You’re tired. You’re up against a fight that you don’t know if you can actually win. Or you’ve just built yourself back up, and the world came crashing back down on you, again.

How do you stay resilient and motivated, even in the face of impossible odds? Today, I’m teaching you the three keys to resilience and perseverance, and I can tell you about impossible odds because if I lose at trial this October in Alaska, I could go to prison for 54 years. And resilience, I’ve been facing these charges for the last 1,028 days and counting, and during that time, I’ve lost so many opportunities, including a 5.39 million dollar TV contract. My sense of security, another thing I’ve lost, and I’ve lost most of my family.

And you know what, I’m about to release my first book. I’m going on a nationwide tour to rally support ahead of my trial, and don’t call it a comeback, but I’m here. And I’m fighting, just like I know you’re fighting, for a better business, fighting for better relationships, fighting for a better life. And you know why? It’s because if not, then what? I’m just going to go to prison? If I choose to stop fighting, I’m just going to live the rest of my adult in prison until I’m 84 years old. If you don’t get your ass up and continue to kill it at work, you’re cool with staying in the same place or worse, you’re fine not paying your bills or feeding your kids because you’re tired.

If you don’t put in those extra few hours into studying what you knew you needed to know, you’re cool showing up looking stuck on stupid. Now before I give you the first of the three keys to resilience and perseverance in all situations, which is what I was getting into, go ahead and hit the subscribe button because I’m just getting started with all of this new content and with this new direction. And drop an emoji, any emoji, in the comment section if you’re feeling this new vibe.

Now up first, what I was demonstrating to you is, a term called opportunity cost. This means that every opportunity you take will cost you another opportunity, and in every situation you’re up against, especially when you’re not just tired but you is tired, you always have the opportunity to quit. But keeping in mind what quitting is going to cost you is a way to keep that motor going when you’re running on fumes.

Just ask yourself, like I ask myself, because trust and believe, I is tired, but if I don’t keep fighting for my business, if I don’t keep fighting for my relationships, if I don’t keep fighting for better grades, if I don’t keep fighting for my freedom, then what? If we don’t keep fighting for our future, then what? Then what? Because I hate to be the one to remind you of this, and if I’m the first person to tell you this fact, tough titty. No one cares. No one cares that you’re tired. The people that care about you care because they’re the people that care about you. The rest of the world does not.

It just doesn’t, so either you’re going to do the work the that needs to get done, or what? That’s the first key, opportunity cost. Now the second key to mastering motivation when you got nothing, focus. Focus is so powerful, and I don’t think we appreciate its power as much as we should. But if you focus on negative things when you’re low, when you start to allow yourself to buy into the lie that you’re situation is hopeless, that’s when you really start digging yourself into the dark. Like with me, if I focus on the fact that this could be my last summer of freedom, and I can’t even spend this time with the people I care about most because I have to be here fighting for my life, or that I might go to prison and never get the chance to start a family, or the fact that I finally met the love of my life and I could lose him, or that I’m now forcing him to go through this experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy with me, this.

How the flannel is that supposed to help anyone? I’m trying not to swear as much now, guys. Is this more helpful to you now? Or now do I have more work to do because I just dug myself into the dark, and I’m messing up my makeup. Even though I’m going to push past that, even though I did this to make a point knowing what it would do to my vibration, I’m still feeling all of that even though I still had the same amount of work I need to do. I still need to get through the rest of this vlog. Focusing on the negativity only adds more weight to an already heavy burden, but focusing on the positive, in fact taking each thing you thought was negative and focusing on the positive parts of that, will in fact lighten your situation.

Yes, I’m facing a potential lifetime in prison, but because of that, I’m pushing myself to grow and fight in new ways like releasing my first book, F*uck It: A Guide to Letting Go and Living Free. My nationwide tour is taking me to LA, DC, Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Portland, and I get to connect with you and this new content direction where in every video my focus is on giving you the tools you need to keep fighting for a better business, fighting for better relationships, fighting for a better life.

I literally feel lighter just going through that list of things. Focus is so, so powerful. So that’s number two, and then the last one. Number three, be present. When you’re thinking about being tired, when you’re thinking about doing tired, you’re not being present. You’re borrowing the work that you’ve put in in the past and using it to weigh down your current load. Don’t think about all that time that you’ve put in. Don’t think or worry about the number of times you’ve been kicked in the teeth, stood up, and got kicked again. Let go of pain that came the last time you put in everything and still got nothing.

That is all in the past. Right now, in this moment, you need to focus on being here and being present because you know what? You’ve got work to do. Let me wrap this up because you’re busy. You’re busy fighting. The three keys to resilience and perseverance are one, keeping in mind opportunity costs. If not, then what? If you don’t keep fighting, then what? If you choose to lose, then what does that mean for you and your future and the people that care about you?

Number two, focus is power. You want to deplete yourself? Go ahead and focus on the negative. You want to find power where you thought you had none? Focus on the positive. Focus on the light. And number three, be present. Don’t borrow any more pain, worry, or exhaustion from the past. It’s there in the past. It’s done, and you have work to do now. Be here now. Focus on the task at hand, and get through it one step at a time. You’ll get there. I promise.

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