It’s Money Monday and I’ve got [inaudible 00:00:01]. I can’t talk that fast, but I’ve got a really long list I’m trying to get in in under 10 minutes. I don’t know if I’m going to do that, but it is money Monday and I’ve got 101 full time or side hustle rules you can create or fill in the cannabis space and be on your way to owning your finances and living the life you actually want. First, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the last video I shared about the six biggest mistakes new cannabis entrepreneurs make and today’s video is in response to the biggest question I’ve received from that last video. What are the ways I can make money in this industry if I’m not growing or selling green? This list of 101 ancillary cannabis industry jobs is your answer.

I’m Charlo Green, one of the world’s most recognized cannabis educators and I focus on helping new entrepreneurs find financial freedom in the cannabis space by discovering, establishing, and leveraging their unique positioning for profit. I created this list based on my years of experience in the industry and the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with the industry’s leading entrepreneurs and educators. You can check that out for yourself at Now, I’ll be sharing my $250 cannabis business startup formula in my free webinar. So sign up for that. Space is limited and it’s in a couple of days, so you don’t want to miss out with that. And I’m sharing this information for free because I know you’re tired of working yourself to the bone for someone else’s dream when you could put that effort towards your own dream and actually reap the benefits of your hard work. I know you know two weeks of vacation a year to spend with the people you love is no where near what you or the people you love deserve either.

And you know life is meant for living, but you’re stuck in the matrix and you don’t know how to get out of it and make sure that all of your finances are taken care of. I was there too. And I know the best way to begin building your financial independence is by starting a side hustle. You don’t need to say that I quit like I did, but starting with the side hustle and what better space to do that in then the legal ancillary cannabis industry. It’s already worth billions of dollars and only eight states have actually legalized, which means if you get in now, the demand for your service or business will only grow as the industry grows. Where else they doing it?

Now, the biggest concern y’all had was knowing where to get in and cash in. I say people getting into this space always underestimate the value their past professional and personal experience is that they can bring to the space. The legal cannabis industry is only six years old. So if you’ve been a physical therapist for 10 years and you’re willing to counsel people about incorporating cannabis into their therapy, why wouldn’t you pivot and come in as the cannabis physical therapist and charge top dollar for your services because you’ll be one of the only people in your field with this specialty, and with all of the experience to back it all up. Same goes for chefs, marketing specialists, contractors, data analysts, Instagram thoughts, literally anything you can get paid for out of the space, you can pivot, come into cannabis, getting paid what you’re worth as long as you’re providing the value. And you get to be your own boss. You set your own hours, you set your prices, you decide how much vacation time is right for you, you begin living a life you can completely love.

So here’s the list. It’s not all inclusive. I just put on my cannabis business coach gap and drafted it in about 15 minutes. But it’s meant to give you an idea of how doable getting into this spaces and how doable dominating it is because there are only about anywhere between zero and 20 professionals in the cannabis space doing each of these jobs. Not thousands like you’re currently competing against, but less than 20 excluding chef, doctor and Instagram thought. Now here’s the list and you’ll see there are some jobs you can do even if you live in an area that hasn’t legalized yet. And I know another concern is funding your business idea and I’ll get to funding in another video, but with my cannabis business startup program, launching your cannabis career is it an investment that’ll cost you way less than you expect. Sign up for the webinar, link below.

Now here we go. 101 jobs you can create or fill in the cannabis industry today. Cannabis chef/culinary specialist, CBD chef/culinary specialist. And there is a difference in places that haven’t legalized, where CBD is legal this is an alternative that you can use to position yourself before full long legalization and you can call yourself a cannabis chef, but there are also people that only want to consume CBD. So this is a specialty in itself. Cannabis dietitian, cannabis substance abuse rehabilitation specialist, cannabis animal health specialist, cannabis physical therapist, cannabis massage therapists, cannabis software developers and programmers, cannabis information security analysts, cannabis market research analysts, cannabis financial adviser, cannabis researcher, cannabis data scientists, cannabis fitness instructor, cannabis Yogi, cannabis meditation guide, cannabis spirituality coach, cannabis sex educator, cannabis weight loss specialists, cannabis and hemp diet specialists, cannabis pregnancy consultant, cannabis rehab clinic director/creator.

There are a couple of cannabis rehab clinics across the nation already. Cannabis therapist, cannabis doctor, cannabis nurse, medical cannabis parenting coach, CBD fitness instructor, CBD sex educator, CBD weight loss specialists, CBD health coach. Again, CBD is an option where cannabis is not and where CBD is not, health is. Keep that in mind, everyone out in Utah. Cannabis Instagram thought, cannabis web series host, cannabis web series producer. Mind you, those two jobs and that had me a $348,000 contract in just six months last year, just saying. Cannabis ad sales specialist, cannabis wholesale sales specialists, cannabis Instagram ads manager, cannabis Facebook ads manager, two different platforms. Cannabis businesses don’t know how to do either. Cannabis click funnel specialists, nobody’s doing this in cannabis, cannabis conversion specialists, cannabis content/blog manager, cannabis web designer, cannabis packaging designer, cannabis social media manager, cannabis informational event coordinator, cannabis event sponsorship sales specialists, cannabis premium informational community manager.

This is when you have a private group that people pay to be a part of and you manage that community and curate the information that they all see. Anyone can do this literally anywhere. Cannabis business consultant, cannabis loan or funding specialist, cannabis bail bonds, cannabis paralegal, cannabis attorney, cannabis travel specialists, cannabis resort planner, cannabis conference planner, cannabis tour guide, cannabis public relations specialists, cannabis influencer agency owner, cannabis influencer agent. There are no influencers in this space that couldn’t use a little direction, so that one would be huge because influencers are one of the only ways cannabis businesses know of to market their products. Cannabis video production company, cannabis photographer, cannabis IT specialists, cannabis SEO specialists. There are companies that are charging people thousands of dollars every month to do their SEO because people don’t know that they could find someone overseas, outsource it for, I don’t know, 20, $80 a month, and still get on the first page of Google.

So before I let everyone know how they can do it themselves, you can probably go in and cut out your space in the industry. Cannabis security consultant, cannabis security guard company owner, cannabis armored transport for all of the cash that cannabis businesses can’t put into banks, that’s a huge problem. If you come with a solution, people will be grateful. Cannabis tax specialists, cannabis realtor, cannabis contractor, cannabis pest control, someone that’s knowledgeable about what shouldn’t be spread around our plants in concentrates. Very valuable if you have that sort of information. Cannabis electrical technician, cannabis HVAC technician, keeping these plants cool while they’re growing is so important in the process and keeping them from getting too cool is also important in places like Alaska. Cannabis cleaning company, cannabis bud tender trainer, cannabis cultivator trainer, cannabis agricultural scientists, cannabis project manager, cannabis business development manager, cannabis creative manager, cannabis communications manager, cannabis HR specialist, cannabis risk manager, cannabis dispensary manager trainer, cannabis compliance specialists, cannabis lobbyist, hemp lobbyist, CBD lobbyists. Three different things. I’ve already stated that.

Cannabis freelance writer, cannabis journalist, you could be working for The Cannabist or one of these publications on staff, cannabis wedding planner, cannabis executive assistant, I could probably use one of those, cannabis machinery maintenance specialist, cannabis detective/private investigator, cannabis corporate recruiter, cannabis secret shopper, hemp farm owner, hemp importer, hemp processor, hemp makeup line creator, hemp hair product line creator, hemp supplements creator, hemp clothing creator.

That is 101 ancillary cannabis business jobs that you could be doing now. Now, below I’d like to know the answer to two questions. Number one, how many times did I just say cannabis? More importantly though, number two, which of these roles do you think you can come in and fill best? Where can you provide the most value in cannabis? And if you are thinking of an idea now that you know the industry is broad and wide and ranging with a bunch of options for just about anyone interested in staking their claim, what would you like to do in this space that you’d like a little more information on pursuing?

I hope something clicked somewhere in there. Anyone interested, I’ll be sharing my $250 cannabis business startup formula in my free webinar link below. So sign up for that. Space is super limited and it’s live this weekend so there’s also that cut off. And after you sign up for that, be sure to subscribe to my email list, That’s where I share info aimed helping you fight for a better business, fight for better relationships, fight for a better life. I’m Charlo Greene. See you at the webinar and I’ll see you in DC on Wednesday for my book signing and Thursday for the Green Rush Workshop. Details at That’s [inaudible 00:12:12].I’m just joking, guys. See you.