So the difference between the plastic hair and this hair is when you touch these balls, these will turn to ash. Former Alaskan local TV reporter, Charlo Greene is wrecking a millions of hits right now. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene! It’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it. Morning money gang, Welcome back to my channel. Today we are diving into the five steps to take to test your hair and hair vendor got a bunch of tools up here. I got some bleach, I got a flat iron. The lighter, no, we’re not about to have another “sesh”, Maybe another time. All right, now we’re about to burn up some bundles. So should we get into it? I think you should, to help me out with this. I have one of our whiteley woods tension’s texture packs, this actually is literally 13 different hair textures. Everything from woods is all the textures you see behind me. We know that when you’re getting started you want to test. You want to make sure that you’re going with the right vendor and that the hair is the quality that your customer’s needs. So we make it easy for you to test everything that we have without actually having to spend hundreds of dollars doing it. All right, so this is hair from my boyfriend. None of it is plastic. This is literally his ponytail. So let me show you what human hair looks like.


So it almost looks like tar off top. You see how the hair is like balled up at the ends and it’s gotten or turned into these hard little bumps that’s supposed to happen. That does not mean it is not human hair. It is supposed to do exactly this. This is virgin hair from my boyfriend here in America. So the difference between the plastic hair and this hair is when you touch these balls, these will turn to ash. See it like it’s snowing. That’s ash. And that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen with your virgin hair. If when you touch it, it’s just a hard plastic ball. That is when you know that it’s not human hair. And then this is one of the hair samples from our

Sample pack, so they’re balled up. Now let’s do the crinkle test. See that? Just turning to ash, turning to Ash, and this is actually our 8A Brazilian hair, which is the most processed here we saw and it’s still just crumbles and turns to ash. That is how you test virgin hair. The bleach test I have here, 40 volume developer. If you’ve ever bleached hair, then you already know what it is. If you haven’t, don’t start, not with this cause you’re not even going to know what you’re doing. You’re probably going to destroy the hair and then you’re going, going to be like, Charlo, I left the bleach on for five hours. My hair disintegrated. Your hair is, no, no, no sis, let’s talk. That’s how I handle those. Always one on one. We walk through it and, and I always end up with a very satisfied new client, but I’m putting in some of this bleach quick blue.

I love this bleach when I’m taking my hair lighter. But now that I’m just like effing with wigs, I have so many of them because of his company. I just start with 613 so I haven’t really needed to bleach anything except a couple of knots, but going to makes it all going to mix it up 40 volume developer, you’re not really supposed to lighten black hair with anything above 30 and you’re supposed to expect a couple of passes are right. So let me put some of this over here of the non-burned. Now this is our kinky curly. I don’t have anywhere else to put it. So I’m just going to dip some inside of the bowl. Now we’re going to cover that with bleach. Okay, so we have our 13 texture sample pack. We also have a separate quality collection sample pack. This one is our least costly one and it gives you an 8A sample, 9A sample, a 613 blonde sample, and then our raw sample.

So while the 9A textured sample is cooking, I am going to throw in a raw just because I want to shoot you guys be different and I’m trying to move fast because every second counts when you’re bleaching hair. So I want to show you guys the difference. Okay? I was getting, no, we were going to burn some of it but no point. We already passed the burn test. So let’s see if these two lightened at a different pace because one is unprocessed and then our 9A is slightly, wow! It’s already lightening. We’ll be back to that in a minute. So we have this raw bundle in here. You guys saw, we put it in like four minutes ago and it’s already lifted quite a bit. Most people say that you don’t really take a black hair above a 30 with one pass, with raw hair it should be easier, and it looks like that’s the case, and then over here with our kinky curly hair, it’s lightening a lot slower as you guys can see. If not, I’m actually going to do step four, which is wash and condition the hair and I’ll be right back. So we just finished washing our samples, all the bleaches out and now you can clearly see the difference between our raw hair and our 9A hair. So our raw hair lightened. It was actually in the bleach, maybe a minute shorter. And this is what we have. You can see it’s definitely lightened. Like this is black up here and this is that there in just 10 minutes, and then over here with the kinky curly 9A, this is the lightly processed bundle. You can see that it’s turned slightly red, but nowhere near the amount of lightning.

You can also see that the curl pattern has loosened, which naturally happens when you add chemicals to a curl. So here like the non-bleached curl pattern, and then here is the looser strand. So that’s um, hair changing color. That’s another test that we just ran. Then the next part of testing, the third thing you can do to test your bundles, let me put that bleach away, is bust out the flat iron. Why are we busting out the flatiron? Because when you get curly hair, if you say turn on your flat iron and you straighten it out, especially if you have a sample word, not going to do it right now because we, we literally have the most going on. I’m getting a bigger desk. But you’re going to want to straighten your curl pattern and then wash it and see if it curls back up.

You probably don’t want to ever try straightening a kinky curly texture because it’s so curly and they put these in like a hotbox and steam on for three days straight to make sure that it never loses its pattern. But if when you turn your flat iron on and you go to straighten it, if your hair becomes plastic, it’s probably plastic. Ours doesn’t do that of course, but that is another tell that’s also a way to tell if it is blended hair. Um, or if it’s that like can’t go on and it’s supposed to like mimic human hair. And if you heat it above like any human hair heated above, I think it’s 450 degrees will melt.

That’s, that’s not plastic Chinese hair that, that’s melting off of her head. That is her, her human blonde American hair that just melted off. Just because you’re turning your flat iron up to two. The heat of hell like there are, there’s physics, there are things that just don’t happen. You can’t put here inside a fire and take it out and expect it to still exist. If I, if you saw that with the fire test, so don’t turn your flat iron up to an ungodly heat level when you’re trying to test your bundles. That’s just something to keep in mind when you do straighten the hair and then after you straighten it, of course, wash it, condition it, see how it curls back up, see if it bounces back. If it doesn’t bounce back, that’s something that you should be conscious of moving forward. It doesn’t mean the hair isn’t virgin.

It just means you need to tell your customers. When you washed this hair, the pattern is going to change because you’d get bad reviews when people’s expectations don’t match the product that they end up receiving. The fourth thing that you can do to test your bundles and test your vendor, wash the hair. That’s the next step. You are washing your hair off the top to see if there’s any black rinse residue. If you’ve ever dyed hair, you know that even after you wash it once or twice, you might get a little color coming off in the water running down the hair. So that’s something that shows you the hair isn’t virgin if it’s been dyed before. And I mean that’s, that’s pretty straight forward. The fifth step to testing your hair is actually not a step. Most people, like if you Google how to test your hair vendor, how to know of hair is virgin or not, you will mostly have a bunch of people that have never stepped foot inside of a hair factory.

So they’re mostly just assuming what that corn chip smell is or what that over settled perm smell is, but they don’t actually know. I, as you can see in this video, we’re going to link to somewhere around here, took you guys inside of a Chinese hair factory and I showed you exactly where that smell comes from and let me explain the process because they make it with raw hair. They make it with processed here. But the reason why one of these might smell is because all Chinese hair for the most part is straight. Like I think we included that in the tour video. It’s all just street. We showed you kilos, like we’re talking key low level kilos and kilos of bundles just laid out in a huge warehouse, not a curl insight. That’s just not what Chinese hair does in Chinese hair is what the majority of your straight hair is made from, so to get every single curl pattern including body wave, they coat the hair in conditioner.

Even if they aren’t giving the heron acid bath, which I know is what a lot of you that are looking into these smells are concerned about. Even if they’re not giving the here and acid bath, they have to coat the hair. Like we show you in this tour video with conditioners so that they can put the hair in. These rollers you guys have seen like the rollers and they’ll just roll it around on that stick and then they bake it or hotbox it for three days, three days to make sure the texture doesn’t come out. Then they pull it out, they coat it in more conditioner because the last thing you’re supposed to do is comb about curly here, went into dry, so they put it in soft water and conditioner and then they comb bit out and they comb it out. And then for this one they end up putting back in for another three days because they have to do like a certain really, really tight curl and Congo, it’s, it’s a whole big thing, but what it comes down to is every piece of hair that that is processed, so that means it’s cut from someone’s hair to get onto a weft that used to seal your bundles to get onto that, it needs to be washed.

All of this hair is being sourced from the tiniest villages throughout China and throughout India. There are bugs, there are lies. There are a number of things, like if you saw that tour video, you know there is so much hair that could be an infected by one bad batch. No here makes it into a hair factory without getting washed period point blank. There you have it. Your five steps to testing your virgin here, let me know which tip may have surprised you. Let me know if there are any other myths that you may have heard of that you’d like or just tips that other people should take into account when testing their own virgin here in the comment section. And I think it’d be pretty dope to do a giveaway. We don’t do that enough on this channel. So let’s do one. Today we are selecting one loyal viewer that has commented on this video and every other video we’ve posted this week. How will you know? Because I am wearing this dress. So get in the comments section, get interacting and connecting with the rest of our tribe. I will see you and everyone that does it will go into a pool. The winner will be selected at random. All you got to do is comment and interact. Till next time, Charlo White label extension sample packs. Get yours. Bye.