What is in the name? It depends on who you asks? Some people might say that the main you select for your business doesn’t really matter too, too much. Others get stuck on this part of building their business for months. We’re not about doing that today. We are talking about naming your hair extensions business in this installment of hair extensions business master class. Let’s get started. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticking iffy Greene, it’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. When it comes to selecting a name for your hair extensions business, you have literally every option available to you that isn’t already taken. My biggest, biggest, biggest piece of advice is that you do not get hung up on this step. So in just a minute I’m going to be sharing my five key tips for naming your hair extensions business. But before I do that, I want to give you a little insight on the power that your name can hold.

I’m one of those people that does not believe the name of your business is the end all be all. When we talk about great brands, what does Nike even mean? It’s whatever you define it to be, so don’t get too hung up on it. Just keep in mind the fact that in the age of social media, your name and can act as a free marketing tool for you. What do I mean by that? Take my, this youtube channel that you’re watching right now, it was named Charlotte Green before, but when you are scrolling on youtube looking for things to watch, what does the name Charlotte Green tell you about what you might possibly see on my channel? Absolutely nothing unless you’re already familiar with my brand. Now six figure side hustle with Charlotte Green. When you see that and you’re scrolling and you know you’re interested in making some money, doesn’t that speak to you a whole lot more than some random lady’s name using your name to capture attention?

It is free marketing. That’s free advertising. It’s more brand awareness if you take advantage of the opportunity. So while it might tickle your fancy to have some sort of really long, and I won’t say random, I’ll say it’s personal to you, but to your target customer and every other person on the internet is random and we don’t know the inside scoop on it. We don’t know the backstory for it, so we don’t have that same value for it as opposed to you stating, like I said, Timbuktu’s best bundles. If I’m in Timbuktu and I’m looking for some bundles, you just caught my attention. So in the age of social media where you can post as often as you want, where if you see a post you like, you can leave a comment and the name of your business is on that person’s post. Are you going to waste that opportunity by being selfish about naming your business or are you going to take advantage of that opportunity that it gives you to market your business for free?

That’s my thinking and why you should choose practicality over what you deem as creativity. Everyone has different taste. Everyone has different slangs and all of that stuff. Choose something that speaks to your avatar. Here’s a hard lesson. I wasn’t planning on dropping by in case no one has told you in case you’re still in high school and haven’t been met with a real world, no one cares. No one cares. Whatever your back store, whatever went into this, unless it is solving this person’s problem, they literally have a whole other life with all of their own personal problems and they’re coming to you so you can solve this one issue for them. If you give them more work by making them, they won’t even click your name, they just won’t, but by making them click your name and then Google your name and like do you see the disconnect there?

If you are actually trying to make money as opposed to just being one of those people that’s like, oh yeah, I got a business. I named it my middle name, my son’s name, and then my grandma’s name because you know she was a strong like your customer. I know. I know. After they buy into your brand, after you’ve already served the need and provided value for them. Sure, yes. They will appreciate that backstory that you need to get them to click. You need to communicate that you are there to solve their problem, but you have the solution and you need to do it as quickly and as cost effectively as possible and what’s a more cost effective way then by having your main be that thing that they connect with first vast my rant, which I think is now a perfect opportunity for us to throw up a quick snippet of the recent video that we did on the five keys for naming your hair extensions business.

One thing you learned about me, I hate repeating myself, not going to do it today. Here’s the cliff. I think when it comes to selecting a name for your business, you should do it relatively quickly because at the end of the day you can always change. You can always pivot the name of your business when it comes to you making sales. You have to understand that the customer goes through a process where they are first meeting you and then they have to and understand and appreciate the value of your brand and trust you and trust the fact that you are going to deliver with whatever they’re asking for or whatever you’re trying to sell them. So when it comes to choosing a name for your business, you don’t want to create any additional hurdles. So if you were to name your hair business, something like fighting Cougar, that literally tells the customer nothing about Your Business, you’re giving the customer more work to do in understanding who you are and what it is and why they should be interested?

And when it comes to a market that is as robust as the hair extensions industry, there are a million different options up there. Like there’s, there’s, if you give me more work to do, I’m simply going to keep on scrolling and I’m going to go with the company that tells me exactly what time it is? Include the name of your geographic location in the title of Your Business. I think that’s always a smart thing to do. If you are selling hair retail, why? Because it immediately is going to stop someone that’s in your area that you are targeting and want to sell to and they’re going to appreciate the fact that this is for them. It’s not just another random hair company. This is Atlanta’s whatever bundles. Another thing to keep in mind when you are choosing a name for your business is you don’t want something that is going to trend out like on flick was really, really huge a couple of years ago.

Um, in 10 years. Is that still going to be a slogan or a term? I know that you can always change the name of your business, like I said, but that’s a really, really trendy term right now and in a few years if what you’re hoping to capture is that like young generation, the 17 to 21 year olds, like they’re always onto the next thing and you’re going to date yourself out of what it is that they want to shop for, if that makes sense to you. When it comes to you research and different brand names, always make sure that the .com is available. The last thing you want to do is do a bunch of marketing for, let’s call it Timbuktu’s best bundles, [inaudible] or .co, Say, you bought the.co and you do all of this marketing and the person with Timbuktu’s best bundles.com they’re immediately going to get all of that traffic.

No one thinks to just drop the Dot com, everyone automatically types in.com that’s just how the world works for now. So get on go daddy.com and search to see if your Dotcom is available. Then you’re going to go over to Instagram and you’re also going to search for that same name. You want to keep the exact same spelling if possible across all of your platforms. Why? Because if it’s Timbuktu’s best bundles.com and then its best bundles dot Timbuktu on Instagram and then your Facebook page is facebook.com/ Timbuktu’s best and no, it’s just you’re giving your customer more work. If you give your customer more work, the likelihood of them buying from you and connecting with your brand, it diminishes drastically. And now in case any of that went over your head or maybe you want to dial a little further down on it. I have these Q and A calls that I love doing with my hair business and a boss members.

I took a call with a woman in New York and we were talking about why she wasn’t getting any seals in her hair extensions business? And after we spoke for about 20 minutes, we addressed a few key things and she actually, she emailed me from her new domain name, sent a link to her new website all within 12 hours of that conversation. So I thought if, if that impacted her enough, if it rang true enough for her. And this video is one that you guys have liked. Here’s the link to the whole thing. But right now we’re going to play a quick clip that addresses the issue of naming your business something for you as opposed to something for your customer. So we’re definitely going to have to work on your avatar. But let’s talk about your brand. Um, while I have you on the line,

um, my brand I, my brand is marquis bundles. I named it after my son because he’s making me my inspiration of everything.

what would the name of your company tell someone that was interested in shopping with you?

The name is really complicated for most people. A lot of people who knows me, gets me that, okay, this is her son’s name, but that’s about it. It only tells anything about what’s going on with my brand actually, this is, it’s just the fact that it’s my son. So therefore I’m building a foundation for my son.

I definitely understand that and I respect it and I think it’s awesome that you have that in mind. But do you think it would bring more value to your son if your business actually took off? or if it was just named after him and no one got it? Except for your friends who are not your customers?

It holds me more to him if it actually took off.

So are you married to that name? Are you open to considering rebuilding your brand in the image of what your actual target customer would want? as opposed to something that you want?

Yeah, I’m not married to the name so I’m really open into rebuilding it to something that my actual target customer will want.

So now that you have a very clear picture of what the power of a name can do for your business, especially if you’re strapped for advertising dollars and you need that handle to communicate that for you for free. Now that you have that picture, let’s see what you’ve got. Go ahead and drop your Instagram down in the comments below. I will be following all of you and when I’m following you I’m going to be seeing who exactly is keeping up with the short term goal that we set last week when we were talking about smart goal setting, I asked you or together, I didn’t ask you cause this is for you. We post on our social at least six times a day. We handle clients’ social media accounts. We’re posting over here. But I told you that it might be a good idea to set a short term goal that you could use to push yourself to claim a win quickly and see how much more effective setting smart goals is as opposed to random desires that you’re calling goals.

So drop your ideas. I’m going to be seeing who was doing their homework. And if you have been doing your homework, you get applauses across the board and, and you should feel better about the fact that you aren’t quitting on yourself and you weren’t quitting on your business. Social media is the driver of business in 2019 period point blank. So if you’re sleeping on that aspect of your business, but you’re showing up for class, it’s like, why are you really here? Is this, I love the fact that you’re here to view this, but I’m creating this content for the people that really want to change their lives. I want more for you and I want you to want more for you. And I know I can’t want that for you, but I do anyway. So I’m going to keep showing up here. I hope you’ve been doing your homework. Drop your Instagram name. I’m a go check. See you guys in class tomorrow.