So I’m getting way more Instagram and You Tube subscribers from a simple hack that, it made a lot of sense at the end of the day and I’m a little surprised I didn’t figure it out sooner. But I think it’s just becoming more impactful, now thanks to some change in some algorithm somewhere. But it all comes back to being social on social media.

So, before we delve into that. Before we dive into that, go ahead and subscribe if you are interested in getting more content to grow your side hustle to six figures and beyond. I’m Charlo Greene; CEO of White Label Extensions and our hair business on [inaudible 00:00:47] program.

But right now, we’re talking social media and growing our followings. Why are we interested in doing this? Because that directly correlates to sales. Social media, just drop the social off of it, it’s just media. All of us spend more of our time on our phones than watching TV. So how you thought about commercials and all of that stuff, understand that is the opportunity social media offers you.It’s an equal playing ground where everyone can put out content. You don’t have to pay millions of dollars like you used to back when it was only TV and there were so many gatekeepers. So, utilizing social media to grow our brands, to grow our businesses, it is absolutely essential.

But, I know, that growing a following isn’t too easy. How can you get new people to care about what it is that you’re doing or what it is that you’re selling. How can you even get on their radar? So, this thing that I figured out, it doesn’t even include producing more content, though that definitely helps. But it works and you don’t even have to spend any more time on these platforms than you already were. The thing you have to do differently, is instead of just scrolling as a bystander, is get active and engaged in the comments section.

If you are on Instagram and you follow the Shade Room as tens of millions of people do, especially the people that are tapped into black culture and hip hop culture and what to know what’s going on in that world, the hot thing right there, is you see a post, but what you do, what I do, what my friends do, is immediately go to the comments. So Shade Room tells us a little bit about the post, but where the action is really at is in the comment section. So inside there, you might see a person’s comment get just as many likes or more than the original post. that’s because we are there. That’s where our attention goes next.

So, for example, how I stumbled on to how effective this actually was, is Ariana Grande has this You Tube series and it showed in my trending feed and I saw that it had just been posted like five minutes ago. So, I go over and I just go down in the comments section. I want to see what people are saying. I’m not even a huge fan of Ariana Grande, I think she’s extremely talented, but I couldn’t name two or three of her songs. So, I was just in there doing my thing, because marketing is the other half of business. Once it’s built, you’ve got to constantly market. So I want to know what people are saying about her brand.

I go in the comment section, there are less than 100 comments and so I just comment, well this is great content and all, but I’m not interested in paying you. Or something like, not negative about her. Because you never talk shit on someone’s actual page or channel or anything. But it was just a comment about the fact that they were going to force us to pay for content on You Tube like that.

So, the next day, my phone just kept on blowing up with notifications. Now that comment has thousands of likes on it. I have maybe hundreds of new followers from it, because … Oh, and by the way,

once your comment wins on You Tube, I commented, it got a few likes, once its the number one liked comment on You Tube, then it just stays there. And my comment gets to live on with Ariana Grande’s reality show. It is the first thing that people will ever see until she takes down this video, which I doubt will happen in the next several years.

So, because I’m there, because I said something of value that people could connect with about not wanting to pay free You Tube for paid content, I get a constant stream of new people that click on my name, come over to my channel and see what I’m talking about and actually want to grow their side hustle to six figures. Believe me, I mean yes. Just because I left that one comment, I get new followers every single day. I get new subscribers every single day from that one comment.

So I thought, this is interesting. After I kept on getting … And I hadn’t posted a new video in a while, so I tried it again. And I specifically looked for videos that had just been posted in the last couple of hours that had less than a couple hundred comments. And saw if I could add a comment of value. You can’t just be like, follow for follow, I’m here first. No. As a content creator, I’ll probably just delete that because that’s not adding anything to the conversation.

So what was a recent one? Then I was over in … I love hip hop. I love rap. I’m going to be dropping some, [inaudible 00:05:56]. Everyone should make music I think. Sharing that with you later on. But, there was girl that did this interview with No Jumper, 21 Jumper. Sorry guys. Super popular You Tube channel, I’ve been following this girls career. She did a walkout of the interview and I was like one of the first 10 comments. And I put something out there that added value to the conversation and that is the top comment on that video, which has millions of views like the Ariana Grande has millions of views. And any time, anyone watches that video and scrolls to the comment section, they see my comment first. Six figure side hustle with Charlo Greene.

So, I definitely got more subscribers off of that. And I figured well, these aren’t necessarily people that or channels that my followers might follow, but, I decided to change my channel name because of this. Because when you see these comments, and it’s like Billy Smith commented this. Commented that. Wouldn’t it be more effective if you saw Six figure side hustle with Charlo Greene commented this. So you already know that I’m doing something on my channel that you might be interested in. I don’t have to take any extra steps to convince you to click over, because what we’re talking about on my channel is literally in my name. So that part is two fold. It’s being there first and adding something that will encourage people to click over. It’s free advertising. I’m already scrolling on You Tube all the time, but it just takes you being social on social media.

Like you guys wonder why we always see Just Hilarious’ comments on every single Shade Room post or why we always see Supasense comments in all of the Shade Room posts on all of the popular influencers posts and it’s like how are they doing this like its their job? It is. And it might not even be them. They’re just really simple rules that you can follow if you you’re going to have someone else outsource this. Which I think, it takes a lot of time, because you have to actually see what the content is about and see how you can add value in the discussion about the content.

Just being there is huge and another thing it does is when you comment on all of these Instagram thingy’s, whenever one of your followers see this post, they see your comment first. Period. If you are following the Shade Room, and I follow the Shade Room and I decide to drop a comment there, if it has more likes than anyone else that you follow, that’s following Shade Room; I know, it’s a lot. But, you

know what I mean. If we have that same connection, Instagram shows you my comment first. As a rule. Which is … I know you’re like, well, how does that grow my following? It grows your engagement. It reminds people that you exist. You didn’t even have to post a picture and they’re clicking over to see what you’ve been up to. That is key.

So I’ve just been playing with all these different things, different ways to really tap into and grow my audience. Now that I shifted totally, well, not totally away from cannabis, but now that my thing is empowering women of color, specifically, just going into the forums that I know they’re at. I know that my followers love them some Cardi B. I know they love them some Nicki Minaj. I know they love them some drama beef between them. So if I see someone post about the stuff that’s going on, I hop in there and I drop my two cents.

One thing you need to be mindful of, is to never comment anything negative on someone’s own page post. So if you come to my page, if you think for one second, I’m going to let your negative ass comment live there, then you’re a lie and you’re an idiot. What that does is, I think it takes away from your brand for your followers that see you’re trying to talk shit on someone’s page. Another thing is we’re probably going to delete if we have time, because why would you do that? But the thing you do, is if you want to talk about it, talk about it, is you go to one of these forums. You go to Hollywood Unlocked. You go to Baller Alert, you to the Shade Room and then you talk about it there. But never put anything but positivity on someone’s actual page. That’s just a rule. We’re talking about success here and what can help you build and grow, and that is something that I think should be Bible.

So, if you ever have a team or someone that you’re outsourcing your social media marketing to, half their job should be going and commenting on new, fresh posts. If a post has a thousand comments, I likely won’t comment. Unless it’s only been up for a couple of hours and I know my followers are going to see it and then will see my comment first. But for the most part, when I’m just trying to … I call it winning the comment section. I have a book of … I won that one. Won the Ariana Grande one. I won the Cardi B comment on the CBS Morning News.

They did a You Tube story about her and I just posted about how I love seeing her win. How it makes me feel like I’m winning too because she’s just so much more authentic than most celebrities out there. That has 3,000 likes. And it’s only been up for … The video itself has millions of views, it’s the number one comment. So now, until the end of history, I will always get traffic from that comment because I won the comment section.

So now what I’m doing, is I follow business people like Marie Forleo and Rachel Hollis and Gary Vaynerchuk and inspirational, motivational people. When they post, I have my notifications turned on so my phone can go, ding. Let’s get to the money. That’s what I hear. So, I see what it’s about. Consume as quickly as possible, because you’ve got to do it quickly. Got to do it quickly. I comment, then I log into my other You Tube accounts and like the f. I’m probably going to try to boost this post, so I’m trying not to swear as much as possible. You all know I got a potty mouth. But, yeah. Then I like the f out of my comment, on that post, with my other accounts.

So instead of me just having me saying its okay, and just no one co signing it, then I have half a dozen likes on it, which guarantees it’s going to live at the top if there are only a few other comments that might have one or two likes. That’s how you win the comment section.

Let me know if this is something you already knew. I’m just blown away at how effective it is. I am learning more and more about how effective content marketing is and I just … You guys are going to see a whole lot more content coming out of me in 2019. We’re actually building out my studio, this glam office showroom for my hair company. Up here in the Bay area. But me, my job, Just Hilarious’ job, any person that understands they are a brand and that their brand drives business, that’s the world we live in now. Any person that understands that, is in these comments. Is in every comment. You’re going to see them all the time. You’re going to be reminded about them, because they have figured it out. They figured out how valuable it is to be social on social media.

I think that’s it for now. Go ahead and let me know what you think about this. In fact, lets see who can win this comment section. It might be me, but lets give it some practice. And again, the great thing about this is you’re already on Instagram. You’re already scrolling bitch. Ah. The b word. Try to catch it at the end. Did not work.

But you’re already on Instagram, you’re already on You Tube, you’re already scrolling. Drop a comment. Drop a comment. That is literally money. You don’t get it yet. But when you win … Just try it. Just go to the trending. Now by the time it reaches the trending section on You Tube, its probably already too late. There are probably too many views. But, turn on some post notifications for the people that you really follow, and f with, and see what kind of impact it has on your analytics. See how it impacts the number of people that you have coming to your page.

I was sharing this, everything that I was learning with my boyfriend, and he’s an Instagram lurker. He don’t post, he don’t comment, just nothing. It’s TV, it’s something to consume. And so I was like, well … And he’s really witty and really snappy and comes with, not all PC comebacks and stuff, but I was like, just try it. Try dropping a couple of comments early on in some of the people that you really follow and fuck with. Aah. I can’t stop cussing. Welcome to my channel.

But he tried it out and he’s used to getting … His page is private, it’s only family and friends and like 100 followers, but he’s had dozens of friend requests, dozens of follower requests, just so much more engagement and interaction on his channel. And the number of people that have been visiting his page, it’s ten folded. Quadrupled, tended, nineded. Its ten folded. So, it works whether or not you’re building a brand, but you should be building a brand because you’re on this channel, because we’re talking about making money. That’s the only I’m willing to talk about on here. Well, we can talk about other stuff eventually. But right now, we’re talking about getting to this money.

So, it works across the board. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting a product or anything. I would say get in there with your actual business pages. Only positive comments from business pages. Period. Your personal brand, you get saucy. You can get a little funny. You can try and do your Just Hilarious thing. But, never on that person’s page. Only in a forum.

I hope this wasn’t too much. I never try and go too long. And I’m not scripting any of my videos anymore. I’m not using a ton of fancy equipment. I just have a ring light over here. It should be there, but that’s why you see a shadow being cast on my lashes. No, they’re not flapping. And I’m recording this on my cell phone with no microphone. It’s really important that I show you guys that creating this content, marketing your company and sharing your information, is super, super, super, doable. A lot of people like to be like, oh wait until I … No, I’m in my living room right now. Okay? On my cell phone. My dogs won’t shut up back there. I know you hear them.

But at the end of the day, I’m trying to help empower your with the tools and tricks and tactics that I’m using to grow my own business. And content creation is key. So, just going to leave you with that nugget. Let’s see what you do with it. This is our lace front wig at White Label I think this is the 10 inch unit cut into a slick ass bob.

We should have a swear jar. We’re going to have a swear jar. And I think I’ll just give it away to a follower or subscriber once it gets full. But I don’t think I’m going to stop swearing. All right guys. That’s enough of your time. Go ahead and hop up in the comment section. Lets see who wins this one. I’ll be subscribing to you and commenting back on these videos, because that’s just how it works. I’m building a community, so I’m responding and letting you know that I’m really here for you. So comment. I’m going to comment back and we’re going to go ahead and get to this money. Okay?