Get to work, get on Instagram, get to lurking, look at what people are liking, look at what people are talking about in Facebook groups, who people are talking about in these groups and Dick ride them. Morning money gang. Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. This week we are talking all out content. We’ve talked about content marketing in general, what it means and why you should do it. We talked about the second key to content which is consistency and today we are talking about packing culture. The approach that you should be taking to your content creation strategy and when you are creating your content you need to ask yourself one question every time you’re preparing to put out a video, an image, a blog, and anything, a podcast, that one question we’re going to get to right after this.

Okay, so what is the one question that you need to ask yourself? It’s quite simple. Am I educating or am I entertaining with this piece? Education, clearly vets, that’s what we’re doing here on Youtube. Anytime we’re putting out anything, it’s either information, it’s either education or it is entertaining. Now under entertainment, at least how I look at it is there are a number of different facets. There are some inspiring things that you might consider entertaining. There are humorous things that you consider entertaining. Just like obvious entertainment. There are a number of different approaches that you can take, but for being, if we’re, if we’re just being really straight forward for the most part, any piece of content that works either falls under the umbrella of entertainment or education and the best content mixes both in one. When we’re talking about hacking culture, what exactly does that mean? It means that there is something happening in the community that you are a part of. Whether it is the beauty community, whether it is the hip hop community, whether it is just the black community in general, when there is something happening, there is buzz surrounding it. You can think about Beyonce’s homecoming, the whole Jessie small light thing. All of these things are big things because you know that they happen and you know that they happen because the culture was talking about it. So if you are just starting off, one of the like really great hacks that you can do is is hacking culture, which means you are going to take one of these trends which are an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to new audiences that are interested in this topic that the general population is also interested in. Jackie Aina did something really interesting with this huge youtuber super, super dope.

I’d been a subscriber for a quite awhile, but when everyone was talking about the Jordan Woods sleeping with Chloe’s baby daddy thing, what she did was create a my response to, or it’s like the truth about Jordan Woods video. What she did in that video was just do her makeup. Like Jordan had her makeup in that, but she benefited from the fact that so many people were interested in Jordan Woods t what’s going on with Jordan Woods? What do you have to say about the situation? Everyone is interested in that. So what she did was give people and opportunity that we’re interested in just Jordan Woods to see what she had to say and what her channel was about. You didn’t have to know who Jackie Aina was to be able to find that content. But if you were searching for this thing that everyone else was talking about, you would have stumbled upon it.

So I will use an example that actually discussed me recently the death of Nipsey Hussle. I guess because I see this as a negative thing, the way people are using his death to try and gain relevancy, um, and using like his hashtag weeks later in like posts about hair, oh, I’m gonna call this wig Nipsey blue. But that is the same approach. There are people that are interested in Nipsey Hussle in his life and so people know that. So they’re creating pieces of content that ride on top of that. I’d say in the negative sense, I call that Dick Riding, but I do hate the fact that there are so many people using the rip Nipsey Hussle Hashtag in content that has nothing to do with his death, but they know that people are searching for that sort of thing. I think we’ve all also seen the other side of that. The negative side of you getting back.

What you put out there. So it might get you short term likes to hack negative culture and to talk about things that people are piling onto somebody who slipped up or or something like that. But those are also likely people that if you make a mistake in your business, they are going to celebrate your mistake and post all about it and tell everyone about it because you’re attracting negative as bitches. You just don’t want that for your business. So it might get you short term likes, but in the long run you’re doing more damage when you’re hacking negative culture as opposed to focusing on the positive and fun things you want. Those kinds of customers. The positive fun ones. Trust me, you do not want anyone turning up in your place of business. We talked about freedom couture in one of the recent videos and how it’s um, like a prestige hair brand, super, super expensive, but they know who their avatar is.

People that can afford their wigs can also afford Coachella tickets. And if you can afford Coachella tickets, you’re probably at Coachella. So what they did was hack the culture. Weeks before Coachella, they found, I think three or four huge influencers that were in that Coachella attendees demographic. They did collaborations with each of these influencers and they created an entire Coachella wig line that was only going to be available for a limited time period. That is hacking culture that is going and talking about something that you know people are already going to be excited about. And you know, she banked on him, you know, she banked doing that. You can do the same let’s say, and arrogant tay decides to create like a Rainbow Patch with which we’re actually going to be creating here because I think it’s super cute. Um, but say that something and it gets a million likes what you should do.

Arrogant chain inspired how to create this rainbow pastel patch thingy in your hair. Do that. If he got a million views, that means there are a million people that are interested in that sort of content. And if you do a how to inspired by him and give him credit, like, do you see where I’m going with all of this? We talked about this before. Figure out ability, you figuring it the fuck out because nobody’s going to come in and see you and your business. That’s just not how it works. So get to work. Get on Instagram, get to lurking. Look at what people are liking. Look at what people are talking about in Facebook groups, who people are talking about in these groups and Dick ride them until you build up enough brand yourself for you to be that influencer of that voice in your community, you need to borrow influence. However you can, not off of someone’s death though, cause that’s nasty. All these other ways though. Bear game. Go for it. So you hair extensions, business owner. What are some trends that you can have? Do some research. Write down some dates. What are people excited about? What movies are dropping in the future that you know your demos going to be interested in? Are there any holidays, any festivals, any events that you know people are going to be talking about? Get in front of it and get your money.

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