Morning Money Gang, Charlotte Greene here. Introducing a new another week of hair extensions, business master class. This week we are slowing things down. We’ve been giving you guys a lot of really hard hitting content this week. We are switching over to more introspective content so if you’ve noticed the tone we’ve been setting over the last couple of weeks, it’s really practical advice. Then it’s a lot of work that we need to do personally so that we are preparing ourselves for the success that we are working toward so that we are defining exactly what success means to us so that we aren’t always trying to reach that finish line that’s never been set and making sure that we are taking care of ourselves and our needs and building an environment that is meant to foster growth and success and creativity and motivation. So that’s what this week is about. I am going to be doing some Q and a calls with some of you that have filled out our hair business master class form inside of hair business in a box. And I’m going to be sharing some personal stories on my own journey as an entrepreneur on my journey as a, a person. Just hoping to connect that much further with you through these experiences that we’ll all be sharing this week. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it.

So today buzzed out the money gun for this. Why? Because I know it’s kind of old news at this point because it happened a while ago, but I’m excited to celebrate that we managed to build the company to six figures in a matter of 69 days.


I miss this money. So I intentionally built this company up really, really quickly because I figured it make a really cool story to say that we did it so rapidly and I’m here today to share what I did to build up so quickly. And that’s also partly why I’m wearing like this. I think it’s important that you have a better picture of what going from zero to six figures in a matter of two months looks like it does not look like fancy dresses. I only wear makeup when I am filming with you all. And for the most part like this, this one right here, all that right there, these boots right here with the paint like this, I wear probably two, three times a week. Not even joking. And I know you guys are like that’s gross. I have probably five pairs of these sweat pants just because they’re comfortable and I can throw them on and run to the office when I need to go.

So for me, for the most part, my days start before anyone else wakes up. Uhm, you guys are probably, if you’ve emailed my company, I try and get through as many customer service requests that have reached me, um, in the morning and at night because during the rest of the day we are responding to all of you. We are connecting with our web developers, social media managers, our ad manager, our graphic design team. And then we have two office assistants and a manager that work in house and a videographer. In addition to that, starting at about five in the morning. I know yesterday started about five wrapped up my day. I think I sent my last email because a lot of my team is international, maybe around 11:00 PM midnight-ish. Me As the CEO, as the person that holds the vision for this company as the one person that understands all of the moving pieces, why they’re moving and what direction they’re moving in.

I do not get any days off and it sucks. It sucks working this much and going so hard. Our biggest problem has been building out enough of the team so that it’s not just on me because that’s not sustainable. We’ve hired to help with all of that part of things, but we know that we’re probably not even halfway done hiring and building out our team. Now that we’ve hit six figures and we’re trying to see how quickly we can scale that to seven figures while keeping my sanity coz that’s really important to me as far as social media is concerned because I understand how the different social media platforms work. Uhm, and I know that people are on Facebook for community. We have a Facebook group with more than 16, 1700 members, um, that are actively participating in there, that are also members of our hair business in a box program.

This is a group that I think we started in January or late December in preparation for all of this. So that’s what we do on Facebook. Um, and we also post some and re-purpose some of the YouTube videos. But then on Instagram, because we are a wholesale here company, we don’t expect any of the more than 6,000 women that have signed up for our program to repost us and show everyone who their plug is. Uhm, so we can’t rely on repost videos from our actual clients. When we do get people that purchase our retail side of things, we definitely repost them. But for the most part we can’t count on that to populate our feed. So what I decided was we would make it a hair inspiration page. We post six times a day starting at 3:00 AM on that page and we get really, really, really good engagement.

We tag the hair artists, we tag the models, we give credit where credit is due because it just makes the most sense for us and our Instagram page helps people to look at our brand and see that we exist and that we didn’t just pop up overnight and that we are consistent and that we are engaging with our customers and that there’s a lot of cool stuff that we’re sharing that they could possibly do with our hair. So that’s something that helps build our brand or reputation with people. Then as far as our last social media platform that is YouTube might not be thinking about YouTube as a social media platform, but maybe that’s why your YouTube content isn’t working. We are building a community here that’s the point of a master class and US assigning the homework. And then when we see you guys like hopping in each other’s comments like, Hey, I live out here too.

That shit right there, that makes me so freaking happy. But we post a pre-produced video like this once a day, five days a week. So since the start of this year, since the zero to six figures, um, I’d say I probably did maybe 1520 live streams over on our Facebook, maybe posted half to a quarter of them on the YouTube. Like I’m trying to go through everything that it took for us to reach these numbers because I don’t want you guys to think that I just sit here and make one YouTube video and then, and then all of this money just shows up because that’s not at all how it works. Every dollar that comes in requires work so that we can put it back out there. No one’s just giving us money. They’re getting products in exchange for their money. So in addition to the wigs and the 13 textures of bundles and closures and frontals that we also offer, we’ve also built a couple dozen websites, um, dozens of logos.

Like today we are delivering I think, nine logos today. Uhm, and this is just like daily, daily, daily. So dozens of logos, um, couple dozen websites. We also create packaging satin bags. We do the bundle wraps. Oh, and when we do social media management and we handle advertising, paid advertising for the people in our group that are interested in that. All of my being and existence pretty much gone into this. I know that my boyfriend would probably prefer I not be so stressed out and tired all the time. So that’s a sacrifice. I’m sure that my friends would appreciate more than a, a text message back after like two days or one days because something else ends up coming up and I get distracted and I have to respond to the people that I have asked to serve in business. So that’s another sacrifice. I wish I could be like, it was so easy.

You do it due in two months, even though you have a full time job and a whole family that you’re taking care of. I cannot imagine what, no, I think that would just be like child neglect if, if I tried to do it like this hard and then gave my kid the 15 minutes of scrap attention that I might have left after the day. But in all honesty, I am so grateful because our businesses success is a direct reflection of the success of our members. We are a wholesale company that is driven by the success of each of our clients. If they aren’t moving here, we aren’t moving here. If they aren’t making money, we aren’t making money. And I love this business model because it means that we’re earning it every single day. And it means that we are providing a value to our community and clearly we’re reinvesting those dollars to help continue spreading awareness, um, and business acumen and just the knowledge that we can do this.

I’m so grateful that all of you have been a part of this journey with me. Um, I’m excited to build it to seven figures, not as quickly because I don’t want to burn myself out and disappoint any of you along the way. What we’re building is so freaking fire and this is just the beginning of it and while I might seem really tired, I am so thrilled and so excited to continue building with each and every one of you. Thank you so much for contributing to my success to our success. But yeah, that’s, that’s what it is. I know that was one of the questions, the early questions that we would get a lot is because one of our things is start your six figure side hustle with white label extensions, um, is well how quickly did you do it? Two months. That’s fast. The answer two months with the receipts.

So thank you for that. That is a little insight on what it looks like today where we are taking it a little bit. We’re taking it a little bit easy. I’m sharing what we’re doing on this side of things. I’m answering your questions. I am hopping on coaching calls with you and we are taking a minute to reflect and do some introspective. And then next week we’re getting back to work. But all this week you need to be posting on your social like that is the most important homework for you is to post on your social media four times at a, it doesn’t have to be spaced out. Post it all in one chunk if you need to. It just needs to go up there. You need to build out your profile, you need to build out your portfolio. So that’s a reflection of your brand. So that’s your homework this week. Post on your social, make sure that you are building up that brand equity with anyone that might take a chance on your company and Click over. The last thing you want them to see is blank space is nothing is a sign that says, do not shop here because I don’t care enough about marketing my business to post more than twice. So that’s your homework. I will see you guys right back here tomorrow.