How to Start a Hair Extension Business.

Are you planning to start your own hair extension business? This is the perfect time for that kind of venture because more and more people are looking for virgin hair in the market. The hair and beauty industry continues to upgrade and explore different possibilities to satisfy people. It would be a great pleasure to become a part of this growing business.

Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Hair Extension Business

Your knowledge about hair extensions is VERY important if you want to start selling them (we have an email coming that discusses different hair grades). You absolutely MUST familiarize yourself with the different ways on how to market your hair brand (we’ve also got an email that .  But aside from that, there are also other aspects of the business that you need to explore.

To help you begin with your hair extension business, here is a list of tips to guide you:

  • Lock in a reliable hair extensions supplier 

It is easier to start a business with the right people around you. The first thing that you need to do is to look for suppliers of the best-selling hair extensions. The quality of the product should be your priority.

Get the help of a supplier that can ship the items immediately.  This way, you will be able to deliver the products to your customers without letting them wait for weeks. If you are working with a reliable distributor, you do not have to worry about the success of your hair extension business.

At White Label Extensions, we pride ourselves on our incredible customer service, speedy shipping and unparalleled hair quality. Test out one of our sample packs to see for yourself (samples start at only $30! Check out our samples HERE)

  • Build a website and introduce your brand identity

The next thing you need to do is to let people know about your brand. Your online presence is very important. You should build a website and use different social media platforms to publicize your business. Make sure that your website is easy to navigate. This way, you can interact with your clients smoothly.

People have already accepted the concept of a virtual market. With this, you should consider taking advantage of different online marketing strategies to introduce your hair extension business.

Need marketing help?WE GOT YOU. Inside of *Hair Biz In A Box*we offer social media management and strategy along with paid advertising options AND websites. Log in HEREand check out our full suite of services that are all aimed at helping you build your hair biz to 6 figures add beyond.

  • Upgrade your product visually with the perfect packaging

Your customers can help promote your brand for you IF you give them the right tools – that’s where dope packaging comes in. When your clients receive their package, you can make sure that their friends, family and other people around them will appreciate the way it was prepared and packed. And having someone that’s already purchased from you share your brand with a friend is one of the best ways that you can introduce your product to potential buyers.

Aside from the quality of the hair extensions, the packaging should also come in style. A classy bag or box will certainly make your product look more valuable.

Need help with packaging? Log in to your account and select a packaging consultation. Cushion boxes, custom sating bags, plastic tubes – you name it and our team of designer can make it.

Launch Your Hair Extension Business Now

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