So we had our first photo shoot. It was a test photo shoot where it was more about collecting content because I understand the value in content. Instead of just having models come in and just be like … We had them unbox the wigs and feel the wigs, and talk about how they actually felt because these are women that are familiar with weaves and wigs and all of that stuff, so let’s get your actual take on things. We recorded that on video. We had the stylist there on hand who, like all the girls came in with a fresh braid down to eliminate our time on the backend of things between actually snapping the content and capturing video.

Then we chose three different styles for every wig unit. I sent the shot list over to the stylist ahead of time so that she could prepare and come with all the tools she needed. We went through, recorded her styling the wigs, the whole conversation through it with her giving her tips and tools as a hair stylist. Instead of us just walking away with pictures, three or four styles and pictures, we have like an hour’s worth of video and hair tips, and hair tactics, and all of that stuff that we’re going to use in our marketing. We also have these incredible photos. But taking things a step further, understanding my end goal with things, which is to create creative advertising content that I know will convert and giving that to these women so they can use it in their advertising content, we just edited together the photos and the videos, and everything looks incredible.

Now we have our ad team running the ads and testing the ads. Once we know that they convert, we are packaging up everything from that photo shoot along with instructions on what I did, what I employed, and what tactics I used to turn those photos into money for my business. I’m going to be packaging that up and sharing that with the members of Hair Biz in a Box. The fee for Hair Biz in a Box, it’s totally free to join. Then you can upgrade to drop shipping and wholesaling from there. But to access any of the services you’ve got to opt in to

How did I find a location for the shoot? It is my new office space. Oh my gosh, so the shoot was Sunday morning. We had everything in place. I’ve been to a number of photo shoots before. I’ve been in some photo shoots, so I understand what needs to get done and what needs to be put in place. It’s not too much if you’ve done it before. We plan on setting everything up Saturday night, but we didn’t have …We’re new tenants in the office and we’re still building everything out, and haven’t tried to visit after hours. So we got there and it was raining on Saturday night and it turned out that they needed to give us a new key for the front door, so everything we planned on doing Saturday night was pushed to Sunday morning right before the photo shoot.

So we’re in there building, like I’m building for … I am not good at that. Everything that I built is so dangerously wobbly, but it looked right on set in the very least. We were in there building furniture, coordinating with all the models and all the different pieces. We had a videographer/photographer there, the stylist there, and then a couple of models that had stopped by. We get everything in place just with literally seconds to spare. The stylists stops in. She has the units. I dropped them off to her so she could start working on the units and customizing them a little bit for the shoot to save us on time.

I found her, I found everyone on Instagram. I understand that Instagram is such an important business platform that I think people don’t take as seriously as they should. I searched hashtags for different hair stylists in the area. I looked at their following. I looked at their comments. I looked at how often they post and their schedules because I didn’t want it to just be you here to take photos. I also want you to understand that you’re doing the hair here. I want you to also post this to your following. Create work that you’re proud of so you can share it to your following. That can also have a trickle up effect, like another cosign for our brand.

I went through, selected two or three that I was interested in working with, messaged them. The one we ended up going with, such positive energy. I love the fact that she’s just like a young hustler. This girl has a makeup line and brought some of her stuff in, had everybody’s highlight popping. Applied the lashes like a pro and just was super ready to go. She works in a real salon and has her license and all that stuff. It was like bad bitches link up. So locked her in for that through Instagram searching hashtags and stuff, which is something you should do.

I worked it out for her where, usually a full lace wig install is like $300 or something because you have the wash, you have the braid done, you have the this, you have the that. It was like I will have the models show up ready to go, I just kind of need you to put it on and do these three different styles. And because we’re also doing a package where she’s doing six or seven different looks, we were able to get that price down. It should have been, it could have been a couple thousand dollars of just the styling, not including the cost of the hair units, not including the cost of anything except for her putting her hands on the hair.

But because I was open to communicating with her, because I looked through her actual offerings from her salon and saw everything that went in and was able to eliminate these different pieces that I know take time she needed to be compensated for and put it on the models, which we’ll talk about how I found, because we did that we were able to find a way where she was still getting compensated the same rate for the overall time she was spending with us. So everyone leaves happy and I save thousands of dollars. That’s the stylist part of things. She did a great job. You guys are going to see the photos and videos everywhere. You are.

But also we had our models. This is something that we did to find our models. I created this Instagram post that said calling all Bay Area influencers. Like a really simple photo, just some words on front of it, “calling all Bay Area influencers.” Then in the comments section, again this is through Instagram, I wrote we’re looking for some brand ambassadors that are local to the area that are interested in working with us in exchange for wig units, a free product. Free to them, not free to us, but it would have been us paying for the wig and also paying for the model if we were to go another route, which we weren’t going to do.

We made it really clear what our expectations were from all of our participants inside of the post. We also asked them to do two things, go ahead and comment below and tag three of your friends. Why did we ask them to do that extra step of tagging three of their friends, because like I stated with the stylist, I don’t just want someone that’s come in, take some photos, and move on. I want someone that is also going to be invested in sharing what we’ve just done with their following. We specifically asked for people that are local because we are here in the Bay Area and we want to build our core following of actual B2C customers here in the Bay where they can stop by our showroom, they can see the hair, they can feel the hair, they can touch the hair, and they can buy the hair.

We chose people with great followings, people that post regularly on social and have great engagement, people that influence, micro influence in this region. We also had them tag the three friends to see if they would be willing to actually take that extra step and help us push out our brand. The ones that did were the only ones we contacted back. The only ones we contacted back were the ones that clearly understood that we weren’t going to be cutting a check for their participation. The only ones that we spent any time communicating and finding common ground for and negotiating with were people that we knew it wasn’t just going to be a one off thing, but they were going to be excited about working with us in the future and helping us to grow, and excited about flossing their gifted units.

On Sunday we planned on having three different looks captured. We only got to two, which is, like for me that’s great. It’s not like we rented the space by the hour. It’s literally my office. I’m so excited to move in. But the last one we will get to later on, but now I know a better, I have a better grasp of how much time each look is going to take, of what else we can do before any of the models arrive, or before the shoot so that we can eliminate more of the time when the people are actually there.

Hello Janise. Hello Trish. Hey Michelle.

So there’s that. Everyone just had such positive energy. You never know until you bring someone in. There are people that are doing high school and college plays that will be acting like they’re Meryl Streep or something like that. Just in like being super demanding and all that stuff. Hey David. But I think what I’m most excited about is the fact that we pulled off the photo shoot for the low low outside of the cost of the wigs, the styling, and the videographer, who we hired for $20 an hour on freelance. That’s $100 for her. The photos are really, really great.

I also had a secondary camera, not that … No I had that one, so I guess we had three cameras there. That one, and then I have my black one over there. Then we have another one that the videographer was using to capture the stills and other behind the scenes videos. Everything turned out really really great. That’s $100, the wig units, and then the stylist. Most photo shoots would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Ours cost a few hundred dollars. I have faith that we are going to see a tremendous return on investment. We are testing our ads now and once I know they work I will go ahead and share everything that’s working with you guys. But-