How to Spot Low Quality Brazilian Hair Extensions.

Your hair is your crowning glory. The way you style your hair can affect your look. If you’re looking to give your hair style a boost, Brazilian hair extensions are the best!

Turn to hair extensions to achieve the look you want to have. There are many benefits to sporting hair extensions. They allow you to have an instant hair length change, achieve more hair volume, instant hair color change, and to achieve different looks for different occasions.

Virgin hair is the best type of hair weave or extension, and Brazilian hair is the most popular among virgin hair weaves. Brazilian hair extensions are considered the best choice for virgin hair. They come in wavy, curly, and straight hair patterns. They blend well with most hair textures, and can also be styled easily yet is not prone to tangles and damage.

Getting high quality Brazilian virgin hair is important. If you’re planning to buy, it’s best to know some tell-tale signs of low quality Brazilian hair extensions.

4 Signs of Low Quality Brazilian Hair Extensions

  • It is unrealistically cheap.

You get what you pay for. The price is often one of the biggest giveaways when shopping for authentic Brazilian virgin hair. If it is too cheap, then chances are, it is of low quality. This does not mean that you should choose to buy overpriced virgin hair weaves either. Best to do some window shopping online and compare their prices.

  • It has a different texture.

Virgin human hair will be softer and shinier than synthetic hair. Try rubbing the hair downward and upward. Virgin human hair will be smooth when rubbed downwards. Sometimes, when rubbed upwards, there will be some resistance and it won’t be as smooth. Fake and synthetic hair will be smooth when rubbed in either directions.

  • Do the burn test.

Cut a few strands from your hair weave and put it over a burning flame. If it melts and smells like burnt rubber, then it is fake hair. Real virgin hair on the other hand will burn instantly.

  • The seller asks you what hair color you want.

Natural Brazilian virgin hair comes naturally in black or brown. If the seller asks you what hair color you want, then it is a sign that he is selling synthetic hair extensions. 

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