Morning money gang. You know the problem with most goals, the reason why most people don’t achieve their dreams and goals, it’s because they’re undefined. A lot of people say, I want to be happy. A lot of people say, I want to be rich. A lot of people say I want to be popular, but how many of us take the time to actually define exactly what happiness is, exactly what wealth or rich means to you to a point that you’d actually be satisfied. How many of us have taken the time to create really smart goals that will help us achieve the dreams we’ve set out for ourselves? We’re going to, that’s what today is all about, setting smart goals to drive your business success.

Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it.

So when it comes to setting goals, I won’t say I wrote the book on it but, I did write a book on something else and goal setting is a chapter inside of that. So to kick off this conversation, I’m going to read an excerpt. You guys can have a free download of this chapter of my book. Did really, really well. First book, super proud of it and there’s a lot in there that I think would help you along on your entrepreneurial journey, especially if you come from a place where I come from is one of seven kids, single parent household, um, seem like I had no options growing up or at least that’s what the world wanted me to believe. But I broke out of that and I’ve created a wonderful life and I’m using my platform to help so many others do the same.

So let me read a quick excerpt on goals. You have to be ready and willing. You have to be ready and willing to get dirty and be prepared for delays and drawbacks. Achieving your goals is about showing up day in and day out to put in the work. Then it’s about deciding whether or not your goal is smart. Creating smart goals is a strategy I picked up on in college. And while it sounds like part of a tired freshman orientation speech, it’s actually a strong strategy to guide towards assessing your goals. It’s relatively true that you can’t have everything in life and sometimes the ideas and the desires that we attribute to ourselves as goals are really more like fantasies. Setting smart goals allows us to better tell the difference between the two. Tell me that wasn’t good? Read the rest of the chapter. It gets super, super deep.

Building off of that, what is a smart goal? What? Well, the difference between a smart goal and a regular goal. Let me give you a couple of examples. And regular goal. I want to go on vacation, a smart goal? I want to vacation in The Bahamas. That’s a smart goal. Me going on vacation, this general vague. So many options left on the table versus me going to The Bahamas the second week of the summer for five days with three of my best friends. That is a smart goal. What makes this one so much smarter than this school? Well, when you say I want to go on vacation, what are you actually defining? Are you saying you want to go on vacation this year? Are you saying you want to go on vacation next year? The first part of smart, which is actually an acronym, s, m, a, r.

T. Each letter stands for something you need to take into consideration when crafting your goals. Um, let me just run down each of them. S specific m, measurable, a actionable are realistic and t timely. Each of those things needs to come into play. When you are crafting your goals, is your goal specific enough? Is it measurable, measurable meaning, am I going to be able to tell whether or not I’ve reached the goal? So saying I want to lose a bunch of weight. What is a bunch that’s not measurable enough? Saying you want to lose 10 pounds. That is, that’s more specific and it is measurable. You will know by stepping on a scale whether or not you’ve reached that goal, sis, you are aligned with these things. Actionable is the next part. Can you actually take this action? Can you do something to get yourself closer to this goal?

If your goal is just going on vacation and it just so general than what steps do you, what do you even know what you need to do to make that a reality? Do you have any guidance set by that goal to get you there or are you just like, okay, so vacation a could be $1 million, could be, could be down the street like, no, you’ve got to get specific got to make sure it’s measurable, got to make sure it’s actionable. Then we get to our realistic. Now y’all know me, I love me some dreaming big. I love living beyond the limits anyone else has ever tried to set on me, but when it comes to setting goals, it’s so important that you approach them from a standpoint. Not saying that you can’t set goals to go all the way to the moon, but what I am saying is that if your goal is to get to that moon, you need to be willing to strap on a pair of space boots, find yourself a rocket, fun the fuel for that rocket and be willing to actually risk it all.

Trying to get out there. That’s what I’m saying. Are you realistically going to do the work required to reach that goal? Do you remember on Monday’s video, the start of dreaming, we talked about what $1 million in sales in 90 minutes would actually mean for you. 52 full time days of packing orders. Are you willing to do that? If so, then that is totally realistic and put that down. If you are not willing to sacrifice your sanity and the next two months to staying in your, your Home Office just packing up, then maybe we need to hit the drawing board and say, well, I can’t do 52 days but I can give it a solid week. Maybe my goal is going to be to make $100,000 worth. It’s like that is realistic, so specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and then the “T”- timely. I think this is probably one of the most important parts of the goal because when you set that time frame on it, when you set an actual moment in time that this is supposed to be accomplished by, you now have a, a goal, you have a finish, you have that cross line that you can reverse engineer your success from.

So if I’m trying to go on vacation again, I don’t know if I’m going on summer vacation. I don’t know if I’m going on winter vacation. I don’t know if I’m just doing a staycation, I haven’t set, I haven’t gotten specific enough. I haven’t made my goal smart enough. But if I am talking about going to The Bahamas next summer for five days, I do know that I have between now and then to book the tickets. I do know that I can research exactly how much those tickets are going to be since I decided I was going the second week of June. Right now I know how many hours I’m going to need to work. I can take into account all of my bills. I can put a budget on my trip. This is how much money I’m going to need for like that is the power that smart goals give you when you’re crafting your goals, they give you a a guideline.

They give you a, a strategy. They give you an approach to accomplishing your goals. It’s the power of smart goals. I know it sounds a little corny like I’m like you’ve heard it time and time again and you definitely heard this, but hear it from me. I am not your middle school counselor. I am your friend that wants to see you. What I am your friend that’s winning, that wants to see you in smart goals so you can’t set a goal without it being smart. Otherwise it’s just a fantasy. Otherwise you’re just wishing about going to the moon one day. Anytime you put a one day in a goal, it ain’t goal that’s you just making noise. This you just, just talking to hear yourself. Okay? Keeping it real. This is the master class. If you want to take things a step further, go ahead and download the free goal setting chapter to my book and the description. And then of course, of course you’re getting homework. I mean, come on. Yeah, but we’re not going to be cracking our smart goals today. We’re going to be doing that long about today. What I would like you to do is let me know, share one of your failures.

Understand like I feel all the time I am like fail queen because I can acknowledge my failures because I can’t acknowledge my shortcomings. I have the opportunity to learn from them and to build on them as opposed to being like I mess up and then keep on making that same mistake like that is crazy. So I need you to get in that same mode. Go ahead and acknowledge a failure, a failure to achieve a goal that you set in the past because it wasn’t smart. Now that you know what a smart goal is, tell me about a time where you set a goal that you wanted to achieve and you couldn’t get there because it wasn’t smart. Can you do that? Can you share one of those failures and can you share which part of the smart goal formula you were missing? That’s your homework. I look forward to reading your turned in assignments and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow for more Dream Week.