Okay, so if you guys have any questions to ask or anything that you’d like answered while we’re here, we are six minutes into the livestream. That’s enough time for everyone that wanted to show up, to show up, right? And, how are we feeling about this wig? I love it. I saw it in one of the factories that we were touring while we were over in China and I was like, “I’m leaving with that.” So, that was dope.

Thanks for joining the conversation. I guess we can just start with some big questions that you guys have had about my trip to China. As you guys know, I just spent a week in China which felt like forever when I was there. On day five, I was like, “I want to go home,” but I feel like we barely scratched the surface of everything that was going on over there. Again, if you’re… hey there!

I haven’t cut the lace on this unit. I want to wait until I get it professionally installed just because it’s hella cute and it’s so freaking thick and this curl pattern is just giving me life, but yeah. Barely any makeup.

We have three dogs. [Indie! 00:01:19] This is terrible. Okay. This is Indie. He’s a toy poodle and yeah, that’s dog specific dye. Okay, all right Sasha, Loki. Sorry, y’all. Okay, I think one of the big… go to your room.

One of the big things that I learned from the trip is you hear a lot about, I have so many bundles on my desk that I need to get through and re-snip up and test and all that stuff, and send out to all of my business owner partners that are interested in that. But, you guys here about 23 bundles on my desk and then more underneath it, but I’m looking for something specific right now, that I can just quickly discuss.

Okay, so you guys have heard about the gold band thing. Out of everywhere we stopped by every single place that uses gold bands on their hair says it’s their lowest quality hair. Each of them were like “Oh no! Well, if we really wanted to change the bands, then we could easily just do that.” Which was like, oh okay, well maybe there’s no weight to that actual gold band myth, but at the end of the day there wasn’t a single factory that didn’t put gold bands on their garbage hair. That is definitely something to look out for.

They will lie to you, to your face, while you’re actually there. We had one meeting that set up and they were like “We’re a factory, we’re a factory come through.” You guys know the point of me going was a fact finding trip. I want to learn the industry. If I’m going to be a person that’s helping to guide other people’s entrepreneurial endeavors in the hair space then I need to know everything that I possibly can about the hair industry. We were there to see every layer. How everything comes together. We definitely did that.

One of the meetings that we set up was with a company. They were super helpful. They offered to pick us up at the airport, and they did. They met us with this standing ovation when we arrived, great, super hospitable. But, um… I don’t even know what I was getting to. Oh yeah, that they lie. We get to this room and it’s a bunch of people on computers doing Facebook and Instagram and, there’s not a sewing machine which is how the wefts are you usually made. There’s not a sewing machine in sight. There’s no hair, anywhere. When I was like, well show me the hair since this is the “factory” it took them like 15 minutes. I don’t know if they had to run up the street to grab a couple bundles and bring it back.

That was interesting for me to see, so that I can relay to you. They will play on your ignorance as much as you allow them. Not saying that they’re being malicious or anything, but they know that the market on their side of things is really saturated, and they’re just there to make a profit. So, that’s what they’re working to do. It’s nothing personal. You have to actually go there and see what these people are working with before you can take anything that they have to say at surface value. Even if you’re talking to someone and they’re like “Yeah I’m a rep for this and this major hair company.” that people are used to buying from and it has great reviews. They could literally just build a website. I don’t know what the laws are like in China but I doubt they’re even worried about all of this hair stuff like that. And just, have another phone number and say that they’re working with them, but they could just be a backpack middle man. That’s something really interesting, that I learned from the situation, and from my trip in Chin…

I’m sending like, waves letting you guys know that I see that you’re here watching.

What? I’m not going to start swearing. I’m relatively… oh that’s my Amazon stuff.

Good, good, good.

Can you get rid of them please? They’re really doing like, the absolute most.

So, what else did I learn while I was there? It’s really… I’d say easy to get there. This is first place that I’ve had to apply for a visa for. I’ve been to like seven or eight other countries so far this year, and I travel all the time. Other business stuff. But, this is the first time I had to go through the visa process, and I wasn’t sure if they were going to approve it because of my weed charge. Yes, weed. I was really glad that my 10 year visa got approved. We got it back in like 48 hours. We paid the rush fee because we decided we were going to go and picked a date like, seven days before the final decision.

We were like, either we wait until after Christmas and all this family stuff and then we miss our opportunity to make sure everyone is settled for tax season with White Label Extensions, and the Hair Biz in a Box program, or… hey [Sherry 00:06:47]! Or we can go ahead and just hit the ground running, get out there, see what it is, plan a second trip that’s going to happen in Spring/Summerish time. Where we go with our equipment and are ready to film everything that’s happening in the full on process.

We have hours of footage. We are definitely going to be sharing that with all of you. I wish I could share some of it now, it’s just we’re doing the live thing. I just wanted this to be one-on-one, really impromptu. You guys are going to see it.

We’ve seen the entire hair process start to finish. We learned there may actually be benefits with working with a vendor.

Hey Summer!

Going straight to the factory, which is something that we did, doesn’t always guarantee you a lower price. Anyone that is familiar with Chinese business culture will tell you it all comes down to your relationships. That’s not you sending a WhatsApp message and asking for a lower price. I mean, sending a bunch of money definitely helps with the relationship. The fact that we came there and we shook their

hands and… you know in the states you might go to a business meeting, and it’s like 30 minutes, 45 minutes and that’s just a meeting.

I think my longest meeting was like six, seven hours. Another one included us going, just hanging out in the office for like three hours, and going to dinner with the entire team. Which is great, because this is the company that we’re planning on scaling things up with. It was just great to see the culture. It was great that we know this company is so invested in their employees and the culture there, that they take them out to dinner. It wasn’t a new thing with them trying to flex because we were in town and they’re trying to get our business. They are a real company, that’s established enough that they know each other and hang out with each other.

When we walked into this place as oppose to, the other place, that was the “non-factory”, there wasn’t any standing ovation, which I was like “Uh, hello, I’m here!” Just playing. It wasn’t that serious. I appreciated the fact that not a single one of them stopped what work that they were doing so that they could give us the extra time because they were busy actually doing work. They didn’t have time to go and wait at the airport for us. And, didn’t have all that time to stop what they were doing and make signs welcoming us.

So, we walk in, we open the door, and we actually had to, you’ll see in the video, we have to step over the employees that are right next to the door packing in things. Then we’re just maneuvering trying to and trying to get in where we fit in, in there. That’s what I’m talking about. There was hair literally everywhere. So many bundles. All of the different grades. You ask for something, he takes you to a room that has just, all of the somethings. It was impressive. It was, depending on where you want to take things with your company, that matters so much to me. The fact that they have the ability to do volume, and I see that they’re actually doing volume.

That was really useful to see. Something about the factory that might be interesting.

If you guys have any questions or anything, go ahead and drop them. I think I can see all of the people that have signed in. It says that I can send this wave thing to just like let you acknowledge that I see, you see me. Let’s get this group conversation going. It’s always super awkward when I’m just like, talking at you.

Hey Whitney!

The whole point of this is so we can get all interactive and stuff and I can actually answer the questions that you have.

The lace is still on this full lace wig. Isn’t she cute though? This is like one of my biggest things from, the trip that I’m super, super glad that I got. Outside of all the education, this wig is my baby and I don’t know if I’m ever going to cut the lace. I’m just probably going to walk around with this in public, all the time.

Robin says she has so many questions. Ask, Ask away. I can’t give you guys all of the value you want from this conversation if I don’t know exactly what you want. We’re live, it’s a two-way conversation. Ask your questions, I definitely see them. I will definitely do my part to answer them.

I let you guys know the gold band myth is real. I don’t know if it’s an intentional thing with any of the companies but, they all put this on their cheaper hair. Excuse me.

“Do I have one distributor that I’ve decided to work with?”

I have three. One of them is the one that can handle all the volume. They have really great quality. They have really great reviews from other business owners, and from other consumers. They’re who we’re going to be working with first and foremost. I definitely recommend that you guys have at least one vendor. Two is good for backup depending on what you’re planning on doing in the space, if you can roll with the fact that they shut some things down. There are some that’ll stop shipping for like two weeks around Chinese New Year’s. Your customers may not necessarily understand what’s going on, on the business side of things. It’s a good idea to have a secondary vendor which is why it’s so great for anyone to work with us, White Label Extensions, Hair Biz in a Box, because we don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, not like that.

“What about the blue bands?”

There’s nothing specific about the blue bands, but I do know that for the most part, like this is the 9A quality hair. The silver bands is the… there’s virgin hair. We can talk about 7A, 8A, and 9A. All of them think it’s a joke. One of them was joking, you know next year if we see someone with an 11A we’re just going to ahead roll out our 12A line. Which means they’re just going to update the marketing and the website. The hair has never changed from back when it was 6A and 5A and all that stuff. People just keep adding numbers.

For the most part there’s virgin, that’s really great. Or not virgin, there’s raw, which this company puts in yellow, not gold. That’s gold, this is yellow. This is company’s raw hair in these yellow bands. This is, out of all the companies we’ve spoken to that offer raw Indian hair, they just use that as a branding thing. They say that Chinese raw hair is the best. If you guys pay attention in any of the other groups… there’s not as much activity in this group yet, but, we are building. If you pay attention to any of the people that do major volume and know what they’ve been talking about and have been doing for a while, they’ll let you know that Chinese raw hair is likely the best hair.

With the quality control issues and all that stuff that they have to lock into place, they just say that all the stuff with cleanliness and with the tinsel strength and just the overall quality, Chinese virgin hair is best. Then, the factory that we’re working with as our secondary, or thirdary, whatever you say, supplier. They can make the virgin hair into any texture that you want. They just say that it’ll be steam processed. That’s something that we let all of you guys know. If you wanted the deep wave with the raw Chinese hair then you could do that.

There is a texture that looks just like… I think this is the deep curly. It is the deep curly. This looks an awful lot like the raw Indian curly wavy hair I seen, so love, love, love that. That’s something for you guys to keep in mind. I know there are a lot of really trendy terms that circulate the industry. There are these buzz words that people like to hop onto. Like I said, they will play on ignorance as long you let them. It’s on you to be educated and to empower yourself with the information you need to have real conversations. If I didn’t know, I would have went in there and I would have been like “Oh, is that virgin Indian hair?” And they would have been like “Yes! Yes, we’re going to charge you virgin Indian hair prices, even though this is from the village down the street.”

“What about the blue bands?”

There weren’t any um…. I didn’t see… you know there was a company I stopped by that did blue bands, and it was there 8A quality, but that just wasn’t something as common as the silver bands, that I know is supposed to be really decent quality and then the gold bands, which I know is supposed to be garbage quality.

A company might have the black bands. This is supposed to be the most popular, “Brazilian” quality, that everyone looks for, that a lot of consumers like. Then, these yellow, not gold bands, were one of those companies highest grade. It’s really, I’d say it’s just mostly… watch out for the gold bands, see what they tell you about the product, see if there are other levels to their grades of hair that they offer and what bands they put on them. If it’s just gold bands I would say that’s probably because they’re just selling scrap hair. They probably have really low prices, but that’s because it’s acid bathed. All the cuticles going on all the wrong directions and all that stuff.

“How much should I spend on samples?”

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. I think, when it comes to starting a business there are a lot of things that you can introduce into your process that will slow you down. A lot of people like to get hung up on, a logo. A lot of people like to get hung up on graphics, and different things that may not necessarily matter at the end of the day. I think in the hair industry, that is sampling. A lot of people like to wait until they have the perfect vendor, and there’s… there are perfect vendors but understanding that you have to constantly grow and test and continue evolving with your customer base. I think that’s something super important.

How much to spend on samples? How long do you want to spend sampling? In this group, in other groups, on YouTube, you can get lists from vendors, or about vendors that have been tried and tested for years that have great reviews. If you think that you’re going to find the diamond in the rough somewhere if you just keep on testing and testing then, then that’s just what you’re going to do. You’re making that your job. Testing these vendors as oppose to going with a company that you know you can trust, like my company White Label Extensions. I don’t know if most of the, directly Chinese companies have sample packs that they offer, but I know that with us we have our 13 Texture Sample Pack, and then we have our Three Grade Sample Pack. It’s all of the textures that we offer, which we encourage you to rebrand. You think this looks like Indian, then go ahead and call it Indian, because that’s what your customers might want. Tell them the truth if they ask though.

The Brazilian hair you’re selling is not from Brazil, period. None of the Russian hair you’re selling is from Russia, period. Out of all the companies we spoke to, which were some of the biggest movers and shakers in the industry, they said they’ve almost never seen hair come from anywhere but China. I think they said Vietnam rarely, India here and there. At the end of the day, when they’re going with raw hair, they prefer Chinese hair. Not just because it’s like China pride, but just because it’s something that they know can stand up to what we need the hair to stand up to, which is a lot. At least me, I like to bleach I like to dye, I like to wear the wigs and then chuck them in the wig closet. I can be abusive. That is what I’ll say on that.

“Is there an actual difference between what’s called Brazilian/Malaysian/Peruvian?”

Nope. They see whatever you guys like. They see whatever is trending. I’m almost willing to bet money, next year you are going to see so many raw Indian hairs being offered by Chinese companies on Alibaba and on AliExpress and on DNHGate. I can almost guarantee you that because, like I said what that one company it was basically all of them just on their computers, on Instagram lurking in groups just like this. They’re just looking and seeing what you like. They know that you guys like wigs which is why, like this, this wig that I got, they braided this. This is how they are marketing their wigs now. I was like “Sis! You did this?” She was like “Yes, yes!” I was like “Points, I’m taking it home, hand it over.”

They’re hip to whatever it is that we like. They know that black culture is where it’s at. That’s what they’re spending their time doing,is seeing what we like and then, if it says next year that we like Guatemalan hair, then guess what? This formerly Brazilian hair is Guatemalan. They won’t blink twice about it and they’ll laugh with you if actually come into the office like “Haha, Brazilian.” No, it’s Chinese.

“Do I offer wholesale packages? What about the blue band theory?”

Like I said not sure about the blue band… sorry, this lash is on some bullshit. I’m about to… okay. Yay! Freedom! Yes, lace. One lash, we’re going to keep it rolling.

Wholesale packages, absolutely. If you go to WhiteLabelExtensions.com/biz you can sign up for our Hair Biz in a Box program, and that is pretty much everything you need to start your hair brand and maintain it. Everything from social media management, to advertising campaigns, to logo design, legal consulting, not with us directly. We connect you to one of our trusted licensed United States attorneys that can walk you through whatever you need. If it’s start up stuff, it’s tax stuff, then we’ll connect you to the right person. I’m actually trying to pull it up over here on my laptop, so sorry I’m not trying to come off as rude. Like, I’m busy, I’m not. I don’t want to miss anything.

Okay, so, we have our samples there that you can order and that’s the Three Grade Sample Pack, so that’s our 8A hair “Brazilian” hair it’s our 9A virgin, virgin hair, and it’s super, I just love how thick the ends of this hair are, and then it’s our raw hair.

Another thing that I thought was really, really cool. If you go to an actual factory, if I wanted them to make this into kinky straight, then they would. It would only take maybe two or three days depending on what other orders they had in place before me. That is a plus with connecting with a factory. Will you get lowest pricing? Probably not, because these factories aren’t just factories anymore. Now they’re direct to consumer.

Everyone is on Instagram trying to sell their hair. Everyone’s on Facebook. Everyone’s in your inbox trying to see you hair. If you do connect with one of these factories, you might not be able to lock in the lowest pricing, because they are now competing, not just with other factories but with actual retailers, so they’re a little hip to what they can charge. That they can charge more and just get more of the margin at the end of the day, but if you wanted to make this into deep wavy or something like that, that’s something cool. That’s another reason why we have them on our list of suppliers. We can come up with anything and I’m really excited for these Beyonce wigs that we’re going to roll out, really excited.

We have our sample packs, we have our wholesale catalog, we have our Drop Shipping portal, packaging, logo design, websites, social media management, all that good stuff. That’s what we do with the whole sale.

Hey Candace!

The gold band definitely indicates cheaper hair. It does. 100% of the time that we checked, again it wasn’t something like they all got together and conspired. There is no standard when it comes to hair. If a company wanted to sell you a bunch of rat hair then they would, and some of them do. There’s no government regulation of what their selling to black consumers in America. It’s not like they got together and conspired and said “Ah, all the garbage goes in the gold. We’ll trick them all.” It’s just like each factory just ended up putting gold on the cheaper hair. At least, that’s how they explained it to me. That’s kind of a reddish flag whenever I see that sort of thing.

“When will we be able to get started?”

We, you can get started right now, sis. WhiteLabelExtensions.com/biz go ahead and sign up. The first few steps are automated so you put in your information, I send you the wholesale list, I send you your login info. Then you get to login into the V Portal. We’re in pre-launch mode right now. We don’t have all the video and stuff that we will have there that will guide you through the whole process. I’ll send out all of those updates when I get a chance. But, um [inaudible 00:26:12] really straight forward.

I love a really clean web design. I love the black and white, especially because we’re like a white label company. We don’t really need to be branded like that. We just need you to know that we’re actually here, in California where you are protected as a consumer and business owner, and if we try to sell you some bullshit you can sue us. That is the plus that you get with working with an American company is there are laws to protect you here. It’s fraud if we say we’re selling you one thing and give you another thing. Which is something that almost always happens with these companies once you start doing volume, and maybe they can’t handle it because they were never as big as they said they were in the first place. No time for that. Whitney, we can go ahead and get started right now. Head to WhiteLabelExtensions.com/biz, Shoot me an email. Contact@whitelabelextensions.com and we’ll get it popping.

I definitely suggest you start with a sample pack. To try out our three different grades. That’s I think a $30 sample pack. It’s the weft and the grade sample packs are 18, 20 inches. Then we have the texture sample packs which are like, all of these. There’s so much hair on my desk, it’s crazy. We signed the lease on our showroom, super excited to move into that space and then we’re going to be doing this a lot more regularly… so yeah.

“How did I find all of the factories? Did I have a translator or guide?”

I did not need a translator. One of the companies that I worked with for a while that was being really weird about me stopping by the factory eventually, when I said I was going to tell PayPal to go ahead and refund every single purchase I’ve ever made with them, like thousands of dollars. Because, they’re bullshitters. You said you were this, you said you were a factory, a bitch is in China and now you want to ghost me, no. I don’t think so. Once I let them know that, then finally, after a lot of back and forth, they were like “Okay here’s the address, but nobody speaks English there so you have to bring a translator.”

At that point, we were packing our bags and getting ready to fly back out. I would have needed a translator for that situation.

That just showed me that they weren’t the people that I should be working with long term. That they were probably just a backpack vendor, just telling me what I wanted to hear. Until I said “I was actually here, let me pull up.” And they were like “Who, what, huh?” No, we’re not ghosting me. No, we’re not going to do that.

I did a bunch of research. My last career I was a journalist so I’m really… when it comes to researching things and learning everything about a subject, or a company, or a person I am super quick with it. I just used my research skills. I joined every hair Facebook group, I’m in there. Anytime I see anything about anything that’s been to China, then I would just connect with them. How much do you charge for your consulting fee? Send over the money. Now I have an hour of your time. 30 minutes, and hour of your time, let’s talk. I know your time is valuable, I just paid you for it, so let’s get real. Most people that are willing to have these conversations with you, that have been over there are really willing to open up and spill the tea, and that was invaluable for me.

I found the companies that I’ve been working with. Just let them know “Hey I’m about to pop over. Let’s have a pow wow.” I reached out to a couple of other companies that I knew would be in the area that I was in, watched a bunch of YouTube. In fact, you guys will probably recognize one of the guys from one of the factory visits that I made from his YouTube channel. It’s not [Mejeir 00:30:17] or whatever, it’s not them. I just did the work, and committed to communicating with them and letting them know what I was looking for, and who I was, and can I just stop by?

Most of them are really happy, to let you stop by, because they know that if you took the time to fly over… we’ll talk about that in a second. If you took the time to fly over then they know that you are more serious about your business. They know that this isn’t probably isn’t just like a side thing, that you’re just hoping to squeeze the juice out of.

If you’re actually there… like 16 hours of flying, getting through customs is horrible, especially if you connect in Beijing. Oh my gosh. It was like, you get off the plane, and this is off of a plane that you’ve been sitting on for 12, 13 hours, direct. 13 hours later you get off the plane and then you have to get your finger prints taken. There are lines from everyone that got off the plane to do this. This is a two story plane that’s just massive. I think a 757, I don’t know that. You take your finger prints, and then everyone goes to another line where you print a little paper, and then everyone another line where you wait, and they examine you and, they see if your finger prints match, and then you go downstairs, on a train, over to this other customs check point.

It’s just like… we had three hours to connect to our next flight and we missed it. I just, I get the itchies thinking about how stressful it was on our bodies. I mean, we weren’t the only one… It was like everyone that was on our flight just missed the next flight because it was just… so that’s something to be wary of. And, they don’t let you turn up on the flight. They only give you like, two cups of wine. This is a 13 hour flight, sis. I get you can’t drink but… so that’s also something. Go ahead and load up before the flight.

“Did you find any factories making braid-in bundles?”

Braid-in bundles. I don’t know if I know exactly what that is. I do… okay so I will talk about the factory visit now.

I can start off by saying that I am just shocked and awed by the amount of work it takes into putting these together. I don’t know if it’s just this factory but I’m assuming not. They just have a system down and it’s a whole bunch of grown folks that are settled into working here, so they’ve been doing it for a little. I watched this lady place every single hair onto frontals and wigs by hand. I watched the guy… and it wasn’t just one lady, it was like, the ladies the over there, and then the sewing machine section over here.

There are like these boxes of the hair that’s been cleaned and conditioned and straightened out and all of that stuff, but it’s just hair. Not on a weft or anything. There are like three sewing machines, just all perfectly lined up, and a fan to catch all of the extra hair, and he’s just placing the hair, and it’s a machine, but these people are an integral part of making every single bundle of… let’s put away the trash hair. Of making every single bundle, of placing every single strand onto these units.

I thought I was going to walk in and see like, the closure machine where they have a piece of lace and they just, close your done. No, it was grandma, placing these hairs and tying the knots, one by one. Insane. That’s just something that I know we probably won’t see come to the states because if you… in California minimum wage is now 15 bucks an hour. Can you imagine how much just manpower it would… and then we’re not the most efficient people to be just like, peek, like… I appreciate the hair production process so much more seeing everything that goes into it. As far as the acid, like 90% of the stuff that you are going to buy has been washed in acid. They’ll explain why. They’ll explain the process, and for the most part, most of the hair has been acid bathed, or, washed in acid multiple times. Like, multiple times, except for the raw hair. They said if anything, they’ll just condition it. But it’s… there’s just so much information, I’m sorry guys it’s a little scattered. I’m trying to get to all of your questions.

So, we’re upstairs and we go through all of the people places, and these are the people styling the wigs, and these are the people hair in the directions, blah, blah, blah. Then we go downstairs, where they wash the hair, my boyfriend was with me, and we’re talking and stuff, and we get down there, and we’re right next to these pools of liquid stuff. The guy asked my boyfriend a question and he had to stop himself from throwing up. That’s how bad the smell is.

To describe the smell, all of us have likely been in a beauty supply, or not a beauty supply, in a salon. Or, been near a perm that’s been left on too long. It was just so bad. It was so freaking bad, oh my gosh. I slept that night, and I slept and I sweated out the perm smell. I don’t know if that’s the acid or the conditioner but the smell is strong that, is the smell in your bundles. There’s no way that you’re going to avoid that. That’s just in everything and that’s what they condition the hair with. I don’t know if they can get some Pantene Pro-V or some Herbal Essence over there. That would probably make a difference, but they’re committed to this acid stuff. I don’t know how we would possibly change that. I don’t know exactly… but that’s the smell in all of your bundles is their conditioner acid solution. Even when, it comes to the raw hair… let me see how bad it is. I’m going to see if they can do something about that conditioner because I’m… we’ll have to talk about that.

But, yeah, so that’s super dope. Then another place, our main place that we’re working with, we’ll show you their styling room. We’re going to be rolling out these custom units to our wholesale clients on a quarterly basis. We, we, because we’re partnering with them, have this room where they take the full

units or part laced units and they go through and style them. There’s a wall full of different hair dyes and there are these two guys whose full time job it is to just be in there… oh no, he said there were a few more that were off at the time. They’re just in there cutting the hair, like it’s cutting a person’s hair. That, I’m also super excited about.

Those are the things you couldn’t get access to, if you hadn’t stopped by and just walked past the room and like “Oh, what are you guys doing in here? Oh, custom styling everything? Let’s talk.” Or, the fact that this can be made into a kinky straight, or a kinky curly or something like that at our request at the factory. That is another thing that makes this trip invaluable. There’s nothing I could… I’m going to show you what it’s like, but going there and seeing the process, and meeting the people that are putting together your units and to smell the process, it’s insane. I show you guys the bails. I’m five foot ten, these bails probably went up to above my waist and they’re this big and it’s just bails of hair. Lining walls, this is like the factory level. Then you go over to the other level of things where it’s like the vendor or one of the offices that they’re selling stuff out of. It’s just walls, and walls, and walls, and walls of hair, it’s incredibly impressive.

“How does profit percentage work for Drop Shipping? I haven’t done this before so we would like to know. Thanks.”

We are going to send a whole pricing sheet out. We price our wholesale bundles really, really low. We beat just about all of our competitors on the market. That’s something I’m really proud of, because we’re going for market share and tons, and tons of volume. Not hoping to squeeze every last one of you out of what your profit could be. We’re going to send that info over. I’m super excited that we signed the lease on my new office space so that we can move out of this office, which is in everyone else’s living room. It’s in my living room.

While we’re there we’re, going to be putting up a ton more content and I’m going to be recording a Hair Business Master Class. Also, videos that’ll instruct you on how you can walk yourself through the Drop Shipping process and how you can place your prices. When you do sign up for the Drop Shipping membership depending on what your site looks like we will send over a CV sheet that you can upload and it’ll contain all the pictures and prices at retail for you, that we suggest you sell your stuff at. That’s another thing that we’re building in Hair Business in a Box.

Guys if I’m missing anything that you could possibly need to start, grow, scale your hair business. Let me know. The whole point of this company, White Label Extensions, the Hair Business in a Box program is to give you every tool and resource that you possibly need so that you can focus on the business, of doing business. You can focus on your marketing, so you can focus on moving this weight, you know?

“When can we get started with you and buy?”

You can buy right now! Girl.

“Is it better to buy in bulk or Drop Ship?”

I definitely think having hair on hand is super key. There are some… I mean you guys are probably some of those people. When I want something, I want it now. If you ain’t got it, and I know she got it, I’m going to go and get it, now. I think it’s really helpful to have hair on hand, and then you can opt into the

Drop Shipping. You don’t have to do one or the other. Just having it there so when someone asks you for it, you don’t have to tell them no, or wait, which is a barrier to them giving you money. That part.

“Did you find anyone making silk top wigs instead of lace?”


“I sent an email for, but I haven’t gotten any about it as far as paying to.”

You don’t have to pay to get started. I can actually log in here and see if I have your sign up thing. I don’t know if maybe there’s a spam blocker or just because you aren’t used to receiving the emails. Is that how you say it properly? I think it’s just like email, like one email. But, because you might not be used to receiving the email from us, might be in your spam folder. A lot of people are saying they didn’t get it and then I look in here, and I know this is a system set up, [inaudible 00:42:47] let me see. Whitney. Email me at contact@whitelabelextensions.com. Not sure if your email is your name, but I do not see it in here, so if we have an issue with the system we’ll get to it.

“Do you offer White Label in Canada?”

I absolutely do. You’ll just have to pay the shipping to get it there. For that, I probably suggest you get hair on hand and maybe batch your Drop Shipping orders so that you don’t have to pay multiple things of shipping. If that makes sense to you. Hope it does.

Thank you [Tila 00:43:38], really excited to work with you.

Did I mention black bands? Nope. I say black and blue bands aren’t necessarily a huge part of the equation. I just know for sure these usually don’t mean a good thing. These are shiny gold bands. Shiny gold bands are very different from not shiny yellow bands. I don’t know why they made them so close. These are usually bad news. Then the silver bands are usually higher quality. Black and blue, no, no. Yeah.

Maybe I’ll just scroll back. Hey [Quanda 00:44:18]! Hey Robin!

“So, you help with the taxes because…?”

Our licensed attorneys that we will connect you to, they will help you with the taxes. Taxes right around the corner, again we wanted to make sure that we went to China, locked in all this information, locked in our strong supply, because we’re going to be scaling like none other. I’m doing a personal challenge with this business seeing how… I’ve started a number of businesses. If you know me from any other industry then you know that I’m a business coach and blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah is good stuff.

In this space, I love the fact that I have the opportunity to help with one of the fasting growing entrepreneurial groups, which is black women. I love the fact that my success depends on how much I can empower you and help you out. I’m super, super, super excited to help all of you start and scale your businesses, to six figures in the hair industry. The more of you that do that, the quicker I reach my goal of building this company from zero to seven figures in less than a year.

I’m going to be updating you guys on the journey and letting you guys know more information about all of that good stuff including that [Telas 00:45:43]. Is it Tela or Tela? Super excited about that.

I’ll also tell you guys more about my background. How I was in the cannabis industry before, and I was a silent partner in a hair business which is why I have been working with these suppliers for so long ,and know so much about all of this stuff. I’ve been the ghost in a machine that did really well. I know that the biggest thing was supply. Locking in the supply, and then dealing with all the other business stuff that can be a little overwhelming for first time entrepreneurs. That’s why I thought of the Hair Biz in a Box program, to just help you guys overcome that. If you have the fulfillment and the supply chain and all the dopest bundles that you could possibly want. If you have all of that, already taken care of for you, then you can focus on really building your thing to a point where it’s providing for your family, and it’s changing your life. You don’t just have the tools to do this in hair but you have the skills to create whatever business you want.

I see hair as a starting point for a lot of people. I know a lot of people say the market is saturated. What this market is, is proven. You know that people need hair. If you go outside, or if you turn on the TV, there isn’t… there are very few black women that you see on TV not wearing hair. That’s just a representation of culture. You know that this is a product that people want, so… 80% of small businesses fail because the market doesn’t want it. We know the market wants it.

That’s my vision. There are a whole bunch of other things, that fall into that. We’re going to be getting really acquainted over time, so I’m super excited. So, because of my cannabis stuff, we can’t really get too, into specific numbers which is frustrating I know. That’s why I’m being so transparent with the thing, the platform that I’m building now, and the journey here. It’s a lot, a lot to get to that I don’t know that I have time to get to right now, without enough context. If you know me, then you know whole my situation and you get it. If not, we’ll get to that soon enough.

I’m really glad you love the layout Summer. “Page is clean and easy to follow.” If you guys have any suggestions about the Hair Biz in a Box program let me know. We’re building this together. It only works if you guys are actually using it, so if there’s something else you need, I got it. I literally got it. Don’t even worry about it. Shoot me an email, then you’ll see a little link to the service you asked for in the next couple of days. At least while we’re in pre-launch and we’re testing out all of the things that you guys will be using and seeing what else we’re lacking, or the industry is lacking.

Trish asked “Where the show space is?”

It is right outside of Berkeley. We’re in the Bay area. This is Northern California. It’s Berkeley, Oakland, and then our hair space showroom is here, technically in El Cerrito. Then there’s Berkeley, and then there’s Oakland. That’s where we’re at, super excited. I decided that the theme for it, instead of it being just like an office which would be boring. It’s going to be a glam room. It’s going to be like your dream closet, that happens to have my desk in it. I’m super excited for it.

“Can I suggest any questions to ask during WhatsApp to ensure they are a factory?”

I would suggest you say “Hey I’m in China can I stop by?” Then, if they’re like “Yeah, come through.” Be like “Oh, just joking, I’m actually planning a trip.” Or, something like that but they have to actually… like the company that ghosted me, once they found out I was actually in China. They are partly who helped

me plan the trip. They just never thought I was actually going to hop on a plane and come to China. It wasn’t until I was like “Hey, I’m out here. Here’s my hotel, come through. Can I come through? Where you at?” It wasn’t until I was there that they actually back tracked, or back pedaled or stopped responding altogether. So, that’s something.

I know that people FaceTime. They’ll FaceTime inside of the warehouse, or they’ll FaceTime inside of someone else’s factory. You have to actually get there. You have to… there’s no way for you to know if they’re an actual factory, or if that’s their factory if you aren’t there. They will lie to you. It’s crazy, crazy. Now you know, now you’re empowered. That’s just what it is.

“Can I suggest any questions?” Oh, I just ready that one. Yeah, you just got to go. There’s no other way for you to know if they’re a factory or not.

“I just got my box email and I’m placing my texture order soon and I’m so exciting for rebranding.”

Yes. I’m really excited to share these all of these. We have 13 textures. I know that’s so many, and we might break them down by category because, in business there’s this, it’s like option bias where you have too many choices, so you don’t know which ones to go with. We have like four, three or four kinky textures, black textures. It’s like uh… I think that’s super, super dope. What I explained to them was that we serve so many different businesses, and so many different niches, and we just need to have all of it so we that we can share all, and of it and you can decide.

I don’t suggest you sell all 13 because that’s too much for most customers to handle. You’re a business, get the texture pack. See what you like. Wash it, dye it, see how a curl pattern holds up, so you can tell your customers this is what it is, or this is what it ain’t, for you. But, but yeah.

I’m just excited. Lots and lots of really cute things. I’m super excited to get your order out to you. I think this is a really cute texture. Really, really.

I’m just thinking about like, we were planning do our first photo shoot with our Brand Ambassadors. Instead of doing the model route, we put a call out on the internet and we boosted this post to our targeted area, which is Berkeley students. Just people in the area. Tagged a few friends, blah, blah blah. We have a list of 15 to 20 people, that are really interested in helping us promote our brand that are local.

What we plan on doing is having them come through, we will pre-style the units that we select for each of them to rock, have them agree to our Terms and Conditions. Anytime you wear this hair you need to tag us in it. That way we get all of the new marketing photos, which are really important for you. And, real world people wearing the hair that we’re selling, which is the biggest, biggest, biggest thing that you can do for your hair business. Stock photos do not sell well. If they do, then understand that you can be doing 10 times, 20 times, 100 times your business if it was actual people in your stuff.

Like I said, we’re trying to make sure you have everything that you need in one stop. We have the product photos, and “model” user photos, Brand Ambassador photos coming as well.

“Did I see lashes being made?”

Didn’t see them being made. Those are made with actual mink. At least that’s what they say. Mink is an animal of some sort. I don’t know, it’s like a cat or a big dog. I don’t know what a mink is. I know that they make really nice mink furs. I don’t know. I would hope that they don’t have all of these animals that they’re taking the mink off in the hair thing, because that’s just way too much stuff going on. Literally, way too much.

“Is it better to get processed hair for that reason, just to avoid books with non-processed hair?”

Well, what they were saying is there’s no such thing as non-processed hair. At least, at the factory level. Even the raw, it needs to be washed and conditioned. You do not want this hair, that’s just been cut off of a village ladies head. I don’t know if they do shampoo and condition in the village, but to be raw it needs to just be untreated, unprocessed, and I think technically anything over 60 degrees is considered processing the hair. I’m relatively sure you always wash your hair in hair that’s warmer than 60 degrees. They were saying there’s no such thing as just raw, and you wouldn’t want it if it actually existed. For the cleanliness thing, that’s why he said they definitely wash everything. Raw or not.

Then for the processing part… here’s how the hair stuff works. There’s a lady in the village if she wants to sell her hair, there’s a person that goes around to these villages and collects it. That person then works with a vendor to the factories. So, it’s lady with the hair, guy that cuts the hair, guy that cuts the hair, that sells it to the guy, that sells it to the factory. It’s not factories that are directly dealing with people just coming up with bails of hair. That would be dirty and weird. It’s factories dealing with their hair people, that they know that they can trust.

Once it gets to the factory, I’m not sure, it’s just changed one, two, three, four, five different hands. That’s your single donor hair. What do you think the likelihood is that they took the time and care, every step of the way to keep this one donors hair in one batch? What I’m telling you, they have bails of hair that like… I’m high, you can’t even see. That come up to my waist. Do you understand all of the time that would take? Then not just that. Now you have to get this hair, that’s not wefted, it’s just loose strands of hair, that you still think is in that single donor bundle. Now, they got to somehow wash, all of this hair, that’s loose strands and keep it all backed and put it on… like, there’s.