Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. That in itself should be enough motivation for you to be like, well, if this is the revolution happening, I don’t want to make them on this. Adding lines. Yeah.

Former Alaskan local TV reporter, Charlo Greene is wrecking a million hits right now. Give it up for the one and only, Charlo sticky-icky Greene! It’s money Monday! I am here for you, whatever you need, we literally got it.

Morning money gang, Charlo Greene in here with a new video. This one’s a little different. It’s like just have some fun with you this week, but when I think about the number of reasons I would give someone about why we should start selling care extensions, the list goes on and on and on, and in case you needed any extra motivation. This list, right here is for you. This is 101 reasons why you should start selling hair extensions. Number one, you can start for free. There are few opportunities for you to make money that don’t require you to already have money. I know it’s a case of the chicken or the egg. It seems kind of like an oxymoronic catch 22 thing where if you don’t have it you’re not going to get it. This is not the case in the hair extensions industry.

If you come into this space and you’re smart about how you move and you employ drop shipping, which I have covered at length in a number of other videos, we are going to link to somewhere, but if you employee drop shipping, that eliminates the need for you to house a ton of inventory. If you don’t need to house a bunch of inventory, you don’t have to spend a bunch of money up front on products that you don’t know how to sell. Don’t know if they will sell just yet. You can get started for free and this industry is very, very profitable. Number two, it is a proven market so you only fail when you actually quit. The number one reason why most small businesses fail is because there is no fit for the product in the market. It might be you are too early with your idea.

It might be that people are just taking too long to catch on your idea. When it comes to hair extensions, you eliminate that threat like you know people that we’re we, you have always know people that where we, there is a proven market for this product, so at the end of the day, your job isn’t trying to convince people that they actually want this thing. Your job is figuring out a way to market to them so that they want to get it from you because they do want it. Number three, you can take your tax money, birthday money, Christmas money, student loan, refund check, extra bit left after the bills. Any amount you can, you can take it and flip it with bundles. When you buy wholesale and you get these units for about half the price, if you go in and you buy these products for half the price, knowing that they’ll sell for double, you get to double your money.

Should you go and take all of that money and buy shoes with it afterward? Probably not. You’re going to have to keep on rolling it back into your business if you want it to be successful. But at the end of the day, it is a proven flip and that, I am totally with it when it comes to bundles, they are way easier to sell the drugs. I don’t know if I used to be telling you that, but you come here because I keep it real with you. So I’m going to keep it 100 when it goes to these bundles because number two, and it’s a proven market and you don’t really have to convince anyone that they want the product. You just have to kind of be there and be for them. Um, it’s these things go really, really quickly. You don’t go to jail for this stuff. There is no license that you need to get started.

You can start selling hair extensions today. All right, now if you want to hop in the description box and click the link to sign up for my hair business in a box program, we’ve got everything that you could possibly need from there. So number five-ish, I think your baby daddy ain’t shit. So at this point you realize that you understand that if you’re going to be taking care of your kids how you need to, then you’re going to have to do something new. Going in and clocking those extra hours that don’t seem to ever amount to any extra in your pay check back can only go so far. You have to figure out a way to make money that doesn’t equate exactly to how much hours you can put in. You realize that and you know that you can do that in this space. Another reason you’re living at homes and is getting on your nerves, but you understand because you’re a grownup.

It is her place. You have to follow her rules. So it’s up to you to figure out a way to make enough money to move yourself out of your situation. Here, You can do that. Another reason you were exactly where you were last year. Today, progress is absolutely necessary in life. Moving forward, growing, learning, um, evolving. All of that stuff is so important. Um, not just to me. I know it’s important to you. I know it’s important to humans as, as beings, we need progress. We need stimulation, we need growth. And if you’re at a place where you feel like you’re in a slump where you feel like every day you’re going in and doing the same exact thing and you don’t even know why anymore than switch it up. Start your side hustle. You don’t have to quit everything you’re already doing but had a little bit more.

Stretch yourself. Push yourself, try something new. This is an opportunity again, you to put up no money and to learn business, learn entrepreneurship. Learn how to help me learn how to make something out of nothing that so important and if you’re bored because you’re where you are now, exactly where you were last year, get busy. I am a firm believer in you having to do things that scare you at least once every now and then. Otherwise you’re again just doing the same old stuff that you’re comfortable with and you can’t row when you’re too comfortable. That’s just not how it works, which goes into the next reason. You’re going to have to grow and get a little uncomfortable, but it will be worth it because you know you’re becoming who you are meant to be. You are becoming, speaking of, I’ve been reading Michelle Obama’s book becoming, I love listening to it in the morning.

It’s like having my aunt just speak to me, calm me. I Don’t know. Her voice kind of feels like a blanket. Another reason which I actually probably should have put it number one, but this isn’t about just my company. I think you should be selling hair extensions regardless of whether or not you choose to work with me, but whether or not you choose to work with me, you should be selling hair extensions, but this is applies. You get to partner with yours truly, white label extensions. We are putting out all of this information that we know you can actually use to make you more money. I am really on it with VA customer service. We have really incredible products. You can get a sample pack for as little as 35 bucks. Um, and like when it comes to hair extensions, we are black owned, black female owned and operated and we’re growing and we are taking the dollars we’re making and reinvesting them so that we can continue growing this entrepreneurship fire throughout our community.

Or that’s why you should be working with us, and that’s just another reason why you should be selling hair extensions. Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the United States. That in itself should be enough motivation for you to be like, well, if this is the revolution happening, I don’t want to make them on this side lines like when you’re talking to your kids and they’re like, wow, mom, can you tell me about, I mean, have there always been this many black female bosses? Have I always have this many people to look up to? Don’t you want to be like, yes I did that. That was me, me and my people done that. Like that’s a lot better than being like, well yeah, well I saw they were doing it and decided to stay home and keep on doing the same things. So a can’t teach you anything about what they learned, but maybe you’ll figure it out on yours.

Like now is the time. I know it’s scary trying something new. I know that you don’t have too many people to look to and see that they’ve actually found success in this space, but it’s happening. There is success. I am one example of many and we are a growing army of empowered, educated black women, black women changing the world. Join us, so you don’t need any special skills or training. We’ve tucked on that one. You don’t need a website. Even just did a video on how you can build a hair extensions business on your Instagram alone. You should definitely check it out. You can always find more customers in the parking lot of your beauty supply store. Pull up. Hey there, business card professionalism a bundle in hand feel this isn’t, it’s softer than, than that Billow pad you about the buy there. Yes. The answer is yes.

If you give people an opportunity to support you, you one of us over, someone that isn’t interested in reinvesting in our community, we will choose you. We will choose you every day until you give us a reason not to. So understand go to where your customers are and your customers are at the beauty supply store. You can start in high school, you can start in college. I think these are two of the top groups that have a great opportunity to really make bank and instead of getting those extra periods of jeans asked your parents to get you some bundles, get your hair done, make sure that it’s laid. Show up with some business cards and let people know you can spot the, you can spot all of the girls at school that need bundles. How Black Hand does not throw straight sis, anyone would straight hair and Bounce in like this, go ahead.

Let them know you’re selling here. Let them know you’ll give them the hook up for the first time that they buy and you become the plug. And then the same or similar for if you’re in college, you guys are showing up people you know when you get that tax refund check. I would have totally bought bundles from you if you presented the opportunity. People are getting these checks back and you are in this community of people that you can tap. If college is an imagined thing, you can save the $50,000 a year and start selling hair extensions and give yourself the education of a lifetime. The business education. At the end of the day, you can ask anybody and that’s why the idea of going to college is getting so unpopular and our generation is going to be the group that phases it out. As we become the bosses that don’t require those slips of paper that say, Hey, I’m in debt forever.

Please hire me. You can work this as a side hustle. You don’t have to invest every bit of energy. You don’t have to totally blow up your current life. You can still do your nine to five. I know entrepreneurship is scary. I know you have bills to pay. I know that you need to make sure that you have those covered. You need to make sure your kid’s event, I get that part, but you don’t have to dedicate all of your time and energy towards this. You will make more money the more energy you put in to making this a success, but you can do this a couple of hours before work. Honestly, posting on social media, posting on Instagram is what leads to a lot of our sales. That’s how we got our first sales before we ever ran a single ad, before I ever put my face to the company, we had just posted a bunch on social media and we were making money because of that.

So if you were to go any bit beyond that and speak to your target customers and maybe show them this is what the hair looks like, or maybe once a week just do a giveaway or something more than you can profit, you can do that and it only takes a couple hours of your energy a day. Something I’m really excited about the platform that I’m building and why I have such a dedication to educating all of you is because I know that hair extensions is a stepping stone for a lot of you. This is a proven market back up too. I think number two, so you don’t have to worry about that not being the thing that leads to your first businesses downfall. At the end of the day, you only lose in this business once you quit, once you give up. So once you learn this, the skills and the tactics and tools that you need to build this business, you can take them and apply them to any business you have ever thought of and they all apply and you’ll be again, steps and leaps and bounds ahead of other people that are just diving into whatever your next project might be because you understand how to build a business and how to drive more business via marketing.

Thanks to the, the, the hair extensions that you sold with. You don’t need a brick and mortar. You don’t have to set up a huge office or sign a five year lease for a store to sell hair extensions. Again, if you opt to go with drop shipping, we ship your packages for you. So all you need to worry about is driving traffic to your website and building up enough trust with your customers that they buy from your website. We handle the fulfillment, we handle creating your packaging and housing your packaging for you. Literally all you have to do is figure out how to make the sales. You already have a customer base that you can tap. You have sisters, you have cousins, you have a mom, you have kids, you have neighbors, you have co-workers. You can look out the window and look down the street and see a black woman and weave.

These are your customers. They would prefer to buy from you over buying from a stranger. So use that to your advantage. You get to be the plug and because you get to be the plug, your own collection is about, hey, I have so many wigs, my thing and that don’t, don’t do like me. I have way too many ways. It is ridiculous. And if you checked out our tax conversation, we had a tax pro step in and, and let us know what was and wasn’t tax deductible. All of these units are tax deductible. All of these units are totally tax write offs because, you’re selling here, you need these do show people what the hair looks like. That means you put money into the hair, you give that money back and you file your taxes. That’s kind of dope. You will become a master at marketing once your business is all set up and legal and all that stuff.

Once all of those foundational things are built, everything comes down to marketing. Everything is marketing from then on and you get to get creative with it and have fun with it and the more creative, the more you win. The light mainly says who is one of the most successful hair extensions business owners here in United States? Best Marketer wins. Period. You will become a master at marketing because you’ll realize we handle the supply for you. You don’t have to worry about that. Once the business is built, you don’t have to worry about building the foundation of the business. Again, it’s all marketing. If you put your energy toward understanding that and then winning that you take those skills and you are going to be so far ahead of so many other business owners in whatever it is that you choose to apply those skills to, you’ll join a rapidly growing community of black female entrepreneur.

Like I said, fastest growing group. We have a Facebook group with more than 1500 members. You should definitely join in. There is a link below, but all of us are a part of this dope ass community that I’m going to be pulling together for a conference. We’re going to be planning very soon, but understand that you are a part of something larger than yourself. You set your own schedule. You decide what you’re worth. Every bit of energy that you put in is going toward you building your own dreams and not towards someone else’s. You get to become a role model to people around you. Every single day is a new day with new challenges and new opportunities to overcome those challenges. You’ll learn so much about yourself. You are determining your own destiny. Finally for the first time, you’re not leaving that up to anyone else. It’s all up to you and on your shoulders and you can win it.

You can get what you want out of life this way because you’re the boss now. You learn how to motivate yourself, you learn discipline. Um, because literally as an entrepreneur you’ll find out if you decide that you don’t want to show up because you’re not feeling it that day, literally nothing gets done. It’s like the wheels just stop turning and the progress, you know, you could have made you lost. So you either end up dying on your sword because you weren’t able to discipline yourself or you push yourself harder and you grow and you show up and you become stronger. If you’re selling only online, you can literally do it from anywhere at any time. I, we, I did a euro trip this last summer for a couple of weeks and I built a business or no, I think I actually started building this business, building out the website, at least for this business.

I’m on a beach and a visa and it was really, really dumb and then I put up my laptop and we eat a bunch of food and then two day naps and then woke up and day drink and that was literally my day as an entrepreneur doing it from anywhere at any time and being my own boss. You create your own lane, you create your own environment, you have time to pursue your own passions. You learn how to become a mater alchemists and how to make something out of nothing. You Meet New People, you create jobs, you get involved in a larger community. You can get a mentor, Hello, you can become a mentor because people will be looking to you. People will be proud of you. You will be setting an example. Whether you end up winning or losing, the fact that you were even stepping out to try building something is admirable and people will respect the fuck out of it.

You get an office if you, why am I office? You are building your personal brand as well, which is something that lasts you a lifetime. You have more job stability. Again, I mentioned the tax benefits. The only limits that you’ll meet are the ones that you set yourself. Once you are in entrepreneurship, you can apply these skills to anything that you can start any other business you want, and you will have so much practice that you’ll just be ready for it. So I don’t know if you counted whether or not we hit one on one but I would like love for you to add one, two or three of your own reasons down in the comments section if we didn’t hit one on one. Oh yeah. We’re not putting up numbers for a reason. Well, as you was paying attention, let us know be low. What else you would add to the list so that we can round it all out till next time.

Peace out!