Welcome back to the hair extensions business master class. I’m your instructor, Charlotte Green, She EEO of white label extensions. Today we continue the conversation on marketing strategy. We have talked about the sales funnel process that you are tasked with moving your customers through. We have talked about lead capture offers, but you can make so that you can get in touch with your customers and continue moving them through that funnel. Now we are talking about the different tools that you can employ to do just that. My main thing that I like using is Mail Chimp. Yesterday we talked about how effective email marketing is, especially in the hair extensions industry. We’re going to get a little deeper. I’m going to let you guys know what we do here. That has helped to make us, um, we’re just growing really, really, really fast. So let’s go ahead and get to the money,

Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. Now when it comes to all the different ways that you can market, you posting on your social media is important. Even if you are just posting hair inspiration photos, you having those touch points with your customer, every single one of them matters. It’s like a friend that you are just getting to know every single time you see them or hear from them. If it’s a positive experience, you end up liking and trusting them more. So the posting, it’s super, super important. They’re responding to the comments. That’s even more important if someone is about to exert that extra energy to let you know that they are seeing you. But what takes the cake? What tops it all is e mail marketing. When it comes to hair extensions, our demographic for the most part isn’t used to being, I won’t say bombarded with emails, but that it’s seen as one of the more professional ways to communicate.

When you send an email to someone, um, it’s not like a post that you just scroll by. It is opened and it is usually read at least the first couple of lines. For us, we have really high email open rates. It’s around 25%, and then our click rate, um, depending on what the email is between 10 and 20%, which is higher than average, but what that says is every time we send an email, one of four people is going to read it and about one in five or six people are going to click on it and follow it to whatever special offer or whatever announcement it is that we are sharing. When it comes to our demo, what I’ve heard is people aren’t that familiar with this form of marketing. It’s very one on one feeling. Um, so it feels that much more personal than you just putting out a post on the Internet for everyone to stumble across.

It’s almost an invited form of advertising or marketing communication. It’s almost like people look forward to receiving a piece of mail that’s addressed to them about a topic that they want to hear about. While email might be old, it’s not old for our industry, it’s not old for the hair extensions industry. If you are using this form of marketing, you get to the top. It’s better than any ad that you could run, that someone might passively scroll past. It’s better than any post you can make on social media because these different platforms that you use also allow you to plug in the first name of whichever recipient is receiving that email. So while we email now more than 8,000 women, every time we send out a message, every single person’s first name is in that first line of that email that we send out. So it feels super, super personal.

I write my emails as me just however I’m feeling, I if I’m like, ah, then I’ll write a, I try and be as personal and as personable as possible because that works way better than any hard sales or corporate talk because people like doing business with people, people like knowing that they are seen, that they are heard and that they are valued. So when we’re sending emails, we like giving people that experience of, oh, something’s in the mail for me. Oh, the subject line looks really exciting. It has emojis and moneybags in it. Oh, that’s something that I might want to know more from. Says my name on it. Ooh, it is some tea. Okay. Okay. There’s some tea, some links at the bottom, some more information that I definitely wanted to know. All of that stuff is important because it’s a touch point, like we talked about earlier this week, everything, everything you’re doing is helping to move that customer through that sales funnel.

Like we just did this flash sale and I think we sent out the email at four or at noon and then said that we were having a flash sale with 15% off the entire site. It expired at 4:00 PM do not email afterwards asking us to extend the sale for you. That is the point of a flash sale. All of that stuff was said in the email just in the same voice that I’m using with you here, and we did over $12,000 in sales in those four hours because it arrives to people’s phones. Most people have that Dang where they get an email and it shows across the top of their phone or will sit there as a notification or sit there as a number inside of a red dot. All of those things are designed by the people that create these phones so that they trigger something in you that’s like Fomo.

And that’s like I need to go ahead and get rid of this red dot. So use the technology that’s been provided. Um, use a, make sure that you have a great lead capture offer because we talked about capturing the lead yesterday, not repeating myself today on any of that, but there’s the link to the video so you can watch it in full. It’s super important that you guys watch these videos and sequence because every video builds on the last video. So make sure that you have your lead capture offer in place, a tool that you can use. And there are a number of different ones that I’ve tried. I like Mail Chimp. So what I do with Mail Chimp is I go over, I don’t do any of the layouts that are like put a picture here and put a picture here. I just use the full text email on Mail Chimp.

Why do I love Mail Chimp so much? They make it extremely user friendly where they build it so anyone can understand it. And use it really, really easily, but with that you also get to see exactly who opened up your email, how many people opened it up, how far they read into it, how many people clicked on each link, each individual link. It will tell you how many people clicked on it. That information is extremely valuable because the wording on this link, even though it’s sent people to the same exact place, maybe the wording over here is something that your customers prefer more. Maybe you placing a link at the top of the email versus the bottom of the email works better with your demographic. Maybe you sending emails at this time of day results in this many opens results in this many clicks and results in this many sales.

All of that stuff can literally be tracked with Mail Chimp. For most of you, I think they let you operate for free if you have under 200 email subscribers on your list. When you look at the statistics that are tied to this is the average email open rate and the hair extensions industry, I think it’s going to be much higher. I think that’s why our rates are more than double what statistics show they should be for email marketing, but look at those numbers uhm, compare it to what it is that you’re doing and what you’re finding. And by the time you hit 200 subscribers, you will have earned enough money back due to your email marketing that it will pay for itself. And it won’t be like hundreds of dollars. I think it’s like 45 bucks for the smallest plan. They’re that lead capture offer should be synced to your e mail account with one of these companies.

We’ll just go ahead and call it your mail Chimp account. Right now it should be synced. So when someone’s on your website and they enter their email address, it’s automatically added to that list. And mail Chimp, if you ask for their first name, it will hold onto their first name and mail Chimp will know it’s their first name. So when you are writing an email and you put insert the customer’s first name, it will do that moving forward. That’s why each of those things you’re asking for is important. It helps you personalize the message moving forward, which moves them closer to that sales line. When it comes to email marketing, you don’t want to only email your customer, your lead. We won’t even call it your customer base yet because it’s not yet. It’s your lead base. These are the people that have expressed an interest in hearing from you.

That is what they did when they gave you that email address. They said, tell me more. Tell them more like it’s your job. You should be in touch with them at least once every two weeks. Even if you’re not running a sale, even if you don’t really have too much to say, you need to be sending an email to these people at least once every two weeks. That might be as little as, hey, just want to hope that you had a great week. You know, we’re over here doing this and this and blah, blah, blah. Have a great weekend. Could just be that you always do want to include at least one link in every email because you want to condition your group to understand that there’s always more information. So when you do that Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook, when you throw that right hook, that is a harder sales offer.

They are already conditioned to clicking on your links. That is a little more advanced in the email marketing thing. And we’re going to talk about this stuff in the future. It’s like this is a business class. There’s always going to be something to learn. There is always going to be something that you need a refresher on and we are always going to have something to talk about here so don’t even worry about that. But you money maker need to have a marketing calendar. Now we aren’t into like doing the uhm, like a ton of different sales and stuff because we’re a wholesale company but we release different emails and um, we call them events here. So when we are adding something to our catalog, we make it an event. Hey guys, guess what we just added. You asked, we answered, check this out here, different events that our group is interested in.

How do we know? Because we listened because we get hundreds of emails every single day with you guys expressing what it is that you want to see and how we can better serve you. So we cause we’re paying attention. We know that when we finally got in our five by five, six by six and seven by seven closures, that was a huge event. We sent out that email. Look what we have the little teaser video, a little teaser gifts flew off the shelves, continue flying off the shelves. Why? Because we were responding to what you wanted. Um, on a larger scale of things, if you’re talking about Christmas, everyone knows about Christmas. You can create something, um, that relates to that holiday happening New Year, new me, new vibe sale. Um, you can do a 4th of July a freedom and all of these things. You need to dial into your avatar and see what it is that they are looking forward to, what holidays and events that they recognize.

And then go ahead and base your announcements off of that. I think that’ll, that’ll dial it down is you taking yourself out of the passenger or customer seat and putting your avatar there. What do they want to see? Then give it to them once they’re so used to looking forward to your emails that you send out that, hey, we’re having a flash sale thing and they open it up and they like that. That’s what we’re trying to get to. Everyone that got that flash sale email had received an email from us probably 20 different times before, 20 different times with as not being like, buy this, buy this buy. No, like here’s how you build, here’s what you look out for. Value, value, value, value. Now more value, 15% off, come get it. Just so that is my spiel. Today’s homework. What is an email that you could send out that you know your lead base, potential customer base would be interested in clicking on and opening up and reading through?

What is something that you could talk about? What is something that you could offer or introduce? Let me know in the comments section. I will give you my thoughts on your submissions and then I’ll see you tomorrow are continuing our super practical conversation this week on marketing techniques and tools, and tomorrow we’re going to be talking about, I don’t want to say the big one, but it kind of is. The big one, at least in 2019 email is massive. I think email is number one over this one, but without this one you probably won’t get too many people on the email. We’ll discuss it tomorrow.