The number one mistake, new hair businesses. I’d say it’s not just hair businesses. I think this is the number one mistake all new businesses make, especially first time entrepreneurs, because it seems oxymoronic it seems very backwards but, uh, it’s a wide held misconception that we are dedicating this entire post to. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene, it’s my Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. So this is the number one mistake that I see new entrepreneurs making, not just in the hair industry, not just in the beauty space, in every industry. And that is assuming, that the wider you go, the wider you target, the more people you are going to find that are interested in your product. That just is not the case. I know it seems backwards. Why wouldn’t I want to share my message with every single person between the ages of 13 and 65 years old?

Why wouldn’t they want to know about what it is that I’m offering? Why wouldn’t I build my companies so that it speaks to every single person, male, female, in between and beyond. Like, the reason you don’t want to do that is by making yourself, by making your offering, by making your brand so vanilla that it speaks to everyone you end up speaking to no one. You can think about it like this. If you put yourself in a room that was as big as an entire city block and you spoke at the same exact volume, how many people do you think would hear you in that entire room? Versus you putting yourself in a 10 by 10 room with just the people that wanted to hear you? How many more people do you think would listen to what you had to say? You standing in the middle of a room full of people the size of a city block or you standing in a small room with only the people that actually wanted to hear what you had to say.

How much more effective would your marketing be if you were in that small room sharing what it is that you have to offer with the people that actually want it? As opposed to you standing in that massive room just talking, here’s an old guy. Or, Hey, I got hair extensions here. Here’s a 12 year old girl. Hey, I got Harris t like what we’re going to be doing next class is getting super, super specific. I’m going to have you get so specific. It’s going make you uncomfortable, but we are actually not just creating your target demographic. We are creating your customer Avatar. This takes things to the next level. You’ve heard that maybe you can’t serve everyone, so you need to have a demographic. You need to serve maybe women 18 to 35 I say that nowhere near good enough. You are creating a person that represents your customer base, but for them to represent your customer base or this exercise to work, you have to create that person and get so specific.

It actually makes sense. Like me, I am 30 years old, I am female, and I am the youngest of seven children. I’m the first generation of Nigerian parents all like getting that specific. Why is it going to help you? Let me explain. I do these coaching sessions and most of the time the advice comes down to having the client get super specific about who it is that they’re serving and you’ll hear that “Aha” moment like you’ll hear them “Aha” when it clicks to them, oh, this is why it’s not working? This is why maybe I’m getting traffic? Maybe I’m getting visitors onto my Instagram and onto my website, but no one seems to be buying, it’s because you haven’t gotten specific enough. You said, yes, you are speaking to women 18 to 35 but when I very year old woman come to your site, you’re not speaking to me.

It’s, it’s not for me. I thought it might’ve been so I checked it out, but once I got there it didn’t connect. For example, anyone that’s saying that their target customer is or their, their customer base is females 18 to 35 let’s dissect what an 18 year old is looking for. Put yourself back in your 18 year old shoes. Those of you that are 18 watching this, make sure that you hop in the comments and let me know if I’m right or wrong. 12 years out of 18 but what was I focused on when I was 18 years old? Hmm. Baton and bobbing. Seriously, I was a mess. I wanted to go to the club. I wasn’t legally allowed to drink, so you know, I was turning all the way the fuck up. I wanted the longest bundles. I wanted to make a splash. I want it to be noticed and I needed to do it on an indigent person salary.

I needed to do it on as a daughter salary, daughters aren’t paid. I needed to do it as an after or on an afterschool budget salary or struggling college students salary. I was out of home for the first time away in college, so I was making all of my own financial decisions poorly. I was mismanaging my time. Any opportunity I had to, to rub elbows with whatever was trending or to get out to the hotspots, I would do that. That was 18 for me. Say you are creating marketing for 18 year old for it to stick, you would meet to have images of other young people that are really, really doing it. They would need to have the longer here. They would need to have the TNA out. They would need to, it would need to have the trendy music. All of your posts on Instagram would be tied to whatever was trending and you would probably collab with a DJ or someone that you know ran the nightspots because they had that influence and you know that they would be in those places and they could spread word about your brand and you would market things totally differently.

If you were targeting, say a 25 year old, at 25 where was I, I was working in my career and I was drowning in my career and it sucked and I knew that I was going to have to figure out a way out. I had more money than I had before, but my focus wasn’t on drawing a bunch of attention. My focus was on blending in enough to continue collecting my pay check. I, again had more way more money, but I wasn’t as focused on spending it as quickly as I was when I was younger and as far as a good time out, that was more of a good time in not really focused on going out, not really focused on having a bunch of friends or being seen in the scene or anything like that. What would the marketing that would’ve spoken to me at 25 looked like?

It would have been about that professional approach. Um, something low maintenance because you have other things to focus on, something dependable and long lasting because again you have other things to focus on like your career and a professional woman on the website wouldn’t have been attracted to like the, to the younger super, super done up girls. But someone that’s like smiling at a desk with a really sleek Bob or something like that, that would have spoken to me, I would have been like, yes, that’s what corporate America is looking for, let me go ahead and put that mask on and give back to the sunken place. So what would the marketing that would speak to me be about today? The marketing that I’m creating? Start your side hustle in the hair extensions industry. It’s about building forward. So I give you those different examples so that you can see how different we all evolve.

I use myself, my personal experience as an example because I’m a real person and in, in like me and other women are like me. We evolve. Most would have a kid or two by now. So that’s also something for you to take into consideration, but that gets into you being specific. Cause marketing to me is not going to speak to a mom that has totally different considerations and totally different priorities. So I save all of that to say this gets specific. Do not In fact, we can actually, I, I always recommend you just doing one thing at a time, but I know that there are those of you that no matter how many times I tell you, you need to get specific. If you want to collect these coins, you’re not going to listen. You’re still going to do your own things. So at least at least if you’re taking the time to watch this, if you taking the time to take in this course, then at least, do me the favor of running a parallel campaign.

You do your general thing over here, but also do that extra work and do what I’m asking you to do. Compare the results you get from both and then come and see me. If your general stuff happens to actually work for you, I’ll cut you a check. Probably a small one. [Laughs] I’ll do something to make up for it. This is something that I preach day in and day out. If you watch my videos that you know Avatar, Avatar, Avatar, you’ve heard it a million times before and you will hear it a million times more. Why do you need to get so specific? Because, you deciding how old your customer Avatar is? You deciding what she likes to do for fun? Who she likes to listen to? Because then you can go and find that pages in or that person’s Instagram. You can stay in the comments section and you can respond to other people that like listening to this person. See, you’re putting yourself in these spaces and communities you mean in your customers where they already are? As opposed to trying to convince them to come over to where you’re at.

It is your job to figure out where your customers are and to get there and to connect with them and to demonstrate the kind of value that they will be attaining by connecting with you. That is your job and you getting specific about your Avatar is going to help you do that and where do, what do they listen to? What do they like to do for fun? Who do they follow on YouTube? You can cut whoever that person is a check and they will talk about your brand to your target. It’s literally that simple. If you do the work and answer the questions that need to be answered, that will define exactly who your Avatar is and where she is at. You have to get to where she’s at, but you can’t do that without getting specific about who she is? You are drafting a blueprint that will guide you to exactly what you need to do to convince your demo to buy.

That’s what we’re doing, That’s why we’re doing this, That’s why this entire conversation is so freaking important that we’re dedicating a setup day and then tomorrow an execution day to it, because it’s that big. But for today, when it comes to the general approach, when it comes to, we crafted your elevator pitch in the last video, video pullers there’s that video in case you missed it, but, that General Group of people that you are helping, I want you to hop in the comments section. This is your homework and drop five issues your target demographic, your general demographic is faced with five of them. Just list them off. We’re going to dissect and we’re going to get into all of this tomorrow. There is a method to this madness. I, I know that you’ve been watching even timing. You’re in hope that you will continue trusting me to carry you to the promised land where we’re trying to get. But go ahead. List those issues that your target demo is facing. If you can address the problems that your target is facing, you can help craft your offer in a way that it presents itself as a solution and acts as an actual solution. So, that’s the “Why” behind it. Drop those issues and I will see you in tomorrow’s class.