Are you really hungry for this opportunity? Let’s see, Morning money gang. Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. I am your instructor, Charlo Green, and today we continue the conversation on content. We’re going to get into why content and so important. Do’s and don’ts when it comes to your content and tips, tactics, and tools you can employ to make your content creation and distribution process more effective. Let’s get to the money. Let me tell you a little story. The other day I was on my social media. You guys know I tried to come with the looks. You know I come with the hair. Of course I come with a hair, but I’m always looking for different stores to support, love supporting black owned businesses, so I post on my Instagram, hey guys, I’m looking for some black owned boutiques to support. Go ahead and tag some companies. 180 something were tagged. I went through about a hundred of them, and again, this goes back to why I tell you guys, every single video we put out that you need to be posting on your social media. I went to their Instagram pages. If their Instagram pages look stupid or didn’t speak to me as their customer, you know what I did clicked away from it and made a mental note to never waste my time clicking on any of those brands. Again because I’m busy and there are 183 other people on this list that are trying to get my money. All of my decision on whether or not I would spend my money with them was based on their Instagram page. If you’re in an industry where your product is visual, like hair or like clothes or like makeup, you need to be on Instagram because that’s where most people go to.

Just see those pictures and if you are on Instagram, the last thing you should be doing with your business page is first off, playing around with the consistency. Most of the people posted once or twice every week, which is nowhere near enough when you’re actually trying to build a business. If you’re just doing it as a hobby. If you’re just doing it to tell people that you have a business and you’re not really worried about making any money, then sure, play around. But if you’re actually, if you tag your business in this list, you’re, you probably did it because you want it to make the sale, but your content told me otherwise. Another thing was the content, not matching the promise of what the brand was supposed to be. If this is supposed to be a clothing boutique, then why is the owner just shaking her ass and half of the posts, instead of you showing me dresses and shirts and pants and clothing instead of you actually doing that, what did you do?

You decided to try and get likes for the sake of likes, for your ego. You didn’t build a business for me, you one for you so you could look cute and try and get these legs, another red flag, not having a website that your page actually linked to and you’re, you’re tagging your business and then I go and I look and you pass the first test. Your content actually looks decent. It looks like you have some clothes here for sale that that I might actually like. I can actually buy anything. It’s mind boggling for me as a shopper to go through the links of checking and seeing if you have what I like. If you seem actually legit enough and then I go to try and give you money and you tell me no. Now we are in an age where people expect two way communication with brands.

They don’t just expect you to put out pictures to put out video, to tell people to buy your stuff. They’re expecting you to have a whole conversation to tell a whole story with your brand in order for you to set yourself apart from your competition and win their dollars because at the end of the day, them spending money with you is a privilege. You are not entitled to anyone’s money. Even if they’ve already spent money with you. Every single seal you have to earn and you do that with content. The technology might change over time, but at the end of the day we are still human and we still need communication. I think there are a lot of ways that you can mess this sort of thing up if you’re not conscious of what you’re actually doing and biting off too much than or more than you can. Chew is a big one.

While we do post on Instagram and Facebook and our podcast and our YouTube and we have an email newsletter and we have a blog that’s so much freaky earth, it’s quite a bit of work and it is not just me doing it. In fact, most for the most part, the only thing that I do is sit here and talk and create the content. If we were a local company, if we were a super small startup like most of you, then I would hone in on just one or two platforms and do those really, really well. Look at the people that are actually doing it. Who Do you consider goals in your industry? Who is actually making the most noise and making the most money. Look at what they’re doing, put your pride aside and fucking copy, copy their hashtags, copying the kinds of photos that they’re taking, copy the consistency in their photos.

There is a science to it at some point. So for us, I’m not a hairstylist, I haven’t been super, super, super about that hair life. I was in a cannabis industry before this did news before that, so it’s never been like I’m not an arrogant taste. Someone that has worked their way up through the hair industry. So for me what I had to do was follow these people, was research where people are at, who are people looking to what gets the most likes on these pages. And then Instagram has this incredible feature called save. Anytime you see an interesting photo or something that you want to revisit, go ahead and click save. I have thousands of photos saved in my Instagram accounts. Thousands. Anytime I see anything interesting, I save it there. My Instagram handler, the person that handles all the posting on Instagram sees all of those images and then uses them. And then also find similar images and creates our Instagram schedule based on that. It really isn’t that hard if you’re actually interested in making this money. It’s not, do you have to create original content? No, you don’t. If you go to white label extensions page, almost none of our content is original. What we’ve created, because we’re a wholesale company and we know our customers and clients are not going to outwardly be like got my hair from white label extensions, all my customers go over there and get it half price. We know that’s not going to happen for us. So instead of us hoping that people are going to reveal that we are their plug, what we’re doing is creating an inspiration page. This is what you can do with our hair. This is the stylist that created it. This is the model that created it.

That way we create a better relationship with the stylist because they’re thankful that we’re sharing their work and giving them credit. Same with the model and same with the people that like the photo. If you’re too shy to get in front of the camera. Um, and I know most of you are, then that’s a route you need to take. But understand you need to do it more than once every four days while doing all of the reposting of other people’s brands and images is helpful. It is still better than you not posting anything at all. You putting your face behind your brand is going to build up that trust way faster and way deeper. Like in white label extensions, we’re now posting one of these snippets from these videos every single day just so people know, hey, I’m here, I own the company. That’s my actual tag inside of the bio.

So in case you guys think it’s another one of those random foreign companies or one of these companies that just hires black faces to act like it’s black owned. No it’s not. You can click my name, you can click my page, you’ll see that I’m there doing the absolute most and it’s all there. The full story is there. So reposting is helpful, but you posting your own stuff, you showing people who you are, who the faces behind the brand and who exactly they are buying into is even better. All right, so your homework for the day. I know how everyone’s like, stop snitching. I need you to snitch on yourself right now given the comments I gave you homework at the beginning of master class. To posts. How many times a day on your social media for how long did you keep that up?

Okay, how a lot don’t, no, no, no. Don’t, don’t look away from the computer right now. How long did you keep it up? What happened to your engagement? And um, for those of you that did do it, what was the result? For those of you that didn’t keep up with it, I already know the results, but tell on yourself. Be honest with us. The only way that you grow is by acknowledging exactly where you are so that you can take the necessary steps to get to where you want to be. So hop in the comments section, get to snitching. Let’s have a conversation about your content strategy. And whether or not you’ve, you’ve kept up with me asking you to do the absolute least. Are you really hungry for this money? Are you really hungry for this opportunity? Let’s see.