Don’t ever discount what you’ve been through and the knowledge that you have worked to gain, when you are venturing into other fields. You can gain value. You can realize the value and put that value to work, if you stop and assess, and give yourself the credit that you deserve.

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I’m trying to show you guys how doable everything that I’m doing is. This is the place for you. It’s money, money, money. I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got.

Morning money gang, Charlo Greene here. It’s time to rise and grind. Okay. The show’s going to be all about you today. We are checking in with you, seeing how you are dealing with your new year resolution, the new year, new bag challenge. Have you guys stuck with it? Have you deterred from your goal? Are you still focused on what you need to be focused on? If you want 2019 to be the year where everything changes for the better. That is the subject for today’s show. I know I gave you the new year, new bag challenge then a week into it, I was like, should definitely follow that up with active steps. Probably next new year, we’re going to have a whole program. You can download something and then we’ll follow along on this guided calendar, on the different things we need to be doing.

Like we stated, the New Year, new bag challenge is all of us just focusing on one thing as our priority this year, that was getting to that bag, changing our financial situation for the better. That means different things for different people. Before we get to the “You” part, we’re talking about where we are with the Think and Grow Rich book. Last show, yesterday evening we talked about chapter five, which was all about specialized knowledge and we talked about the fact that generalized knowledge, which is the thing that most schools, universities, high schools, that’s what they teach. They don’t really teach you how to put all that knowledge into place on the puzzle, that would map out your success and that, that’s a huge feeling in it.

But understanding that specialized knowledge, you guys have heard, a jack of all trades is the master of none. So the same thing applies in this chapter and what they were talking about. I say that to lead into a mention of the 10000 hour rule, which I know takes us to a whole another book. I believe it’s Malcolm Gladwell’s mastery, which is also one of my favorites. But he talks about this concept where it says, “It takes you 10000 hours to master any role, task, job that comes along.” That means 10000 focused hours. That’s not like something, a class running in the background and you are scrolling on Instagram for 10000 hours on something. It’s you actively being involved and engaged, and learning, and experiencing. It takes you 10000 hours to reach a level of mastery in any given field.

I think at this point, like for me, if we’re talking about things that I’ve mastered or spent 10000 hours learning and honing in on, I would say reading the news, and putting out content. I’m definitely at my 10000 hour mark. But me, and they were talking the other day about DJ Khaled, we talk about marketing and business stuff all the time, I love it. But we were talking about the different things that made him a really successful Snapchat person. When you think about your 10000 hours, the things that you have mastered, I think a lot of people discount what they’ve earned. I think a lot of people discount the knowledge that they have put their blood, sweat, time and tears into learning and gaining, and not understanding that just because you were a DJ for 20 years, doesn’t mean that the skills that you learned as a DJ, can’t apply to these other things that you’re doing.

Which takes us back to that DJ Khaled conversation. When you think about Snapchat, you understand that it is, let’s six seconds … I don’t Snapchat, but six second bursts of information or knowledge that someone is sharing, and then you think about DJs and the fact that it’s their job to share just moments of energy, information, inspiration to keep the energy going in any given crowd, or group, or event, or engagement. When you think about the skills that a DJ; has to think fast, has to be able to condense this sort of information, has to be engaging, has to understand energy and keeping energy up. When you think about that and then you see what he did with Snapchat, it’s clear how he was able to do that. Am I losing anyone here?

What I’m trying to demonstrate to you guys, is that even though you may have been a principal or teacher for decades, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into an industry, and use the skills and knowledge that you gained in managing people, in understanding the value of educating people, in understanding how you have to also appease not only your direct customers, but help them find a place of contentment with whatever it is that you’re offering, so that their own circles are good with what it is that you’re providing. When you’re a DJ and things are moving in the way that music has moved, and it’s all mostly digital and all of that stuff, but there’s this platform that says, “Hey, if you know how to make engaging content that fits between songs or would otherwise fit between songs, here is a space for you to do just that.”

I’m surprised that more DJs didn’t take advantage of that opportunity, and really flex with a skill that they had spent honing for so long. It’s transferable skills. It’s literally all connected. Even if you’re doing something completely new, or if you’re doing something that’s still slightly different from what you’re doing, understand that whatever you’ve been doing, even if it’s just been flipping burgers, understanding that you’ve mastered that process where you understand how to follow instructions, you understand how to follow procedures, you understand the “Why” behind those procedures that you have to follow with you roasting the buns, and then putting on the patty or however that stuff goes, don’t ever discount what you’ve been through and the knowledge that you have worked to gain, when you are venturing into other fields.

DJ Khaled did it. Took his brand from star to mega star. You can gain value, you can realize the value and put that value to work if you stop and assess, and give yourself the credit that you deserve. Almost said the F word. Didn’t do it, but yeah, no other 40 year old, and like they were saying, he is also using his platform for positivity, which goes back to the Wendy Williams debate, and how you can win when you’re putting out negativity and all that stuff in the short term. But when it comes to longterm success, even though DJ Khaled hasn’t put out another one or anything like that for six months or something, when he does put it out, we’re going to give it the time of day.

We’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because we know that when we allow him to come into our lives, when we give him that listen, we know that it’s only going to be positivity. We know that it’s only going to be building us up, him up, just up, all high vibrations as opposed to that. Like when you think about music and you think about the oldies you listen to, when do you hear a song that’s just like, “She’s a bitch, she’s a hoe.” When do you hear any of that stuff? After it’s trending in the short term, you don’t. You hear love songs that make it out of their trending period. You hear positive songs, but when do you hear “Back that ass up is a little different.”

But I say all of this to say, be mindful of how you are building your brand. Be mindful of the shortcuts that you might take, the memes that you might make to get engagement on your page about someone that’s going through something hard, and hoping to get positive followers, and positive engagements moving forward. If you’re priming people to be negative on your social platforms, that you’re hoping to turn into a money generating system, then understand you’re going to have to get that back. Just like that science thing, I don’t ever try and directly quote states that, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same goes in business. The thing goes in whatever it is that you are putting out into the universe. If it’s on your social, if it’s in your social circle, in real life, all of that stuff comes into place.

I know that we mostly talk about business and all of that, but understand when people think about like a nine to five, and then they get to go and do their real life, understand that you have 24 hours in your day, you’re supposed to sleep for like eight or whatever, and then you go from nine to five. Before you get to work, that’s another hour that you’re getting ready to go to work, maybe add another 30 minutes for the commute, and then another 30 minutes, and maybe an hour to wind down after the day. That’s 10 hours plus the eight hours that you just slept, 18, 24 so that means you have six hours for your real life. Understand if you are doing something in your career, or as your job that you don’t love, that isn’t feeding your spirit, that is your life.

That little six hours that’s left over where you’re just like, “I can’t even think anymore. I don’t have it in me to make any more decisions. I’m done.” That other part, that isn’t the life part. This main part, I think we all have to be more conscious of how we work, what we’re working on, what we’re choosing to put our energy and spirit into, because the Internet has put us all in a position where we can decide exactly the lives that we want to live and live them, if we’re willing to do the work to get there. That’s just what it comes down to. Like with our parents, and we all have to have a level of empathy when we are trying to understand the differences in thought patterns for these generations, but especially for black people. Where were we in the fifties and sixties? Marching for equal rights. Marching for a voice to be heard.

Where are we in 2018? Sill marching to not get shot in the streets. But back then, people took whatever jobs they could get, because it was about surviving. You didn’t have the opportunity to think about, “Well, maybe I’m going to follow my passion.” “No, you need to put food on this table. Are you kidding me?” That’s the lifestyle. That’s the life that our parents had to live, is you had to get married and maybe stay married, you had to work this job because this was the only way, you had to look in the newspaper, see the classified section … I actually remember doing this when I was a kid. For my first jobs before the Internet changed, literally everything. See what was being offered and then if you wanted to start a business, what would you have to do?

Come up with this crazy business plan that usually takes months or thousands of dollars to build. You need to lease a freaking building. These leases for a lot of commercial spaces are like five, 10 years long. So you need to commit to leasing out this building, whether or not your business dies or thrives, for 10 years before you’ve sold a single product. You need to get all of these other people in. It used to be this whole different thing, when there was so much you needed to do, to try and create your own thing. Now, you can get on Instagram, you can get on Facebook, start talking about what it is that you’re selling and people will inquire if they want your stuff. If you’re speaking to the right people, if you’re saying the right things, it is literally as simple as that.

But understand, we are in a time, better than place, we are in a time where technology allows us to live exactly the lives that we want, if we realize that is the time we’re living in and take advantage, of what the universe is offering us. Our parents, they didn’t have this. No one before now had this, where you can literally for nothing, create a business in the world economy and get paid off of it. I’m just saying, don’t stop and smell the flowers. Don’t stop and understand that we are living in such an incredible time, that allows you to do whatever it is that you want. Thanks for everyone that’s appreciating the advice. Understand rise and grinds. I’m going to give you a little bit of motivational, a lot more practical stories, practical tactics, practical tips that you can use and employ in your own life. But yeah, I’m really glad we came over to that.

But when it comes to exactly what I want to say, I like feeding off of you guys and understanding what it is that you need, and what it is that you need to hear, so that I can be there to provide that. Thanks for tuning in. Like I said, we weren’t going to go for too, too long. But I see the numbers are ticking up, so we should have a party. Maybe not, but I think that’s it for now guys. I will see you tomorrow and thanks for the compliments on my makeup. Aren’t these lashes just so extra? No, I don’t put liner on because I like the light to dark thingy. But aren’t they so extra? They’re like [inaudible 00:15:17]. Yeah, we’ll talk about those in the future. Love you guys. Peace.