might love Snob Life and Ming’s brand, if you’re in Wyoming and you’re not super familiar with hair, if I come up to you and I say, “Hey, I know you’re interested in buying some hair, you want to check this out here?” Then I’m definitely going to be choosing you, person, over this national brand.

So one of the big things that you can do is look at your company. Look at the name of your company. People like coming up with these super cute names, I think practically is best, especially in a market as saturated as hair. If you can tell me that you are the Berkeley Virgin Hair Company, I live just outside of Berkeley, Oakland, right now at least, but if you tell me that you’re the Berkeley/Oakland Hair Company, then I’m definitely going to choose you. You’re right up the street, you’re someone that I could possibly know and better yet, I can hold you accountable if you come [inaudible 00:04:41].

So that’s something that I encourage you guys to think about. If you’re not getting sales, then maybe you need to rebrand yourself. The last thing you should be doing as a small, start-up hair company, is trying to compete with massive Chinese companies and with massive American brands. That is not going to help you, that is only going to hurt you, period. That is why I market directly to wholesalers, I’m not … Well no, we also have a B to C side of things but right now, we’re talking, I have my Hair Biz In A Box program which is incredible, it’s your one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need to launch, grow and sustain your hair business, but that’s my thing in the States. I’m not just trying to be like, “Hey, spend your money with us instead of all these brands that you’ve been watching and that have been earning your trust for a decade. No, no, no look, mine is $10 cheaper. No.” It’s not how it works.

So I would suggest you look at your brand, look at your messaging, ask yourself who is it speaking to and then better yet, better yet, go ahead and create a customer avatar. I don’t want this video to be too long, but I’ll probably create a second video that specifically talks about this, but since you’re already watching, what we do when I’m coaching my clients to build their businesses is we have them create customer avatars. What is a customer avatar? It is, say if you’ve played The Sims … I’m a nerd, I don’t know if this is dating me or weirding you, but if you’ve ever played The Sims or a video game where you can put the pieces of a person together, that is your customer avatar. This is your ideal customer.

So for me, mine is a woman in her mid 20s, about 24 years old, she’s black, obviously female, interested in entrepreneurship, has enough real world experience to understand the value that comes along with owning the work that you’re putting into something, one kid, or two and her name is Alexis. That is what you need and so every time I’m creating a piece of content like how I’m speaking to you right now, I’m speaking to Alexis, you know? I’m working to educate and empower Alexis specifically.

Now when you create your customer avatar, you need to decide how old they are exactly. Not 20 to 34, because I’m 30 now, I was a totally different person when I was 20 years old and when I was 21 years old and when I was 27 years old, get really, really narrowed down to exactly who this person is. Decide their age, where they live, are they married, are they single, do they have children? If so, how many? What are they interested in? Where are they hanging out? Are they scrolling on Shade Room every day? Are they fans of Nicki Minaj or Cardi … have they chosen a side? These are things that you’re going to do and it might seem a little silly and a little extra at first, but once you decide what you’re … and don’t name her … name her whatever you want to but for this example we’re going to call her Alexis.

Once you decide who Alexis is to you and that that is your specific customer, in Wyoming, I don’t know any cities there but once you decide who Alexis is and where she is, that will help to remove all of the clutter and all of the, “But I think I should and maybe I should do this, or I see this brand doing something and it’s working for them but why isn’t it working … ” No. Go ahead and speak to Alexis, go ahead and talk to her, market to her. Which textures would Alexis specifically like? Just because we offer 13 textures, doesn’t mean that you need to actually sell all 13. In fact, I encourage you not to.

There’s a thing called option … what is it? It’s like when you have too many options you get paralyzed and so people end up just choosing not to do anything as opposed to having to make the decision. Don’t … it’s like option paralysis, something like that but don’t do that. Choose who that person is and then create your business and your branding and your marketing and your messaging so that it speaks directly to that person and you’re going to be surprised at how much of a better response you get once you niche yourself. Once you stop trying to be for everybody, like these hoes are for everybody, we are

not, okay? [inaudible 00:09:38]. We not for everybody, they can be for everybody but we are not because we are not at level quite yet.

So then once you brand yourself and distinguish yourself in that Wyoming market, once you have all of those reviews and the responses and people trust your brand enough that other people can see, “Okay, well maybe I might [inaudible 00:10:04].” Once you get to that point when you are big in your market, then think about expanding. Then think about competing with the national companies but right now, as a start-up, what you need to be most focused on is localizing your offer and speaking directly to your Alexis.

I hope that helps. Sometimes I’ll be thinking like, “Maybe I should script these things because I get so long-winded,” and I’ll be like, “Where am I going with this?” But I think we made it through it all. I think I got off everything that I need to say. This is a lace front wig from White Label Extensions, 9A, and I’m super excited about everything rolling out with the program, we’re in pre-launch mode with our Hair Biz In A Box program for wholesalers, or for anyone looking for a hair vendor, it’s us. We just got back from China, super eye-opening and we’re going to be releasing a lot of that content soon but yeah, let me know what you think. What are you going to name your avatar? Go ahead and drop her name below, tell me about her and I’m going to comment back and try to help you to carve out exactly who she is even better. We’re going to get super specific, oh that’s what I wanted to include.

Okay, so a lot of people think that by them saying, “Well we’re only targeting Wyoming.” Then, “Well what about the people in Texas that want to buy and what about the people in Florida and what about the people in France that might want to buy?” They don’t, do they? I mean, if you’re watching this video about how to get more sales then are they beating down your door? Worry about that when they actually start coming to you but right now, with you being on the … I was about to use a sports analogy, the offense or the defense, when you’re running towards them, I think that’s defense? Sport ball, but for now in start-up mode, it’s a weird paradox, but the smaller the audience is that you can specify you’re looking to serve, the more success you will find and that’s just a fact.

You can google it, you can look it up, anyone will tell you that but the more specific you get, the more you say, “We are not for you, France, just yet.” The more you can say, “We are not for you Atlanta, just yet.” The more you can say, “We are not for teen girls.” The more you can say, “We are not for women about 50,” for whatever reason or whatever, but if you’re selling 50 inch bundles, then you’re probably not for women over 50. Maybe you’re selling the [613s 00:12:59] and the this and the that and that’s what you’re pushing and that’s what your marketing looks like and you got legal teenage girls in the bikinis and they’re like, “Oh Luscious Hair.” Then are you speaking to Martha? Are you speaking to my Auntie? You’re not but if you’re running ads and putting dollars toward trying to get in touch with her, and the images that we’re seeing are people that don’t look like us, don’t look like we would ever know these …

I hope I’m being clear, I’m getting too long-winded but my style of videos from now on, I’m trying to only shoot on my iPhone and I’m trying to show you guys how doable everything that I’m doing is. I just have a little ring light over there, I have a couple of soft boxes, but it’s just me sitting in my office, one iPhone, we’re not going to do a bunch of editing or anything, but I just wanted a chance for us to connect, for me to drop a couple of gems and just continue building our connection with each other. If you guys have any questions or concerns, then email me at Again, I’m Charlo Greene, SheEO at White Label Extensions and we also have our Hair Biz In A Box program for new entrepreneurs. Check that out on the website if you like, it’s right there in your face but I’m just here to sprinkle some knowledge on you. Till next time, peace. Peace.