I’m sure you’ve seen the Bird Box memes where someone’s like, “Ah, I … If you look at …” Gosh, I’m terrible at telling other people’s jokes.

Okay, I quit.

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It’s the Rising Ryan Show. I’m Charlo Greene. I meet you here live, five days a week so we can talk about the tips and tactics and tools that you can employ to elevate your finances. Over the weekend, I saw this news story, that had to do with the Bird Box thing. The Bird Box movie, it’s trending super hard. It’s on Netflix, and Sandra Bullock’s in it, and so naturally, I love it even if I haven’t … I have seen it, I definitely saw it. But I thought it was really interesting how they decided to market the movie. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Bird Box memes, where someone’s like, “Ah, I … If you look at … ” Gosh, I’m terrible at telling other people’s jokes. But for now, I’ll go ahead and get to the money. Can we?

I love that. I love it. But, I peeped it, and like me and my boyfriend we love talking business and all that. Or, I love it and he’s gotten used to it. But, I like talking about things that, spotting the plot before all of it’s been revealed. Like, of course, [inaudible 00:01:41] is pregnant. Of course, there’s going to be this huge spin off show with Safari and her and them making it all the way to nine months and blah, blah, blah. and years, maybe seasons to come will see how it all goes, but of course, the entire engagement thing was filmed. Of course!

No, I don’t actually know that, but I think I seize the plot, just like how this Bird Box is. So, I’m what you would call and innovator. If there’s a trend, then I’m going to be like the first person. I’m always looking for something new, something interesting, and I try it and like it, then I tell everyone I know. After me, there are the early adopters. So, they are the ones that look to the innovators for what new trends to take on.

And so, if you might think about a company, you could think about how Facebook was first introduced. It wasn’t just spread out everywhere, like everyone could get it. It was specifically put at whatever the school was that Zuckerberg went to, I can’t remember if it was Stanford or Harvard. But, it started there and those were the innovators. Then, they released it to the early adopters. And those were the other universities, but you had to have a university email address to register. I remember those days. I had one of those addresses, and I was one of the first people, at least in my circle, on Facebook.

So, then, it goes to the early majority. And those are people that see something that’s trending. They know someone that they trust that’s tried it out, and they listen to them, but they aren’t eagerly trying new things. And then, it goes to the late majority, late adopters and laggers, or whatever, and those are like the people that refuse to watch the show on Facebook. I’m not talking crap about any of you. I love the fact that I have a few in my fan base. That’s really, really cool and I appreciate you. But, when it comes to marketing, it’s smart to target the innovators, the people that are paying attention and looking for new things, because generally speaking, we aren’t all constantly searching for the next big thing, because we’re busy, we have families, we have kids, we have jobs, we have businesses.

Do I really have the time to gamble on whether or not this is going to be good, or can I just settle for, or, not even settle. This is what I like, so I’m going to stay here. That’s what most people are like. So, I thought it was interesting, that I was one of you people that saw an ad, and I can’t even remember where it was for Bird Box, and so I knew Sandra was in it, and I’m a huge fan and so we were in Tahoe, having like a family meet up, ski thingy, when it premiered. And, I was like, “Hey there’s a Sandra Bullock movie, let me change it from what everyone else is watching and put it on this.” And the movie was super dope.

So, I was targeted as an innovator, and the day after or the day of, everyone was still on winter break. That’s when all the memes started coming out. So, most people hadn’t even heard about Bird Box or what this movie was or what it going to be, and all of a sudden, you start seeing these memes everywhere. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about in the tattoo field, if we’re talking about pets and animals and people that like cat videos, if we’re talking about people that are followers of the Shade Room, and check that. If you were on Instagram, you saw at least like, four, five, six different memes that were actually funny, the day of and the day after that Bird Box came out.

And, you kept on seeing them for weeks up until like, this weekend when Netflix had to put out this, not even an apology, but a warning thing, asking people not to drive with the blindfolds on doing the Bird Box Challenge, because it actually made it’s way into the news. Life imitating art. I thought that it was really interesting and I peeped it right off top. It was like there’s no way that all of these people have seen this movie and all of them came up with all of these memes that are hitting all of these influential pages at the same time.

So, what i think, they did, again I don’t know, I didn’t work on the campaign, was instead of putting their entire budget toward commercials that we probably would have overlooked. Instead of going that traditional route, they decided to put it all toward, I’m assuming, was a group of maybe 12 people to just make as many funny memes as possible, disseminate them to the right platforms, get in touch with the right influencers. I can’t remember if it was a Dequon page, or something like that, who has like, three, last time I checked, million followers. Huge, in the black comedian sphere on Instagram and stuff. But, he ended up doing or re-posting a Bird Box meme, so you know that that tapped into his audience and then that was picked up by the Shade Room and so, it was like a really beautiful orchestra of placing these images and this content in the right places at the right times, knowing that it would all trickle back to everyone being at home, on Netflix.

Let’s just go ahead and tune in because we already are logged into Netflix. Now, it’s gotten to the point where Netflix is making these national apologies, or these warnings talking about please don’t do the Bird Box Challenge in real life. That, I think, is super, super interesting. Like, I think their marketing team deserves some sort of award that I don’t know the name of yet. I’m sure it exists. But, I think that that was a brilliant play. There is nothing that they could have put on TV that could have had the same effect that their social media strategy did. I guarantee it cost maybe a tenth of what a series of commercials would have. So, I think that that’s going to do it for this money/marketing Monday. I’ll see you guys right here tomorrow morning. Okay? Okay.