Morning money gang. Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. We are winding down Dream Week drafting your dream life, setting up the goals that will take you there and also being conscious of where exactly that there is that we’re trying to go because we aren’t building businesses to just work. We are building businesses that are meant to feel the life we want to live. See the big difference between those two, definitely do not overlook that. Never stop considering that fact, but you aren’t just building a business for business sake. You are building a business that will help provide you with the options and means to live the life of your dreams. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. So we left off having all of you draft your smart goal, draft your smart business goal.

Big One. Small one gave you an assignment to post every single day, so make sure you’re keeping up with and that part, but and make sure that you watch yesterday’s video before today’s because we are taking those goals and we’re turning them up a notch. All right. Today we’re discussing the notion of BHAG’s what is that? Am I making up another word? Not Making up this one myself. Someone else did make it up. BHAG is another acronym for a larger business term in business. You’re going to hear the term BHAG more than once. Um, I think Jim Collins, author of one of my favorite business books. Good to great. Um, also I think I was like Oren for greatness or whatever he wrote a whole bunch of books, but he talks about the idea of having a BHAG, BHAG is short for big, hairy audacious goal.

What does that mean to you? I know I told you that your goals need to be realistic. We drove that point home yesterday and the day before and yes, they do need to be realistic. That is so, so, so important. But the realistic part of things, the realistic thing to take into account when deciding or considering whether or not your goals are smart is you, is whether or not you are willing to show up and do the work necessary to take you from, I wish to I did. It’s you. If you want to make those million dollars’ worth of sales in 90 minutes like but you also, if you’re willing to go ahead and do the work to pack those orders for the next 52 days straight like that all needs to be taken into account, but the realistic part rests on your shoulders. Because of that, you can set a slightly bigger goal.

You can set a way bigger goal. You can set a big hairy audacious goal as long as you remind yourself of the work that is going to come with it and you are willing to put that work in. Like the point of that is so that you set your sights that much higher. Right now you have the opportunity to decide at literally not just the opportunity. You have the responsibility to decide literally everything. Next you are the commander, you are in complete control. So now that we’ve said that, and now that we’ve set our more realistic goals, how far are you willing to stretch yourself? How much bigger can you dream while making sure those dreams are backed by your will and intention to do all of the work necessary to make them a reality? So we’ve all heard that term shoot for the stars and if you fall, you’ll end up landing on a cloud.

The idea is to set goals not that are so big that they’re just unfeasible and there’s no possible way that you could get there. But set really, really high goals right now. We can decide how hard we push ourselves and we can decide how far we end up going while also being conscious of what we need to be happy all along the way. Vast, vast, the big goal, happiness, peace, freedom, all of that is what money provides. Money ain’t the goal, but when we are setting up our businesses, it means to be decided how much we want to make. So what kind of big hairy audacious goal can you set for your company? Revisit the goal that you dropped in our last class and maybe tweak it, sprinkle a little bit of red bull on top, like what does it look like all the way turned up.

I told you my goal for this company was to build it to seven figures in sales within six months. If I had not set that goal, we would have not hit six figures in less than 70 days. That wouldn’t happened. If I set a goal that said, well, maybe, maybe we can do about 10 k a month, uh, and sustain that eventually. I think that’s totally reasonable. If that was the goal, then I would’ve reached that the first week. We wouldn’t be putting out this content that also helps to support and grow our business as one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing wholesale hair suppliers. Um, just so many other things would not have happened if we had shot for the middle. If we were shooting for what we knew we could easily do as opposed to shooting for something that was going to force me as the business owner to stretch myself and push myself and grind harder than I have ever had to grind in these last seventy effing days.

I have grown so freaking much so, so I’ve learned so much. I am so humbled. I am so grateful, but that’s because I’m not pushing myself to a place where I’m comfortable. I’m pushing way past that. So while I ask you to get specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely with those goals you jotted down yesterday, now I’m asking you to take those same goals and rewrite them in a way that you know you are pushing yourself to achieve your full potential. Pushing yourself past what anyone else expects of you. Pushing yourself to do something that is going to show you, you are so fucking dope. You are so much stronger and smarter and doper than anyone fucking real like that is what I want from you. That is the goal we’re setting today. We’re taking that goal yesterday. It’s smart but a little basic. So we’re taking that basic smart goal and we are making it big, hairy and audacious.

We are going to create a goal for ourselves that is going to drive our business so much harder and so much further than we could have if we said, well, I just want to make a little bit over here on the side and no, set the goal. Set the goal that is going to push you. Set the goal that is going to drive you. Do not set the goal that is going to have you sacrificing your happiness and your freedom and your joy to try and get it. No, that’s not how this works. That’s how you set yourself up for failure. Set that goal that is going to push you to go further while you still maintain your sanity, while you still maintain your joy and while you are always reminded of why you’re doing this, that’s what I need from you today. Big Hairy audacious goals down in the comments.

That is your homework. Show me what your goal looks like when you stop taking into account all of the limitations everyone else has set for you. When you stop listening to anything else that anyone has ever said about you not being smart enough or fast enough or pretty enough to do it, set all of that stuff aside. Look into yourself and this side. How big can you go? How big do you want to go? How far are you willing to travel? How hard are you willing to push yourself? That’s what I want to see down in comments. Keep it smart, but make it big, hairy and audacious.