Hey, guys, it’s Money Monday. And real quick, I want to share with you the three things that I did to leverage my YouTube series for this $348,000 contract in just six months. I’m talking from first post to the offer for this $348,000 contract to keep creating my content for another brand in just six months. And this is the actual fully executed agreement. I’ll be talking about the approach I implemented using my blog as a tool to boost sales to more than $13,000 in a single day for one of my businesses as well. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, most influencers, bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, are actually broke. Not me. I’m a grown up. I got grown up bills. I’m Charlo Greene. I help people make money, follow and subscribe, if you like. Now, put this away really quick, to making your blog or vlog make money for you.

And side note this to me is surface material, trying to do this video in under five minutes, so if you want in on the free training that goes further in depth on how you can finally get paid for your content, head to Blog To Bank Bootcamp and sign up for my free webinar.

Now, up first I chose a market that was underserved that I knew I could add a ton of value to with my expertise. For me, I am a cannabis activist. You might remember the Alaskan news anchor that went live on air saying, “F it, I quit.” That was me. So I love creating content. I have a degree in broadcast news, which is basically a degree in content creating, and while there’s always another news story or documentary or Netflix series about cannabis, there were also a ton of new sites about the plant. I noticed that no one was offering a platform where people could watch industry updates regularly in a polished, digestible format like what you’re used to in the news.

Because of that, because I was creating something new that actually filled a space in a niche and provided value for a community, this community took notice, rewarded me by consuming my content and becoming my audience. Another thing, and if you are looking to bag one of these massive brand deals, you have to have an audience. So another thing that I did, number two was, I posted on us schedule. Now this is super important if you are looking to build up your brand as an influencer, because you want to become a habit. You remember TGI Fridays when you knew all your favorite shows were going to come on, and you’d plan to be there to watch it days in advance. I miss those days and I’m not the only one. People look forward to things, people like looking forward to things. People want an opportunity to anticipate your next content drop. A schedule gives them that.

But, and this is a big but, it only works if you abide by that schedule religiously. So posting once or twice a week is common when it comes to blogging. I created my show with the intention of selling the platform or partnering with a larger platform, and I wanted to do that quickly. So instead of one or two times a week, or one to two times a month, which is what most businesses should be doing if they are blogging, just one or two times a month, not every single day of your business, but because I was blogging as a business, because I was creating this platform that I wanted to scale up quickly so that I could partner with another entity, I decided to post five days a week, Monday through Friday at 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, and my show was live.

And after more than a hundred episodes, we never missed a day and if we were even a minute late, we get so many messages from people just asking if everything was okay. People were expecting us, we were a habit, as opposed to any of these other sites that are just putting out a bunch of content. You only get one opportunity to be a part of a live discussion. And we would reach, about two, three months in, we built our audience up to the point where we were reaching about 250,000 people live every single day of the week. That’s better than most cable news shows and just cable shows in general.

Now, you want to become that it. The number of times you should post is largely up for debate, as I stated. In fact, most people say you shouldn’t post as frequently as I did. But I don’t know how many of them built up and sold their platforms for more than a quarter of a million dollars in half a year.

Let me know what you think in the comments actually. What is the perfect number of posts you like seeing from your favorite YouTubers? Let me know in the comments below. And I’d also like to hear from you YouTubers how much engagement goes up or down depending on how frequently you post, what people ever get tired of you posting so frequent. I’ve never had any of my followers be like, “Stop posting so much Charlo,” so I doubt that. But let me know if engagement goes down just because you are posting what they say is too much.

And then three was collaborations. I built in opportunities to collaborate with other influencers with my interview segment. I integrated other news outlets and information platforms with my new segment, and I offered brands a number of paid integration opportunities that also helped fund production until the show sold. Again, I break that down for you in BlogToBankBootcamp.com, head on over there if you want more details on how I monetized my YouTube platform.

And then every time anyone or any one of these entities made an appearance on my platform, they would share the show with their audience, which increased the show’s virality, because when you have an influencer on your platform, those people’s followers end up going over to your platform to check out what it is that their person is doing there. If you do a good enough job, you can borrow a lot of that audience. You can, I don’t want to call it steal, but you can end up sharing a lot of that already built audience. So that helped to increase the show’s virality, in addition to helping fund production until the big payout.

So three months in, because we had all of these different parts of the show that were strategically built so that we could have more than six, seven other brands integrated into every single show, it wasn’t just us sharing it, it was seven people sharing, seven influencers or influential platforms sharing the show five days a week. So three months in, because of that, the show was reaching around 200,000 live viewers a day. And going live was also a decision that I made to make the show a more unique and engaged offering, which circles back up to tip number one.

So the three things, the three keys were, one, choosing a topic or market that is being underserved, that you know you can add value to; two, posting on a schedule; and then three, collaborating strategically, trying to reach out and connect with people that have these followings or these brands that have great products that you know your audience would enjoy learning more about or seeing you engage with. All of that should be thought about as you are creating your content. How you should monetize it should never be an afterthought. But I know that the reason a lot of people don’t think that blogging works, whether they’re talking about blogging for their business, an existing business, and they have this blog out there that’s supposed to drive traffic, I don’t know, I heard a bunch of experts saying that I should have a blog, so here’s my blog.

No. And so they’re the ones that are posting five days a week. They have a budget set aside for someone that’s managing their social media accounts, and that’s all wrong. And then you see these influencers that are building up their platforms and they’re doing such great work building up their audience and sharing information and connecting and engaging, and they are sitting there and they’re wondering why they haven’t gotten the call from Maybelline to give them $1 million so that they can just keep on doing their thing. That’s literally not how it works. That is when you are blogging as a business. And when you’re blogging as a business, you need to generate leads, you need to market yourself, you need to have these different offerings and you need to have a way to share that really quickly whenever someone is interested in partnering with you. You also need a way to make sure that you can find the people that are interested in giving you their money so that they can connect with your audience.

So I hope that’s not too, too much. I’m sure the video is over five minutes now, but that’s a bit of what we cover in the Blog To Bank Bootcamp, head to BlogToBankBootcamp.com. If I haven’t said it enough already. Now, the strategy, the approach that I just mentioned with the three keys, your niche, being really regular with your posting on a schedule, And collaborating with other brands and platforms, that was the long game that I played with my content, knowing that I need to build up a solid foundation before a larger platform would be willing to partner with me on this level. But along the way it was important for me that my time and the money I put into my equipment and production would be paid for by the show all along the way. So I approached blogging as a business, crafted my offering, researched businesses interested in marketing and sold them sponsorships.

That’s what I’m teaching you in the Blog To Bank Bootcamp trading, where I take you deeper into the process I used to create and leverage my blog for boku bucks.

Then as far as the $13,000 in sales in 24 hours, which is what most businesses that are blogging to drive sales dream of, it all came down to a simple lead generation and nurturing process that I cover in detail in the Blog To Bank Bootcamp. Head over to BlogToBankBootcamp.com to register for free, 100% free. And once you sign up, just make sure you check your email and confirm that you’d like to receive this free training. Go ahead and like this video if you like this video, and please share this video if you think it could help someone that you know, and I know you know someone that this could help. But before you go, I’d love to hear your comments below. Let me know what tools and tactics you are using to build and monetize your platform. And what would you like to know more about making money online? Comment below, let me know. I look forward to responding back, and I will see you guys next Money Monday.