How to Choose a Name for Your Business.

One of the first big decisions you’ll have to make when building your hair company is selecting its name. You want a name that resonates, but doesn’t overshadow the core of your business. This is one of the cornerstones of your business. Your brand concept will revolve around name as much as it would around your products and services. It is therefore necessary that you sit down and think the name of your business through before finally deciding on it.  

Choosing the Best Name for Your Hair Business 

Regardless of your participation in the industry of hair and beauty, you probably would know how competitive this sector is. There are a lot of things you should focus on one by one in order to stand out in this industry, and your business name is one of those important key factors. 

Here at American Hair Factory, we have prepared a couple of tips that you could use to choose a good name for your budding virgin hair business. 

  • Write down everything you want to encapsulate in your business name

One of the best places to start when choosing your business name is to go back to the basics. Write the keywords surrounding your business, like virgin hair, Brazilian hair, or anything similar. Find well-nuanced words that will immediately connect with an audience. 

You should also write about your products and services, what your goal is, and what you want your business to become. By doing so, you will have a general idea of what type of name will best fit your business. 

  • Choose what type of vibe you want your business to exude

Some people opt for serious names, while others tend to gravitate towards names laced with humor. Sometimes, people put a personal twist to their business name. There are a lot of ways to attract your target market using your name. Catch the attention of your target customers by selecting a good business name. 

  • Study the names of your competition

Selecting your business name should be a personal choice, but that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t be strategic and business-minded in doing so. Look around and study the business names of your competition — both big and small companies. See if there’s a correlation among the business name, target market, and the popularity of the business across different sectors of the population. 

Find the Best Name for Your Hair Business

The tips above are just some of the many that you should take into consideration when choosing the name of your business. It should be strong, but simple. It should be original, and not a copycat of other existing businesses. Pick a name that lends credibility upon itself now. 

Don’t know where to start? Check out our *Hair Biz In A Box* program or get in touch with us for some sound advice regarding opening up your own hair biz.