Good morning money gang! Charlo Green here. Continuing hair extensions business master class today Our focus is on helping you draft your dream life. We talked all about it yesterday. There’s the link in case you missed the video, but today we are putting all of that thought and conjecture and conversation down on paper. We are taken action. I said it before. I’ll say it again. You don’t put your goals and your dreams down on paper. They are moved just a fleeting thought. When you put them down, they become something material, something solid and it becomes that much easier for you to attain or closer for you to that goal. So, today that’s the work we’re going to be putting in. It’s in drafting exactly what we want our dream lives to look like because the last thing we want to do is build a business that we ended up feeling trapped inside of, build a business that ends up taking over our entire lives as opposed to fuelling our freedom, in our lives.

We don’t want that. So, we are going to do the work required to avoid it, and it is simple, is really simple, especially at this stage. That’s why we’re deciding to do dream link now, just the second weekend to the hair extensions business master class course because at this stage we’re still deciding who it is that we’re going after? If you haven’t done the avatar assignment or any of that work, then I definitely suggest you pause this video and take a look into that, but we’re deciding, we’re going after, we’re deciding how we’re going after them. We’re deciding what kind of value we bring into this industry. And we’re deciding what we want our lives to look like? Thanks to this business we’re building, the business isn’t the end goal. It’s the freedom the business provides for you. It’s the freedom the business allows that we’re after.

So let’s go ahead and craft out exactly what that looks like. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. We can start off by asking ourselves why we are here, why are you here? What is it that you’re moving away from? And what is it that you are moving toward? It’s important that you understand like psychologically I haven’t taken a psych course but I did take a Tony Robbins’ seminars, so it’s going to makes me an expert? Maybe not, but I do know that there were some just really simple and profound principles that I’ve learned from him as my mentor and one of those things is understanding your towards values and your away values. Understanding like towards values, things that you are drawn towards, things that when you are doing them or you are thinking about them, they make you feel bigger in a good way.

They make you feel stronger, they make you excited about going after them. Those are towards values. For me, I, love achieving things. I love, love, love that, I love helping people. I get an immense sense of fulfilment from contributing and making a difference in people’s lives. Those are two of my main towards values. So, and then on the other side of things, we have our away values. Those are the things that we shrink back from or that make us feel small when we’re in the midst of them or when we are faced with having to do any of these things. For me my away values, I do not, I don’t like authority. I do not like being told what to do. I like on the other side of things like love independence, that is literally my brand. That is why the fuck that thing went viral.

It’s because there was someone speaking her mind doing what she wanted and standing from behind like, that independence is everything. Having to be subjected to anyone else deciding what my life looks like. That is an away value I’ve run from that, that terrifies me. I hate anyone else being in control of my destiny. So, on the other side of things, there are people that love having structure. They love knowing that when they wake up on Monday morning they’re going to be going to work for 9.5 hours and their boss is going to tell them and they’re going to expect a pay check. There are some people that need that and there is nothing wrong with that. The point of this exercise is so that we get real with ourselves, and then, feed what we actually want and need, so, I will ask those questions again, what are you moving away from?

You’re going to list some of your away values and you’re taking down these and this isn’t your assignment, but you do need to be writing this stuff down in whichever notebook you’re keeping for this master class sell as fast for thousands of dollars in other industries. People love the course. You’re getting it for free. Do not discount the value you’re getting just because I’ve discounted the price. You need to be taking notes. You need to be writing this stuff down, what are your toward values? What are you moving toward? What are you hoping to find? What are your away values? What are you moving away from? What are you hoping that this opportunity to create your own hair extensions business? What are you hoping this will take you out of? What is the situation you’re trying to get out of? You have to ask yourselves these questions because we are drafting our entire dream lives.

We can always go back and revisit things, but when you do that, it’s because you found yourself crying in your car after a 15 hour day and you just realize that you really have to, you built a company that you can’t sustain in that sucking the life out of you. So we don’t, we don’t want to have to get there. You can always come back and work on this, but let’s do it right the first time. So now that you’ve listed your towards values and your away values, let’s talk about what kind of impact we want to make. We discussed who you want to help when we had you draft your elevator pitch? Check that out if you haven’t seen it, but let’s go a little deeper. Who is it that you’re trying to help? What kind of impact are you trying to have in your family, in your community, in the hair extensions industry?

That is an important thing for you to take into consideration and to write down. Then we get to how do you want people to feel about you? I mean, you’re going to be building up this business. There are few businesses that you can build where you don’t have to interface with anyone. If you are talking about the hair extensions industry, you are going to have to sell these hair extensions to some bodies. Oh, how do you want people to feel about you? How do you want them to feel about your brand? We’re going to get to brand week soon enough and, we’re going to drive home. The fact that your brand isn’t what it looks like and it’s not a bunch of colors in glitter and not what your Instagram layout it’s. It’s not that, your brand is your reputation. It is how people feel about you?

It’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. What do you want that to look like? Remember, if you don’t decide these things and you’re just going on along like these are things you’re not taking into consideration and that can fuck you up, what do you want it to look like? How do you want to divide your time each day? Do you want to spend time with your kids in the evening? Or, do you want a job that’ll help to keep you out of the house, away from the kids? Bad ass Kids. Like, what is it that you want to do with your time? How do you want to divide your time up every day or every week? Do you want to be able to go on vacations? Do you want to put yourself in a position where people are counting on you to be there every day?

Again, there is no wrong answer. You are drafting your dream life. You are deciding everything and there is no wrong. You don’t want to hang out with those bad ass kids all day. I can’t, I don’t have kids. I don’t really know, but I know that that’s not everyone’s dream and there’s no one here that’s going to judge you for what it is that you actually want. What is going to feed your soul, your mind, your heart, your body, only you can decide those things. And then because we’re deciding and because we’re building our businesses that are meant to fuel our lives as opposed to be our lives. See the difference. They’re building businesses. You’ll our lives, not businesses that will become our lives. We can take a minute and decide whether or not we want to prioritize our home or business life, which is a decision you’re going to have to make if your priority, if the reason why you’re, if your why is spending more time with your kids, then you’re definitely going to choose home life.

If you’re like maybe, yeah, I got a family, just stay out here in the streets and no good, just playing, I love it this way, but if that’s, then I prioritize my business life by far. But that’s because I made that decision and because I made that decision, my business being my main focus doesn’t make me feel small. It doesn’t make me feel like I made a mistake. It doesn’t make me feel like I am just working another job and, and I just screwed myself by building this thing and people are now counting on me, because I’ve made these decisions and they are in line with my truth. I am totally like 15 hour a day, I’d prefer not to do, but a 12 hour day is totally reasonable for me. In fact, if I did less than 12 hours in a day, I would be surprised and I probably find some work to do like the, because I decided that this was my dream life.

I am content in this position. I am fine with all of the work that I do. I’m fine prioritizing my business life over my personal. I’ve made the decision you need to do the same. I know I’m asking you a lot of question and for most of us, most people that look like us, we’ve never really been in a position to decide anything that’s happened in our lives, like anything. So I know I’m asking you to do a lot of work, but you’re here because you want to change your life and you know that’s not going to be easy. So, do the work. Watch this video as many times as you need to answer the questions that I’m asking, because when you write, just like how with your avatar assignment, every single thing that you wrote down you are going to be using in your marketing just like that.

Every single thing that you write down here, it’s going to be a blueprint for yourself, a guide for your, for your happiness, a guide to your happiness. Those are the types of things that you need to take into consideration when you are building a business meant to fuel your life. Business isn’t the end all be all business is the vehicle to get you there. So where exactly is it that you’re going? Today’s homework, hop in the comments section and drop three away values. Three things you’re moving away from and three things that you are moving toward. Those three things, three things. You’re hoping to find. Three things that you’re hoping this business provides. Three things that you are working to change. Three and three. That’s six things that I hope to see down in the comments section. You can do sentences, paragraphs or bullet points, but you need to put it down on paper or in 2019 on the Internet.

Okay, so hop in. The common section, homework is due. Once you’ve done the work to think it out, don’t! You’re, you’re creating your life right now. That’s literally what you’re doing. Putting this content together and the brainstorms and the sitting and the all, all of this stuff is to empower you and really provide that change that you have been praying for. How many other people are, like, do the fucking work. In fact, I’m not even going to plead with you. The ones that want it are going to do the work. The ones that want it are the ones I’m going to sit down in the comments section doing their homework because this is life and if you not doing it at home, it’s not getting done. All right, I think that’s it for today’s master class. I will see you here, right and early, first thing tomorrow.