Hey all, I hope it’s not too too dark. It’s been a long day flying here down. This is the second day we went to check out the different hair factories in Qingdao, had some really great conversations, met with our potential partner. We like the people today a lot more than we liked the people yesterday. They were more than willing to not only meet the prices that we’re getting at our current vendor but actually beat them and checking out everything they had going on with them, we know that we’d be able to scale to the level we plan on building to without sacrificing quality or just the integrity of the service that we plan on offering to all of our wholesale partners.

Another cool thing that we got to do was go out and celebrate one of the team member’s birthday dinners, which was so fun. There was no way that we would have ever found that place. We’d just been going to literally the mall across the street because it’s convenient and it’s convenient. And half of the menus are in English, or at least a quarter in English so we’ve just been going there. But instead today, we got to hang out with the people of the country and the people of the country in this potential new partnership. And got to try some exotic foods, which y’all know I like to eat so that was also really, really fun.

And I have [inaudible 00:01:57] … okay, we’re going to just do back in so we can cut off half the titty and don’t look twice as stupid. But in addition to our [inaudible 00:02:13] photo. That’s me with the pink hair, same shirt, better lighting. But in addition to that little gift, we have bundles to test. And unlike the company we got them from yesterday, they didn’t nickel and dime us for these. These are four bundles of 18. Most of the three of them are 20 inches, and two of them are mink hair, this is their highest quality. One of them is the mink hair, this color band. Not gold but yellow.

Then the 9A here, they have silver color bands, got body wave and straight so we could straighten this one and see how it bounces back. But I got straight to do a comparison between the three braids that we are planning on selling. And then the black bundle is the 8A hair so I’m going to be testing all this hair out in addition to the hair that I got yesterday. I’m going to be washing it, burning it, sniffing it, bending it, all that good stuff that you’re supposed to do. And I’m going to be bleaching it and seeing how it takes the bleach and that’s going to happen over time. So probably going to make a unit of some sort with this. We’ll see, but I want to see how this does over more than just a wash test.

You guys know that it takes months to see how hair really does. So what we’ll likely do is get some test units, send them out to you all. Do a giveaway and send them to each of you and you have to just promise to wear them regularly over the course of a few months and report back. We are building this as, instead of just us being the supplier and you the retailer, we’re building a co-op, a cooperative. So when you need something, we can provide it. If there’s something that you can provide that we need, maybe you do marketing services, maybe you are licensed to practice law and can help explain some of the different aspects of how you might want to legally form your business [inaudible 00:04:47] and that’s something that we ask for in the hair business in a bottle.

I’d much rather make sure that one of you guys are taken care of as opposed to … well, not as opposed to one of the remote members of our team but the point of hair business in a box is to empower black female entrepreneurs, period. So not just with the hair part, we have all these other services and if you know someone that can add to the box, let them to know let us know and we’ll go from there, right? Okay so we’re going to probably do some giveaways, have you guys wear them and if we don’t like them, we’ll vote them off the island as a group.

That’s how this works. There is no need for anyone to worry about the quality going down and going down because as soon as we hear from you that something needs to switch up, not that we would have to worry about that with this vendor because they’ve been in business in 20 years and they’re a major player in the industry and they have a lot more at stake than these companies who wouldn’t think twice to sell you a bundle at the 9A or mink hair price when it’s really multi directional acid based, not just dipped, not washed, based bleach and all kinds of process with the corn chips and all that.

So with them, we don’t need to worry about that and that’s a huge thing, trust. So yeah, it’s been a good day, been a long day. My wig is tired, I’m tired, my man’s tired, he’s still got work to do. I’m going to check in with you, I’ll try to get this [inaudible 00:06:41] stuff figured out. Please don’t be mad at me, we’re going to go live as soon as I do. Can you tell I’m tired? Sheesh the time zone, we are 16 hours time difference and I’ve slept maybe seven hours since we got here a couple days ago. I don’t know if it’s a couple days ago, with the time … sorry, not going to get into that. I’m also really excited. The wigs, the wigs that they showed us. So usually with the wigs that you are working with and that I’ve been working with, the parting space is 13 by 4, the four is usually three and a half ish though and then on the sides, it’s two inches. So the four part is really two inches wide and then four back. So if you every try and part deeper than here, look at that, that is the furthest back I can part on this wig.

That’s one inch and that’s damn near the center part. That’s a fucking joke. The fact that I have to sweep all of the hair to the front so that you don’t see the back, that’s also a fucking joke. So I’m really excited about the fact that this company is 130% density wigs are the wigs that you guys have been selling at 180% density. They’re hella thick. Like this hair, this is about as hick as one of the mink bundles. One of their wigs, I’m excited to share that with you. And the parting space goes back six inches, and it’s wider.

So yeah, a lot of cool stuff coming. Got some hair I need to test but first, I got to get some rest. We’ve got lots more work to do, more factories to see. I was a little disappointed that the place we stopped by today was a warehouse but the fact that it was actually stocked and that there were 70 people at work in there moving stuff in and moving stuff out, and that the company has a really strong reputation and has been around for a really long time, all that stuff is great. I’m just rambling now because I is tired. [inaudible 00:09:20]