Everyone is something unique and valuable, they can bring to the hair extensions industry. The more unique and the more value you create, the more money you make. Today we are focusing on setting yourself up so that you make the absolute most money selling hair extensions. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene. It’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. Ask not what the hair extensions industry can do for you? Ask what you can do for if the hair extensions industry? I think that is a great quote that I just created to kick off this conversation with because it gets you in a different frame of mind. I know the dollar signs, the freedom, the opportunities that this industry provides are what might have Anita immediately caught your attention, but for you to really get into that money making mode and that money making position, you have to put yourself on the other side of the equation and not ask what you’re going to get out of it? But ask what you can actually provide?

Today, we’re focusing on having you reflect on your own personal experience, your own professional experience and seeing what characteristics and tools and accolades you’ve amassed that you can apply to this new venture in the hair extensions industry. I’ve talked about the 10,000 hour rule a number of times. If you’re not familiar with it, it is a concept made popular by author Malcolm Gladwell in his book mastery. You guys know I am a book nerd. I’m going to be dropping different books all throughout this hair extensions business master class that I definitely encourage you to read if I am mentioning them. It’s because I actually remember them read a lot of books so they have to have something that stood out for them. This book was definitely one of them in it. He basically breaks down the concept where it states if you spend 10,000 focused hours doing any given task, you attain a level of mastery at it.

So say you have been were like for me, I got my degree in broadcast news. I have been creating content for well over a decade now. Sheesh and I’ve definitely gotten my 10,000 hours in. You can definitely tell that I have a different level of comfortability. I know a lot more of what I’m doing and I can communicate a lot more effectively versus when I just started out. That’s because I’ve put that time in, the same to you in whatever it is that you have been doing, but for this conversation, for this industry, the hair extensions industry understand that we are talking lifestyle. It’s not just cut and dry career in professionalism. It’s also about what your hobbies have been about? And what you like doing? And what your personal life looks like? So while you might be saying, well, I haven’t been working in a job for 10,000 hours or I think when you break that down to 40 hours a week, which is the average full time job, I think that’s about five years?

I’m terrible at math. She or do you see math is not one of my strengths. That is not one of the tenants. This business is built for Brown. But, um, maybe you’re saying you haven’t spent that much time focused in on one single career. Maybe you’ve been job hopping. That’s fine. We are talking about hair extensions. We are talking about creating lifestyle brands. So instead of just thinking about the 10,000 hour rule as it applies to your career history, think about your personal life. Think about your hobbies. Have you warm weave for several years? Have you been dying here? Have you been creating wigs? Are you a mom? If so, are you familiar with styling little girl’s hair? Because that that is an actual niche in the hair extension space. There are kid wigs and when you think about the kids that are fighting through cancer that need these sorts of things, then you also take into account the fact that those wigs are usually covered by health insurance.

So the cost associated with them goes up. There is so much opportunity that it takes you deciding which opportunities you want to go after and claim in order for you to actualize them. So today we are having you look at yourself and think about what you have amassed the most skill in? Are you really into doing makeup? Are you really into going to church? When you describe yourself, do you describe yourself as a career woman first? These things, if you write them down, if you allow them to be one of the characteristics that define the target you’re going after, they will first and foremost because you’re familiar with them because you have that expertise in that space. These things will allow you to better communicate with your target customer. Just blindly saying, okay, I want to target rich women. You blindly saying, okay, I want to, I want to target college girls and you not knowing any more than that.

You just making up all of these different characteristics on how they move? That will put you at a disadvantage over you. Starting with what you do know, starting with the spaces that you can understand and can appreciate, and I know a lot of you are going to say, well, I’m a senior. I know that there’s so much more money to be sold to two girls that are in college, idle, not necessarily like everyone. Everyone’s wearing hair and it is going to come down to a matter of you communicating with your target audience and making sure that your offering speaks directly to them. You won’t ever have to worry about not having enough customers. There is so much for us to discuss in this course. We are breaking it down day by day and I hope we don’t throw too much at you at once so don’t worry too much about the avatar things and all of that stuff

Right now, we’re talking about you. We are talking about you as the business owner, as the visionary for your brand, as the architect for your future. You need to look at the skills that you have, look at your own personal attributes, look at your strengths as they relate to your career or your personal life, and write down the things that define you most because that is going to help you define the vision that you have for your company. For me as an entrepreneur. After I quit my news reporting job, I did a number of different things. I created a non-profit. We held a number of events, educational events we created. I created a number of different product lines, but what led to the most money for me, was me tapping into my strengths as a communicator, as a community like this is, this right here is my greatest strength.

Once I acknowledged that, once I stopped just lurching and going toward what I thought would make the most money, but I reflected, stopped and took a minute to reflect and look at my own strengths and was brutally honest with myself and put myself in that position a win. That is what led to most of my success. When you look at people and the hair extensions industry that are really, really doing it, you look at the IM Jonathan’s and you look at the arrogant taste. The reason why they’re doing so well is because they’re doing what they do. Nobody lays lace like arrogant Tate. Nobody can color and Lay lace slate. I have like the, the woman that created bold hold lace tape and all bold hold products. The hair diagram, that’s her Instagram account. She is an educator. That’s what’s leading to so much of her success.

She talks about it openly. She has gone from behind the chair and she’s put herself in a position where she’s teaching people how to apply their wigs? She’s no longer just applying them. She created a product and she educates and she taxes for these classes and people gladly pay, why? Because she found a way to create more value by tapping into her own strengths as an educator and an arrogant taste as he brilliantly slayer. The same can apply to you even if you’re a teacher, like the fact that education is booming online education right now. All of these classes that you see, if you’re doing your homework and you’re in these hair groups and you’re following these hair pages, you know that people are getting out there and they’re educating because there is a need for it. Whatever you have been through, however you define yourself, that gives you weight, that gives you power in this industry. It’s just up to you to look at yourself and acknowledge that. Now I could never make as much money as I’m making now as an educator and communicator in the hair extensions industry. If I was out there trying to, trying to, to take an online class to learn how to lay lace and then trying to compete with all of those people that are doing it. I could never, I can never, but I acknowledged my strengths and I’m here communicating with you and I’m sharing my business expertise. You can’t find anyone that’s doing it at this level like I am. That’s why I’m winning, because I’m tapping my strengths. The same applies to you in yours, so now we gone over what you like doing for fun. That creates value for other people. We’ve gone over the different traits and the different titles you’ve worn that have created value that you have likely over looked. If you are a mom, if you are a friend, if you’re that auntie, if you are a teacher, if you are, if you mean something to someone it’s because that title, that position creates value to them, that can also create value to other people. So do not discount who you are? What it took for you to get here? And where you want to take things? Think about what aspects of the hair extensions industry interest you most? Is it the wig making? Is it the opportunity to travel and be your boss? And do what you want all the time? Is it colors and coloring? Is it collaborating? Is it providing a, a need for your specific local geographical area? Now with all of those things written down with you, considering all of those things about you, ask yourself this, based on your prior unique experience and your current position in life, whether that is mother, whether that is Churchgoer, whether that is career woman, whether that is senior based on those things, what can you do now that would create the most value for the hair extensions industry?

And once you write that down, once you get clear on that, ask yourself how can you offer it in a way where you are the only person that can do this? So if you need to go back and watch this video another time, then go ahead and do that. But I like every single one of you to do your homework, which for today is you dropping down in the comments section and adding five characteristics about you, whether it’s your career history, your personal preferences, the things that you love to do that create value for others. Drop five things about you below and I will get to as many as I can and how I think those can help you create immense value in the hair extensions industry. Again, the more unique and more valuable the offering you bring to the hair extensions industry, the more money you make.

Do not think about it where you’re just focused on what you’re going to get out of the hair extensions industry? Ask not what the hair extensions industry can do for you? Ask what you can do for the hair extensions industry? That is your homework for the day. We are going piece by piece with this master class. I do not want to overwhelm you, but every day we are going to be laying a brick in the foundation for your business. So today, we’re talking about positioning, we are talking about you, were talking about your personal experience. Tomorrow, we are talking about how you can focus all of that? And craft a message that will keep you in line and will allow you to not get involved in any of the extra stuff that will distract you from your end goal. Then we’re going to get into creating your customer Avatar. It is the ultimate marketing hack that will maximize sales and multiply your profits. So stay tuned. This is the hair extensions business master class, episode two, Charlotte Greener Instructor, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.