Morning money gang. Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. I am your instructor Charlo Greene, owner of white label extensions and today we are getting back to super practical with what we are discussing all week we are and next week also you don’t get a bi-week. Last week we had the week off. This week we’re getting to work and talking about things that you can take immediate action on. Today we are talking about websites, why they’re important, why you should have one for your company and where you can go to build one. And I’m also going to be throwing in some video from a video that I shot recently that walks you through the process of building out a bomb ass website for the absolute low. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you,

whatever you need, we literally got it. Okay, so why have a website? I’ve shared a number of stories with you about people that have made a ton of money that never built websites and still don’t have them to this day. But when it comes to what we are building here, which we are setting our goals high, we’re looking to build actual businesses that can run independent from us being there on the clock, pushing it forward. When you want to build a business that will continue running while you sleep, you need to have systems in place that are automated. That is what a website does. In addition to it always being your store that is open, that is showing potential customers what they want to see and communicating the value that they are going to get from buying from you. In addition to that part, this is a way for you to consistently make money while you’re away.

For us, we get a ton of orders between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM if we were choosing to go an alternative route, like say we want people to text us every time they want to place an order. That would mean between those hours we aren’t making any money because it takes us checking those messages, sending them invoices, monitoring the payment, and then getting the information for shipping with a website. It does all of that for you. In addition to that, I and I would assume most of the people that are used to shopping on the Internet, I am not willing to send money to your cash app. I am not willing to give my money to a company that has not invested enough in building a platform, a website that allows me to shop with ease. If you don’t have a web presence, you don’t really exist unless, and this is the only the only way around this.

If you are an arrogant tae, if you are an influencer, if you have a huge name in the space, then yes you can make your customers do what you want them to do in order for them to work with you because you are in high demand. You are the one calling the shots and you are the only one that is offering exactly what you offer. So for those people, they have all the options in the world, but for you, you, you hustler, you go getter you person that is working to build this hair extensions business to six figures and beyond. For you, you need to make sure that you present the most professional version of yourself and no, I don’t mean no. You need to talk like this and like, no, that’s not what I mean by professional. What I mean is meeting the minimum standard for Internet businesses.

If you’re an internet business, then act like a business. You could go the other route and having an actual store front, but that is a ton of capital upfront. It physically requires you to be there during all of those hours or to pay somebody for all of those hours in order for you to make money. That is your online store. Just because you’re going the online route doesn’t mean it’s going to be way easier or anything like that. It just means you have an automated system that is operating as your story. If I had to physically message every single one of these people that placed 1,257 orders in the last four months, that is all I would be doing every day. That is no time for me to actually build the business. That is no time for me to dedicate to r and D so that I’m ensuring that the quality is there and that I can continue growing things and offering items that my customers want.

That’s everything on me physically pushing the company forward with every order. That’s the issue. That’s why a website is, is so invaluable. It automates that process. You understand the why of the website? It’s professionalism. It is automation. It is scale ability. It is a representation of your company, exactly how you want your company to communicate with your customers. Every single time. You’re probably wondering how do you go about building one for yourself or having someone build it? If you don’t want to do the work, then you need to have the money to pay someone else to do the work. We offer Um, we build out beautiful websites in a matter of a couple of weeks, but if you want to do it yourself, that is totally possible. Websites are a huge way for people to take advantage of you. If they don’t or if they know that you are new to this, if they know that you aren’t sure where to go and what you should and shouldn’t be spending on things, then they’re going to try and get you.

When I was a first time entrepreneur, unfortunately for me, I had also gone viral. So here I am as a first time business owner, everyone in the industry, I was working in new, I was a first time business owner and they knew that I was viral. So they assume that I just had bags and bags of money that I wanted to throw around. So I got quotes from a number of different marketing agencies, which were just scammers. Um, one of them quoted $25,000 for them to build out my website over like six months, six months, $25,000 for a website. I think I paid maybe five, $5,000. And it was under a contract for a year. So if I wanted to opt out of any of the stuff that they were doing, then I’d get a huge penalty. And so I paid some money and three months later I still didn’t have as much as a landing page.

Do not get that. Marketing companies are not good for this sort of thing. They are always going to charge you for their mortgage on top of the fact that they’re also building this in what could take one or two days. We build out websites, um, we say about two weeks with white label extensions just because the demand is growing and we want to make sure that we can fulfill every single site exactly how everyone wants it. But in reality, it takes us 48 hours to pump out an entire website, 48 hours, 450 bucks versus six months and $25,000. Not saying it’s super, super easy, but if you’re on a budget, you can invest time in building out your site. It isn’t super hard. There are a lot of moving pieces. This video will show you. Here’s what I do. Get a domain from that is $11 a year.

Get a hosting package for a word press site, a hosting package, which you can also purchase through. Go Daddy should be about $8 a month. That’s one of the smaller packages and you can always add more resources as your company grows. As you have that proof of concept down and proven. Then I select download and install a theme from theme forest. And if you have a beauty business that you want to launch, type in beauty business and it has all of these website templates that are already prebuilt, you just download it. It only costs you 39 to $59 not thousand dollars. These marketers are going to charge you to build a website that looks way crappier than what one of these things will give you. And if you want to watch the entire video, go ahead and click up for that. But different resources. I didn’t start out building websites on word press.

Word press is the number one web platform in the entire world because they make it as easy as they possibly can. Once you get a word press account, you have the option to install different plugins. You can look at plugins like apps, um, when you are signing up for our hair Biz in a box program or you see a little thing that says sign up here. That is a mail chimp application. Mail Chimp is a great lead capture device. We are going to be talking about lead capture options and devices in a couple of days, but that is an app or a plugin. The different ways for people to pay. Those are also apps slash, plugins, everything that you want. You can Google whatever it is, word press plugin and there are hundreds if not thousands of options. Now, word press is a little more advanced for people that are just starting out, so I would suggest how I started, which is on Wix, W I x.

If you can’t afford to have your own domain connected, they actually offer you the ability to build your website out for free. As long as you don’t mind it being your at some point you are going to want to switch your domain over so that it’s just your company but if you’re just getting started, this is just fine. I know there are a number of other options. I’ve seen a lot of big cartel sites. I don’t really like how those look. I think they look really, really cheap and I wouldn’t trust sending my money through one of those sites though. Uh, and that’s just my personal opinion. I’m just trying to keep it as honest with you guys as possible. I like the look of the WIC sites a lot better. Shopify sites are growing in popularity and I need to do my homework on them before I really how I feel about them.

But um, we’ve gotten a lot of requests from people with Shopify sites to create some sort of plugin that allow them to transport their orders directly to us. I’m sure there are thousands of others. I’m just naming some off the top of my head that I’m relatively familiar with. Start with wigs, graduate to word press and explore the other options if you want to, but that is the route that I took personally. Things that you need to include in your website. If you plan on running any sorts of ads, you need to have your terms of service up. Um, that’s super important. There are a number of templates that you can use to build that out, but if Facebook doesn’t see that you have this page, they won’t allow you to run anything on it any ads that go to this website, terms of service, you want to have your shipping information.

I know that in the hair extensions industry, I’m scammers and people that try and wear out the hair and then return it afterwards. Like it’s like it’s a pair of jeans they shouldn’t be trying to wear in return, but they exist and they are plentiful. If you have your return policy listed on your website, PayPal will take that into account and we’ll use that as a shield for you. It’s partly why we never lose a dispute is because we list out exactly what our return policy is, which we’ve updated. We’ve updated because we’re just not into going back and forth with anyone. We’re a wholesaler. You should get a sample before you order anything so you know exactly what you’re ordering and if there is an error made by us, we need to hear about it within 48 hours for you to get store credit back, nothing else.

Contact information a little bit about yourself or about your company, which I think should also be about yourself. Include your elevator pitch, who it is that you’re trying to help, why it is that you’re doing it, how you plan on helping them, and what makes you different from the other hair companies in the area and include the promises that you plan on making to them when they can expect their orders. That’s what the shipping and returns stuff, what processing will be like the origin of the hair. All of that stuff be as detailed as possible. The more you communicate exactly what your customers are getting, the less room there is for dissatisfaction. Communication over communication is your job. Don’t muddle up the website, but make sure the information that they need to be able to trust you is there. Your homework for today is drop a link to one of the most impressive websites that you visited.

It doesn’t have to be here. It can be makeup, it can be a blog site. One of my absolute favorite websites is Marie Forleo, m a R I e F o r l e Um, she’s just super, we’re going to be besties. I don’t know if she knows I exist, but when you see this and we’re friends, be a little creeped out because I’m totally manifesting the fuck out of our friendship. Marie. Um, but her website’s super dope. It has, it just starts and it’s like you have that special thing and it says her slogan, their right front center, and then she walks in from off screen, looks at you and smile and it’s just, it’s just clean and it’s so dope. And it’s so to the point and it’s like, yeah, that’s what I’m here for. So that’s a website I love. I love to hear about websites that you all love and let’s look through them. Let’s aspire to build one of these for us. Your week site, it’s not going to look like this, my site, it don’t look like that. Do different purposes for these sites. But I do love how tapped into her niche she is because I learned English and when I see this that I was like gagging. So drop your favorite website below. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. We are talking payment processors.