Create a free Instagram account, create a free business Facebook page, and start posting about hair, start posting about a service that you can offer. Use the money that you’re getting back not as an opportunity for you to go out and buy something to flex on other people, but use it as a stepping stool for you to build your next financial move.

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Morning money gang. Charlo Greene here, hope you’re having a wonderful Monday. I am super excited for this week. Got a few things that I want to discuss today, but before we get to that, I know, I look a little sleepy, or a little hamstery. I always feel like I look like a little baby hamster, which I love baby hamsters. Not the look I’m going for.

For those of you that don’t know, for whatever reason, I own It’s a wholesale hair company. That’s why all those wigs are up there. And yes, we are in my new office. Still filling it out. As you can see, most of the shelves are empty, but I am so glad that we have somewhere to work.

Today, we’re going to talk about turning your tax refund into an asset that makes you money. We’re going to talk about how all of this got started, and the different tips that I think that you can take away from that and apply to your own journey. I am rocking my favorite outfit. This is boss uniform. This is what I rock when I’m literally only focused about getting to that money. You guys know that’s what we talk about here.

But before all of that, my lashes need to go on. Do you guys have a technique for putting on lashes that’ll make it easier for the rest of us? It’s not … I think I’m going to do this with one lash on. Just because it’d a little more interesting. Yup. Can you see the difference that these lashes make? Baby hamster. Baddie. Things are definitely picking up. Super excited for what we did in month one. We’re still in prelaunch, and I know that it’s weird that we keep on saying that, what does that even mean? It means once we launch, you guys will know it. We will literally be everywhere.

But today, I want to talk to you guys about what you should be doing with your tax money, and it doesn’t include you going and buying the hottest, latest trend, or buying anything outside of something that you can flip and make some money. So, that’s the topic for today’s show. Should we get to the money … I remember my money gun.

Back around Christmas time, my boyfriend was asking what I wanted for Christmas and I was thinking I wanted another one of those YSL bags, because it’s just super cute, and it’s super durable and sturdy. But instead of going with the usual, I decided to go with asking him for a trip to China, so we could start our wholesale hair company.

Why am I sharing that with you? I think a lot of people underestimate what options they have when it comes to starting their own businesses, or just starting a side hustle that can turn into another revenue stream. Because we’re not about working in exchange for our time, we’re talking about financial freedom. We’re talking about building wealth. We’re talking about owning our future, owning our destiny, owning our present. That is what this channel is about, 6 Figure Side Hustle with Charlo Greene. It’s about taking you from where you are now, and positioning you so that you can win in the future, so that you can start winning tomorrow as long as you’re willing to put the work in.

When you get that tax return, even if it is just a few hundred dollars, instead of buying you some bundles, get some wholesale. Start marketing. Create a free Instagram account, create a free business Facebook page, and start posting about hair. Start posting about a service that you can offer. Use the money that you’re getting back not as an opportunity for you to go out and buy something to flex on other people, but use it as a stepping stool for you to build your next financial move.

When it comes to starting a business, especially a hair business, you technically don’t even need a website. I’ve told this story before, but I know a guy that made $17,000 his first couple of months, without a website, because he was physically going to hair salons and letting them know, “Hey, I’m a flight attendant. I’m going to these places. See this picture of me in China at this factory? See this picture of me in India at this factory? What do you want? Let me know what you want, and I will go and get it.” And that’s how he made all of his money.

A lot of people are stuck not knowing where to start, or how to start, or what exactly the first steps are in starting a business. I always say starting with your avatar, reverse engineering the build of your company so that it is something that specifically speaks to that one person. But if we’re talking about the absolute basic, basic, basic things you could do, you are interested in hair, likely because you’re a part of the culture. You wear weave, you have friends that wear weave, you have neighbors, coworkers, teachers, cousins, brothers that wear … Like, you are about that life.

Before you even start, or launch a website, before you go and invest in stocking up on a ton of bundles, why don’t you have conversations with those people in your circle and start with them? Start asking them, “What is it that you look for in a hair company? What exactly are the textures that you like? What are the things that turn you off when you buy hair from someone? What is a reason why you would shop with this company again? Well, I’m planning on doing this and this, would you be open to being one of my customers and helping me build this thing out? I mean, we’re cool, right?”

I want to do a longer rant about getting started, but it really is all up to how serious you are about changing your finances. The first time I made six figures, and I was ready to get that tax refund check, and then I got a bill instead. I think those should be goals for you. While you might be getting a check this year, I think your goal should be to build up your business to a point where next year, instead of you getting money back, you’re actually writing money off to the government.

I actually am going to be interviewing a tax attorney for my vlog, for this actually, and we’re going to live stream the conversation. I will shoot out an email. If you haven’t already joined my list,, if you’re not a part of our Hair Biz in a Box program, you’re asleep. It’s free to join. We send out a bunch of really good information, and I send you email updates about what you can look forward to. We had a startup attorney join our last conversation inside of our Facebook group, and that was really well received. We got every question anybody had to ask answered by an actually licensed United States attorney. That was super helpful.

Now for the second round, especially because it’s tax season, we are having a tax attorney come on, and we’re going to talk … like, I have a bunch of questions that I want answers to, especially as I build out our beauty empire. It’s hair now, cosmetics soon, turning it into this whole huge thing. Just like how our girl Rere is. Just love her. But yeah, I want to know if like all of these flat irons and stuff, all of the hair dye, I want to know if all my Fashion Nova that I buy specifically to stream and then throw it … because it’s disposable clothing. I want to know if all of that is tax deductible. Because if so, okay.

What is the best way to market a new hair business? I think the best way to market a new hair business is geographically. I think your greatest advantage is the fact that you will be a local company that people can pull up to, people can see you face to face, feel the hair in action, in person. I think that gives you a greater advantage over anything that any of these national, larger companies could do. I’d say definitely double and tripling down on branding yourself as the local hair company, that is a way smarter way to spend your marketing dollars as opposed to you trying to market across the entire United States, or some people the entire world, to all women that are 18 to 50, 60, 75 years old.

That doesn’t work, but you saying that, “Hey, I am in Tucson, Arizona.” So, I would probably choose a name like Tucson Hair Company, or Tucson Extensions, or something like that just so everyone in Tucson, when they see my brand, they actually stop and say, “Oh, that’s new. Oh, we have a hair company. That’s legit. Let me go ahead and look a little further into this.”

Also, I preach this all the time, you need to create your avatar. You need to decide exactly how old she is, and give her an actual birthday. 18 to 45 will not work. Why? Because the things I liked when I was 18 are totally different from who I am now, and what I am now. It’s just you getting super, super specific and not projecting who you are onto your avatar, but really researching and deciding all of these things about her. That is also going to put you at a greater advantage over the Tucson competitors that are trying to market to everyone.

I know that a woman in my YouTube comments was saying that she’s like 55 years old, and she watched my channel, and she’s building out her hair company, and not to count out that older age group. The fact that she’s actively doing that, I hope she creates a hair company for 50 plus year old women. I think that would be super dope. Like, getting super specific and creating your brand so that it actually speaks to your customer as opposed to you following that notion that if you build it, they will come. That’s a lie.

Make sure that you are on Instagram. Instagram’s super, super visual. Something that we did early on with our Instagram account is we would repost popular images and aspirational hair looks. I know that you’re just starting out, so you don’t have a whole bunch of content that you can post that says, “This is what our hair looks like on this person, and this is what it looks like there.” But just reposting and crediting that person that you are taking that image from, so it’s like … We just reposted a photo that Cynthia Lumzy, she’s just like the color god. She just slays every single wig that she gets, and does all these crazy colors and stuff. And so, we just reposted that, and we tag her in it, and we use the right hashtags, and we get a ton of likes, and a ton of engagements, and we’re working on being more consistent with that. If you are one of the 2,500 plus women that have joined the program in just the last month, then I know that you appreciate the fact that I have chosen to show up for your business every single day, as opposed to being on Instagram.

Another tip is to look for the Beyoncé in your area. Again, this goes back to number one, tripling down on your geographical area. But find your local Beyoncé. Find whoever it is that gets the most likes. Find whoever it is that people in the area look to as an actual influencer, not that just gets likes, but when she says, “check this out,” people actually listen, and follow her advice for beauty things. If she’s like a video game influencer, maybe not it, but if she’s like makeup, and hair, and style, and all of that stuff, then definitely. Find your local Beyoncé, see what it is that you need to do to collaborate with her. You guys know those units aren’t cheap. A lot of the times it’s just as simple as throwing a unit at her. Not literally.

When will content from your photo shoot be available for us to use? We’re actually having another photo shoot this week. We captured a couple of units, and did a bunch of different styles and all that stuff, and we tested them in ads, and we’ve seen the results of that campaign. So, now we are literally just going to dumb things down. We have a model in that I know that you guys will like, and she’s going to be really flattered to know that her pictures are going to be everywhere. Just going to be dressed in a white tank top thing, and she’s going to have the units in. We’re going to do six units for this shoot, and all 13 of our textures. Yes, 13 textures.

And if you guys want to buy the pack of stock images that we’re creating for you, if you buy enough of them, then we’ll just go ahead and invest in another shoot, and another shoot, and another shoot. But we’re going to start with those six units to see how they do with you guys, and with all of the bundle photos. In the meantime, if you’re a dropshipping or wholesale member, then you know that you are able to utilize the photos that are on this site. We’re going to be packaging up the stock photos that are just from the factory that we work with, and allowing you guys to download those off the site as well. Probably before the other photos are live. Or we’re just going to make an announcement like, “Yay, photos.”

The stock photos are going to be … like, the vendor photos are going to be I think just $10, just because those are from our vendor. The bundle photos, haven’t decided the price of that, and then the model photos I think those’ll be maybe $30 or $40. That price, once we recoup the cost of the model, and all of the units, and all of that stuff, then we’ll go ahead and invest in another one. But that’ll only happen if the first ones actually sell.

That’s the plan with that. Will everyone have access to the same photos? Yup, you will. But like I said, we’re going to be building out our photo library. I think it’s becoming more and more clear that we are going to have to continue giving you guys marketing content that you can utilize if we want you to see that success that you need. I know photo shoots are not cheap. At all. So, that’s something that we can take on. We’re more than happy to help with that. I think it’s super fun. We found a photographer that works, a model that works, and hairstylist that work really, really well. So, we’ve already got that stuff locked in as you can see. That’s only like half of it, and there are more units. So many. So many units.

But I think that’s pretty much it. Oh my gosh, I have so much work to do. I got to go. Yup. I’ll catch you guys on the flip. Book of the month, I have not decided, and I didn’t even give away our Think and Grow Rich books, but I did read a couple of books this morning. I think Building a Brand Story was so freaking good. I think we’re going to go with that, except I don’t want to because I read all of it this morning, in a half. I’ll let you guys know next live stream, but in the meantime, peace.