Morning money gang, Charlo Greene here. Super excited to kick off. Not one week, not two weeks, but a bunch of weeks. We’re not even sure when this is going to end, but I know that so many of you have reached out to me asking me Charlo what’s next? Charlo what now? Okay, I did everything you said in the last video. Now what? Where is my money? I hear you. I see you. I feel you and I get it. There are so many different ways that you can go as an entrepreneur, as the boss, you have to decide every last thing and that can be a bit overwhelming because you aren’t sure if what you’re doing is right? So I decided to put out a free hair extensions business master class course right here on my channel. Six figures, side hustle with Charlotte Greene. So if you’re interested in selling hair extensions, if you’ve already been selling hair extensions, if you’re interested in scale it, this is the course for you.

We are going to be covering everything that I know that has led to the success of my business. We are going to be talking about everything from the legal formation of your business, pulling content from our conversations with licensed United States attorneys, with tax professionals that own tax firms, all of that information, pulling it into one spot, adding in my own flair, my own insight when it comes to modern marketing. And we are going to walk you through every single thing that you need to do to make money selling hair extensions. Welcome you to hair extensions business master class. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene! It’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. If you don’t know much about me, I am of course your instructor, Charlo Greene. I was amuse, anchor and reporter for several years. That’s where I got my or what I got my degree in.

I use my communications degree, um, in my journalism career and I use it a lot in what I’m doing now and sharing this content with you. But I quit my job, live on air, said fuck it. I quit. That went hell of viral for this job. Well, not that I have a choice, but fuck it. I quit. I legalize marijuana in my state. That literally all me. So changed the course of history. I’m a boss, always been a boss, always been about freedom, always been about growing and empowering other people along my journey. I guess though, the wifely thing, I am one of seven kids, grew up super, super poor. Both of my parents are from Nigeria, so we were first generation American, didn’t have any cousins around or anything. So it was like just us seven kids and my mom after my dad left when I was five, haven’t seen him since.

So I watched my mom try to make it working from the morning shift, do the night shift and the graveyard and it never seemed that she was able to bring in enough money to make ends meet for all seven of her kids. Um, I know that she tried a couple of different business endeavours, but again, without anyone being willing to share how you’re supposed to do it, uh, she never found the kind of success that she put her blood, sweat and tears towards. So I am putting this out there for free because I know that there are people that just need a break, especially people that look like you and me. Um, and the last thing that I’m going to do is be a barrier between you and that success. If I have the keys that you need to unlock that door, you need to get through for your success.

I am the type of person that sees like the success and growth of an entire community of my community as a personal win for myself. Whether I had anything to do with it or not, I know that we overall are better if more of us are winning, and when it comes to the hair extensions thing, my, my vision for this is like in 10 years, if I show up where you guys have day, if you learn the tools that you need to, to not just build up your hair extensions business, but to build any other business that you could ever possibly want, and you take that with you and you build and the people in your community see you doing it, and your little nieces and your little nephews see that it’s actually possible for a black woman to be out there winning without degrading herself, without becoming a stereotype or playing into a stereotype but by being a fucking boss. Can you imagine the ripple effects that would have on our entire fucking nation, on the untitled world? That is the teams that I want to see. That is why I’m showing up for you. That is why I’m not charging for any of this information. Um, but don’t think because it’s free, it’s not valuable. This will be packaged up and sold at some point, but these videos will always live on this channel forever, for free for you that need it. I have actually packaged up a course like this before for the cannabis industry, which I sell for $2,000 a pop is really, really successful. Um, there are people that email me daily asking for access. I only open up the doors to that once a year because it takes a lot of my energy to focus on reading all of your comments, all of your responses, your homework assignments I’m going to be giving you and to make sure I’m dieting you adequately so what you can expect from this course is for me to show up here five days a week. New Subjects, new topics, new content every single day, but every single one of our posts are going to lead into the others. So if you’re interested in learning about like getting started, what we’re going to be doing this week? Which is all about brand positioning and creating your customer Avatar, you can watch the videos Monday through Friday. They will be on a playlist and you can sit there and binge all of this information in as long as you promise to take it at least this much action every day. At the end of each video, I’m going to be giving you a quick homework assignment that I expect every last one of you to fill out and throw it down in the comments section. I will be reading and responding to as many of these as I possibly can, but if you are joining the course as we’re putting out the videos live, expect me to personally respond to you.

If you have a question about something we’ve covered, I’m going to get in there and I’m going to help you through it, but it’s on you to take that bit of action and hop in the comments section for not just one, but two reasons. One, because I want to know that you’re hearing me. I want to know that you’re seeing me and seeing the vision for what we are painting your future together, and two, when you put your dreams down on paper, the likelihood of you actually going and doing the work that it takes to make those a reality skyrockets dramatically. So I’m not just doing this for me, I’m doing this for you. You are doing your homework for you, expect by the end of this course, for you to know everything that I know, everything that has allowed me to build this business up so rapidly.

Champagne problems, that’s what they call them there, um. It’s not really a problem like my biggest problem right now is we have too much work to do and I can’t find enough people to help with all of the orders we have to fulfill. You want those problems? That’s what I’m going to be teaching you. Everything that I possibly know about care extensions, I’m going to give you all the tea from my international travels to different hair factories in China heading to India shortly. That should be fine and sharing all of that free of charge because it just makes the most sense that I do it that way. Again, all I ask is that you do the work. I’m showing up. Show up for yourself. For today’s assignment. I’m going to need you to go ahead and life every day on the first day of class. Stand up and introduce yourself.

Why you’re here? If you already have a hair extensions business, go ahead and drop the link. We’re going to check them. I mean you’re getting free traffic right now, but let us know your name. Where are you watching from? And why are you interested in changing your life? Why is now the time for you to go ahead and get started selling hair extensions and building your arsenal for your entrepreneurial journey? Why? Give me your “why” below. I’m going to be reading the comments and responding so, so, so freaking excited to get started with you. I’ll see you tomorrow.